3D Character Modeling Services

Our designers are creative and they can design unique 3D character models keeping in mind the context and theme.

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3D Character Modeling Services

MAP Systems is one of the best 3D modeling companies in India offering best-in-class services to its clients and helping them in transforming their visions into reality. We produce visually realistic and accurate 3D character models that add life to various projects related to computer animation. Before working on any project, we make sure to perform a complete analysis of the client’s requirements and this allows us to deliver what our clients actually need. This helps us deliver tailored and perfectly modeled 3D characters as per customers’ expectations. Since our inception, we have been successful in achieving complete customer satisfaction with our wide range of 3D character modeling services. We can transform your ideas, conceptualizations and visualizations into stunning three-dimensional images. Just share your thoughts and our experienced team would sketch out the same for initial draft.

We cater to almost all verticals including
  • Animated movies
  • Corporate presentations
  • Short Films
  • TV
  • Advertisement and promotional media
  • Various entertainment domains

We have dedicated 3D character designers for each software type. Based on the compatibility of your requirement, we assign our exclusive teams to work on your project for a faster turnaround. We are adept in creating low and high poly 3D models for seamless game development and character deployment. We also provide support in creating game environment design and low poly game props to enhance the user’s experience.

MAP Systems consistently employ efforts to prove to be more useful to companies operating in different genres. As a reliable partner for various 3D designing services, we have been providing quality 3D models to various organizations involved in animation domain. As a leading animation firm we would gladly vouch for the efficiency of our designers due to the wide-ranging works delivered timely to them. We are willing to become your strategic corporate associates in your journey to success by offering you 3D solutions at minimal cost and quality compared to other vendors.

Our 3D texturing techniques include

Superlative character texturing has a paramount role to play in developing engrossing games. Our dedicated 3D character model makers are in tiny groups on various aspects of the project to expedite the process. All along the assembly line, right from visualization to eventual delivery of the animation, our team demonstrates the highest level of commitment and proficiency.

We can handle all aspects of 3D texturing including techniques for:
  • 2D and 3D texture painting using relevant software
  • UV layout
  • Setting up rendering engine
  • Shades
  • Projections

We can materialize your imagination perfectly. Any theme whether it pertains to games, fantasy elements, learning media, or adventure; we have the ability to design that lives up to your mental projections perfectly. Various game character modeling is made possible with our competent texturing.

3D character development process at MAP Systems

  1. Concept design

    We interact with clients to understand and map their requirements and expectations. Concepts are visualized in various perspectives and our creative visualization is presented to the client for approval. We ensure that our prototype would stand out with varied features.

  2. Character visualization

    Based on the finalized prototype, characters are modeled using advanced software and subsequently textured, rigged, animated characters and enhanced with adequate shading and lighting for optimum effect.

  3. Design forwarded for approval

    Once the design is ready, the initial draft is submitted to the client for approval so as to subject the same for final rendering.

  4. Final output

    Three-dimensional outcome is rendered as per client’s format. Results are made available in all available output extensions. The ultimate three dimensional design would be converted to any desired extension to facilitate easy processing on client’s part.

Why choose MAP Systems for 3D character modeling and rendering services

MAP Systems has an outstanding track record of delivering stellar 3D modeling services to various clients. Our top-notch production workflow management system ensures that only best results are delivered.

Some reasons why you should pose your trust to us:
  • Experienced 3D artists who have extensively worked in gaming, 3D modeling and other verticals
  • Expertise in developing high and low polygon models to measure up to clients’ specific requirements
  • 3D Character design’s appeal heightened with high definition textures and subtle lighting with shading
  • Advanced 3D character modeling software tools and contemporary technologies are used
  • Clients took into confidence at all stages of production and kept updated about developments
  • Photorealistic and vivid 3D character model design
  • Lowest turnaround time without compromising on quality
  • Adherence to deadline schedules at any cost
  • Focus on enhancing the ROI of clients through outstanding three dimensional characters

MAP Systems is your one-stop destination for accomplishing best in class realistic 3D character designs including 3D modeling, 3D rendering and character animation. You can get the entire array of services under one roof using the best 3d character modeling software. We are always eager to help you out in securing optimal success in all your 3D needs.

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What Our Customers Say

Our 3D designers are experts at developing character models while keeping in mind the theme and the character’s attributes. We would help you define your characters in the most realistic way.