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5 tips for best sales brochure design

When it comes to sales, brochures are crucial and very valuable. It holds the potential to persuade the prospects and make them buy from you. So, you must make it informative, relevant, impactful, interesting and memorable. There are certain brochure design tips for sale professionals that you must be acquainted of if you want the advertising material to perform as per your expectations.

brochure design


Design as per the relevance

brochure relevance


You should highlight most motivating and relevant information in your brochure shrewdly. Tell your readers how your provision offers a solution or solves a problem, if it does. Headlines can be used for conveying this message in a strong manner; bold graphics also help. You can also make use of bullets, italics and similar formatting to let the readers easily notice and understand the significant points.

Make the material reflect your brand

brochure branding design


An ideal design should echo your brand and its key values in every possible way, not merely through style and colours. Whether the underlying nature is fun, youth, professional, trusted or anything, the genuineness should be properly established. To say, if your purpose is humanitarian or philanthropic in nature, the material should be invoking emotional response and use moving images without any promotions. This is mandatory for best sales brochure design.

Impact should be used as design element

brochure design elements


In case of direct mails, you should have a reason for opening it. Contrary to it, a sales piece like brochure should have something to make you remember it. So, make sure that you create an impact by using purposefully decided elements including images and cleverly device text. It should in fact convey a message to the reader that you have the solution or answer addressing to their need or queries. Most professional brochure design companies use this tactic in a prudent way.

There should be proper organization

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The brochure should be equally operative whether it is used as a as a leave behindmaterial or atool for pitching. So, different elements such as messaging and art must be organized effectively and appropriately. This is important to ensure that the reader is able to navigate through the content easily and can quickly find what he needs. Also with planned arrangements, people remember what you offer and there is more chance for them to contact you to avail further information and details. Aesthetics and structure must be delivered; this is one of the basic sales brochure design ideas. Every design element should be reasonable and must have a purpose to serve.

Use colours that are right not bright

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Colour is something very critical; it’s not merely a component for brand recognition. Every colour carries with it a specific emotion and hence it should be used intentionally and wisely. They should complement your value and brand. You must know at least the basics of colour theory. The emotion and message red conveys is poles apart from what blue signals. So, before finalising on a colour think carefully. Doing wrong with colours can ruin entire thing; it may create a negative first impression which is really damaging.

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