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Designing is a task which is always a challenge and magazines too are not an exclusion to this. To create a visual delicacy that can captivate, it needs a perfect blend of imagination and intellects in an artist. There are many reliable inventive companies to which you can outsource magazine designing tasks.

Keeping aside the fact that different magazine design outsourcing companies in India follow their own strategies and styles, there are some tips which always stand applicable.

tips for magazine layout crafting

Target audience analysis

The prerequisite for any magazine design service in India is to understand the preferences of the target audience. This is very vital in every process carried out whether it’s about the color combinations, photographs to be incorporated or fonts to be used etc. It’s obvious that you can’t impress every section of audience with the same output. So, thoroughly evaluate and identify the approach that can satisfy the major part of your target audience.

Get inspired from the best works

Inspiration is apparently the best thing that positively influences an artist. Keep collecting magazines that attract you at the first glance itself. Now pore over each one of them to recognize the elements that grabbed your attention. This will give you at least a concise idea about what all are to be included in a creation, how to position them and in what proportions each component has to be used.

How to create a magazine layout?

The answer to this question is greatly influenced by the designer’s design philosophy, his/her preferences with regard to color, graphics, and typography, a brand’s specific philosophy, its messaging, and color palette, and last but not the least, the taste and preferences of the readers. Additionally, the answer to this question would also include the technical aspects of design including the choice of the appropriate graphic design software and the designer’s proficiency in handling the program. In this article, we have explored both the design and the technical aspects, which would allow you to get an overall idea about how to create a magazine layout.

Magazine layout inspiration

Today, magazines are released in both print and digital versions. This means that you can adapt any innovative concept and apply it to any form of magazines. Let’s take a look at top 5 magazine design inspirations for diverse industries for this year:

  1. Adventure digital magazine

     Adventure digital magazine

    The layout of this magazine is a classic example of how images can be positioned appropriately in the front and center while ensuring a perfect harmony with text sections. This magazine features immersive photography and in such situations, focus should be given more to images than to words. Since this is a digital magazine, so readers have the privilege of scrolling text. That’s the reason why, for such magazines, you can confidently include long-form content without compromising on the space for graphics.

  2. Aficionado e-magazine

    Aficionado e-magazine

    This magazine features a horizontal layout, which most traditional publications choose to avoid because of inconvenience with regard to holding. However, with the widespread use of tablets and eReaders, horizontal layouts are being used widely. This template provides inputs for horizontal page orientation. You can use columns to divide a page into half, or put the major weight to one side only, or you may skip altogether in order to put more focus on the photography or to include greater white space.

  3. Azure magazine

    Azure magazine

    The specialty of this magazine-layout lies in the fact that it supports color customization quite smoothly. It can accommodate bold fonts and blocky columns and this improves readability. It is a good idea to go for high-contrast colors for the background and the text. You can use color psychology to evoke desired emotions of the readers. If you are highlighting a specific brand, you should use the brand’s color palette.

  4. Connoisseur food magazine

    Connoisseur food magazine

    The specialty of the template of the Connoisseur Food magazine layout lies in the fact that it features colored sections that separate individual pages. With this template, you can explore a number of possibilities. For example, you may include a single column that remains bordered by photography or you may choose to include three thin columns side by side. You can create diverse layouts, vertical as well as horizontal, which would include stunning close-ups of mouthwatering delicacies.

  5. New yorker business magazine

     New yorker business magazine

    This business magazine layout mainly includes shades of black and white, but sometimes it does feature strong shades of red that add a powerful impact. It features thin fonts and its art-deco style adds a special feel to its otherwise monochromatic appearance. The ample allocations of white space particularly in layouts features single columns are further glorified by scrolling text and a single quote that is highlighted on both the sides.

If first impression is always considered as the best impression, the cover is of apex relevance because of the genuine reason that it is seen first. Only an attractive cover prompts the customer to pick up the final stuff and most magazine designing outsourcing companies in India have experts specialized in this. It’s always advisable to invest enough time and effort on the cover page creation.

Well thought-out usage of color combinations, readability, proper insertion of art works and maintaining appropriate steadiness throughout are some of the practices which makes the creative products from a typical Indian magazine design outsourcing company stand out.

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