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Today, India is getting more and more popular destination when it comes to the provision of animation design services. Big fishes in the animation industry such as Sony, IMAX and Walt Disney etc. are showing trust in Indian companies and there are many reasons for the same. Here cost-effectiveness, insightful and trained workforce and English fluency paves way for highest quality work. If supreme class of work is needed at reasonable rates, rely on India and you will never repent.

MAP Systems is a trusted animation company in India, has expertise in wide array of animation and related services. Some of them include 2D and 3D animations, product demos, logos, caricatures, portraits, medical, illustrations, animatics and viral videos etc. In case if it is needed for your presentation, demo, application, movie or website, our experts create amazing animations that fall in line with your specifications and exceeds your expectations.

Top animation services we offer

We are experienced enough to understand your exact needs and we always convey the desired message in the tone, style and wit your project nature actually demands. The animations done by us exhibit the appropriate blend of art, design, accompanying sound and a lot more to capture the attention of viewer instantly and make him convinced. Services from us include:

  • 2D animation services

    2D animation creation services

    We make use of traditional techniques adapted by computers with mild tweaking. People with us create 2D vector graphics or Bitmap graphics followed by animating them. We use tricks like tweening, interpolated rotoscoping, onion peeling and morphing. As one of the leading animation companies in India, we have availed our 2D animation services to corporate presentations, games, simulations, animated logos, product demos, websites, animated logos, eLearning courses and movies etc.

  • 3D animation services

    3D animation services

    We use polygon to craft features to start the process of 3D animation. Followed by that, digital armatures are made use of to add life to the figures. Our maven add life to the 3D characters as well as images for your game, website, presentations, product demos, television programs and movies etc. We specialize in motion capture, cel-shaped, skeletal, morph target animation and crowd simulation etc. We also specialized in 3D animation services for product animation, animated movies, short films, etc.

  • Flash animation services

    Flash animation services

    We create striking flash animations besides 3D and 2D animations. Switch, Adobe Flash etc., are used for that. It holds the capability to work on comparatively lower bandwidth than videos. It is therefore a great tool for interactive web animation as well as other related multimedia. Our animations exhibit great product value via raster based art, drawings based on vector etc. for polished and clean graphic appearance

  • Animatics services

    Animatics services

    In animatics services, we provide a sequence of images as a dynamic series complemented with voice overs, sound effects and time counters etc. We ensure that you easily understand the actual rhythm as well overall story progression while being able to make changes at even last minute if needed prior to the beginning of final production.

  • Animation videos

    Animated video creation services

    Business presentations find animated videos really important as the motive here is to get the attention of viewer, enthral him and explain the matter in detail. We have over years helped start-ups, established corporates, educators and marketing professionals with great quality animated videos to promote their product, service and brand. By incorporating the scope of social media into animated videos, reachability is limitless. Outsourcing animations to us will fetch you great benefits.

  • Animation storyboards

    Animated storyboard services

    With our animated storyboards, you can save significant dollars involved in the production phase as you will get a precise idea regarding the film sequence that has to be shot. Storyboards are very helpful for cinematographers as they can foresee the way you want to get your project shot. Let it be loose-lined or photo-realistic, our team provides fluctuating color as well as black and white styles for illustrating storyboards scene by scene. Our assistance can be obtained in pre-visualizing an interactive video, motion graphics, motion picture, electronic game and a lot more through the unique animation techniques we use.

  • Animation illustrations

    animated illustration services

    Also called Animated GIFs, animated illustrations are of lightweight nature. They can assist you in communicating business advertisements or creative ideas on a wide range of social networking websites. Our animators start by creating illustrations frame by frame using Adobe Illustrator. Then these can be exported in the file format you want. Using our captivating and innovative animated illustrations, messages you want to send across reach the prospects clearly and attractively.

  • Scribe animation services

    scribe animation services

    These works great when it comes to training and related courses. Explainer videos and marketing videos are the commonly explored avenues. Also known as whiteboard animations, these are normally cost-effective and highly operative. Moreover, the time needed for development is minimum. We have worked with clients from across the globe to create hand-drawn and highly impactful videos.

Other specialized animation creation services for

  • E-Learning –CBT/WBT, CD/DVD ROMS, processes, games, charts and learning videos.
  • Websites- Home pages, logos, UIs, animated banners, graphics and images etc.
  • Companies- Business presentations, fly-overs, walkthroughs, interiors and prototypes.
  • Media/entertainment- movies, advertisements and television programs etc.

Besides, services from us includes animated screensavers and wallpapers, shockwave games and a lot more.

Animation process at MAP Systems

2D computer animation process

  • We craft an innovative concept and copywriters with us script it down strategically
  • Storyboard is created with target audience in mind and their inclinations
  • Voice over by professional artists is provided.
  • Then layout designing and animatics are carried out.
  • Key frames, clean-up and colouring related activities are executed.
  • This is followed by flash rigging and animation
  • Finally after compositing and editing, final rendering is done.

3D computer animation process

  • Expert artist with us innovate a concept art and create a storyboard based on that.
  • This is followed by design and art direction
  • Appropriate voice overs from voice over artists are incorporated.
  • The assets are created and key frames are done.
  • 3D modeling, texturing, lighting/FX and compositing is carried out.
  • Creative editorial reviews the content before passing on to final rendering.

List of animation software we use

We believe that no matter how much skilled the professionals are, unless they are backed by the right infrastructure and latest technology, output will lack that traits of perfection. So, we furnish them with most sophisticated technologies and state of art infrastructure. Our company never hesitate to upgrade ourselves with advanced animation software programs and applications for creating two dimensional and three dimensional animations. Some popular ones we use are

animation software


Outsource your computer animation project requirement to us, right now

We guarantee unmatched quality services to our customers while offering cheapest animation service prices. All concerns including total data security, timeliness and adherence to guidelines are addressed. We accelerate the pace of your marketing campaigns through 2D and 3D animation services.

We are ready to show our work samples and we will work on a customized package suiting you exact requirements and budgetary constraints. Still having confusion!!! Visit our animation FAQ section for more clarification.

Reach us and experience the incredible animation services you would be enjoying on associating with us.

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