22 February


Mobile OCR technology

How does OCR provides Support for Mobility?

OCR in fact operates like a normal scanner but it distinguishes itself from a typical photo scanner in many ways. This technology recognizes written text or printed characters, scan them, scrutinize the scanned materials and ultimately convert them to ASCII. Many educational institutions and industrials sectors rely on it for operations such as data processing and document capturing etc.

Now let us see how OCR provide support for mobility?

Companies that develop mobile apps have strategically adopted this technology. These apps hold great potential to benefit the users. Numerous features are there that brings great efficiency to the working lifestyle. Optimal utilization of this provision can help any business to grow ceaselessly.

Mobile OCR technology helps in properly organizing and managing the data by means of document capturing as well as management. All types of data- digital, handwritten or scanned can easily be transformed to machine-generated text with a single click by mobile having optimal character recognition technology embedded to it.

You can make all needed modifications to the text, create any number of copies and store as well as save it securely. Also, you can transfer it to innumerable recipients, just via making a few clicks on your mobile.

Embracing this technology avails more convenience and comfort to the users. Paperwork is minimized and no issues with servers, geographical constraints or data connection can create hassles to the smooth operations of a business.

Industries that are benefitting from OCR

  • Transportation & logistics

    While the OCR technology has found a widespread use across diverse industries, the logistics and transportation field benefits from this technology the most. The OCR algorithms can accelerate as well as decrease operational costs with regard to processing, monitoring, and shipment. Employees involved in distribution can now avoid typing postal codes, addresses, and tracking numbers and can now extract the information directly from the label by using OCR scanning. This reduces manual effort to a significant extent and allows for an easy sorting out of deliveries and logistics.

  • Banking

    Non-industrial businesses have also started capitalizing on the OCR technology. Today, customers have been given access to banking mobile apps that come equipped with camera-based functionalities that add efficiency to banking processes. OCR-enabled mobile apps facilitate the scanning of cheques, receipts, and various documents that contain details such as account numbers and signatures.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare is another sector where the OCR technology is being widely used. Professionals can now easily extract data from printed as well as handwritten documents including prescriptions, medical records, and patient records and import them to a common database. This improves patient care and promotes data accuracy. The OCR technology has immense possibilities in the healthcare field. This technology would allow for an easy searching of medical history in a digital format.

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