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Some great HTML5 editors

For creating web pages or for the conversion process, you can use any program that enables text editing but using specialized HTML editors helps you to work with all associated technologies like JavaScript and CSS. Also it facilitates communication with the remote web servers through FTP. In short, you are availed a more advanced and comfortable way to author the websites.

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HTML5 had a revolutionary intrusion and it has significantly changed the landscape of virtual world. A lot of website creators have increasingly started to use it. HTML5 conversion has now became a lot easier with the availability of some amazing HTML5 editors. The most prevalent and best few among them are presented below.

Adobe Dreamweaver

The most popular web design tool for the creation and editing of HTML pages is Adobe Dreamweaver. It’s comprehensive, versatile and has rich functionalities. Both its latest versions cs5 and CS6 support HTML5. This is used by a lot of companies offering HTML5 conversion services.

Aloha editor

One of the highly preferred HTML editor is Aloha Editor. More than facilitating fast editing, the process is very easy and doesn’t require any technical expertise. This tool requires less than 5 minutes to be integrated into your webpage.

Aptana Studio 3

This is a professional and effective development tool which is open source. Aptana Studio 3 helps users in developing and testing the web application developed in a single setting. The tool supports advanced technology specifications for browsers like HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Rails, and Ruby etc.


This open source tool doesn’t need any extra downloads or plugins. Made in HTML, it avails WYSIWYG authoring for HTML5 user-interfaces. The HTML5 conversionfor pages done by Maqetta provides compatibility across almost all common browsers.

Though the above tools provide cheaper options for HTML5 conversion, hiring professional people always assures you better results.

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