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10 Emerging trends of graphic design that will rule 2018

Trends of graphic designs are evolving. As you step into 2018, you will come across a brand-new range of designs. The change is evident from the new set of colours, designs and exposure patterns. Typographical variation is also evident in these changing graphic design trends. Besides, changes in editing styles have also influenced the graphic designs. Animations are increasingly being used to craft new design patterns and different types of animation software programs are flooding marketplaces. Well, designing is all about experimentation. 2018 is likely to witness a number emerging trends in graphic design.


Here are some graphic design trends 2018 predictions.


Following the geometric pattern

In recent years, the geometric pattern of designing has gained immense popularity. Last year, the solid geometric pattern had been too common. The trend is likely to continue in 2018. However, certain changes will be evident in the design patterns. The number of polygons and cards are undergoing a cut, and the ‘wavy’ design patterns are becoming popular. The colour variations in geometric design patterns are also likely to change.

Incorporating bold colours

The emerging design trends reveal the popularity of bold colours in the designs. Besides, potential colours are likely to make their place conspicuous in the designs. Colours like Lime Punch and Cherry Tomato are being integrated in various design patterns. Industries like fashion and interior designing have already experienced the change, and this is likely to create a greater impact in 2018. Well, colours like millennial pink have been in use in recent years. Also, you can use the animated version of font colors for your design. This will give an extra dimension of interactivity to your content, branding etc. However, the new colour trends are likely to dominate design trends in the coming months in various industries.

Double exposure

Double exposure has lately become popular, and the trend is likely to continue in 2018; best companies offering digital graphic design services testify the same. The key reason behind incorporating this pattern is that, it delivers an impressive look to the objects. Besides, the designers can easily incorporate this design in various industries. Double exposure has gained significance in portraying themes involving nature and wildlife, among others. This creates a special feel and generates more impact.

Typography at the front

Integrating typography at the front has been a key design trend in recent years. Various industries have realized the importance of typography in branding. This concept has emerged as a result of information overload in the cyberspace. Professional designers have come up with an effective way to capture the attention of readers by making the use of typography in graphic design in a more conspicuous way. Most of the graphic professionals are using InDesign software for typesetting and typography. Read here tips for how to create a typography font design.
Last year, several industries have witnessed the incorporation of this design. In 2018, too, the trend is likely to dominate various industries . However, the fonts will become larger, bolder and brighter. The important variations of this pattern come in 3D, handwritten and geometric shapes.


Well, cropping of images and design patterns has been evident in the latest range of design patterns. In 2018, the designers are likely to experiment more with cropping the designs and graphics. In recent years, the cropping trends have gone bold. Correctly incorporated, this can yield attractive results. Cropping is a delicate art, and seamlessly done, it can yield beautiful design patterns. Through cropping, the messages can be delivered in a unique way. Cropping is expected to be a more experimented area in 2018.


Animation has made its way into graphic designs. Well, this is a powerful means to attract the eyes. A dynamic design appears more compelling a static one. Movements are being incorporated in design trends, and these are becoming popular in a large array of industries like movies and short films, advertising, entertainment, education, corporate presentations and more.
Previously, Flash animations were used in the internet. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, the users are designing graphic patterns on these devices. These are not compatible with Flash, however there are other motion graphic software that are being used to create different types of animations in computer graphics.

Using colours in transitions

Designers have been using colours in transitions for a while now. The trend probably started with the redesigning of the Instagram logo. How to choose a color for logo will be a matter of grave seriousness. It is very important thing especially designing brand logos. Colors and typography in good design play a major role. Read the complete guidelines of colors and typography in graphic design. The trend has been evident in other areas lately, and has been a welcome change in various industries. In 2018, the trend is likely to continue and make its impact evident on a large scale.

Drawing by hand

With the inception of geometric patterns in designing, the use of hand-drawn illustration has increased in the world of graphic designs and that’s for good. Today, illustrations are replacing photos in the field of commercial designing. Fonts, too, are being drawn with hands. When perfectly done, this creates a more appealing impression on the viewers. With creativity, there is no limit.

Revisiting minimalism

Minimalism has been in the trend for long, although it had become dormant in recent years. In 2018, minimalism is likely to find its way back in various industries. However, it is likely to come with a twist, with rich details and warm colours.

Telling stories through cinemographs

Well, various industries have lately witnessed the incorporation of GIFs, which tells stories. The key feature of this element is that, the stories do not have any beginning or ending. The users cannot make out the first and last images. The loop is endless, and the designers are incorporating these elements in design patterns.

The changes are already evident in various industries. 2018 will experience the large-scale incorporation of the design patterns, with interesting variations. The world of designing is likely to bring you more innovations and surprises. However, you should also be acquainted with the graphic design trends to avoid as well.

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