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Reflowable versus fixed layout

Reflowable vs. fixed layout format comparison if done in a critical manner can help you to find some key differences. A king part of eBooks arrive in standard or reflowable format. Among many, the basic .ePub as well as .mobi files dominate the current eBook domain.

This form avails readers with enough control. They can determines the way in which the text is displayed in regard of font type, size and colour etc. This form is ideal when the eBook includes mainly text. Even when there are images, if they are placed after or before the text, reflowable eBook formats are ideal. Reflowable format is in fact accepted almost everywhere as they are compatible on virtually every eBook reader.

fixed layout vs reflowable epub


Certain books do not work well or sometimes even fail to work with standard formats. This is too common in the cases when images have text on them, text are in several columns, text can’t reflow while position and size has to be kept constant and when there are images that have to span over multiple pages. Few of the examples are graphic novels, comic books, textbooks having formulas and image heavy children’s books etc. This is where fixed layout eBook conversion seems to be the right thing to do.

When it comes to fixed layout ePub format, it’s the author who has full control on how his books should look. Though these books also make use of extensions like .mobi and .4, they are displayed only on those devices which support fixed layout format. Only a few of the main retailers such as Amazon, Google, Kobo and Apple support this version.

Regarding the creation process, standard eBooks can be easily created while fixed-layouts are more complex to create. The reason is that most of the main retailers use their own exclusive software to create as well as compile fixed layout eBooks. Most of the times, the cost incurred for fixed-layout book creation seems unreasonable. You can seek advice from experts in an digital conversion company to know more in detail.

Now if you are wondering which format would suit your requirement the best, the very first step you should initiate is to carry out a detailed self-analysis. Generally, standard format is recommended, but not always. It is ideal when you have restricted budget but still want to get wider distribution and reach. You will have few options to choose from. Either you can allow stylistic adjustments for using the standard ePub, use fixed layout format or else a blend of both. Your choice can be driven by several factors such as the source files, the genre and budget etc.

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