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Important eBook Production Tools that every Self Publisher Should Know

eBook production services is a very complicated collection of processes and many factors need detailed analysis and consideration for its successful accomplishment. The promptness and perfection of task rely a lot on the tools chosen. There are certain tools that are ideal for the four main processes of electronic books production. Have a glance on the same.

  • Zipping/unzipping


    Many prefer command line method for unzipping. In case if you need drag-and-drop manner, one of the right tools for eBook production would be eCan Crusher, the free script of Rorohiko. It is perfect for both Window and Mac. It forms a folder having HTML and CSS etc. within the EPub and they can be edited followed by re-zipping.

  • Validation


    EPub has to be definitely run through a validator for assuring that you have not missed HTML close tags or any semicolon in CSS. One among the many ways to do this is by using an online validator of IDPF. A local version can be installed on your system. Pagina EPUB-Checker is a freeware and works well with Windows, Linux and Mac. Another prominent tool to be mentioned in this process is FlightDeck.

  • Text editors

    Text editors

    After unzipping Epub, text editors can be used for editing HTML and CSS as well as other pieces. Most of them are equipped with powerful find or change menus and RegEx options. TextWrangler, BBEdit, Coda, and Sublime are some of the prominent editors used by eBook creation companies.

  • Ebook editors

    Ebook editors

    When it’s about electronic book editors, Sigil needs the special reference. It is free and also has some amazing organizational tools. However, the pitfall is that EPUB capabilities are yet to be developed. oXygen is a nice tool for editing EPUBs.

eBook production tools other than those above

These are digital conversion services, based on the web and the users can easily access them through any browser. Individual designers, editors, and teams in ebook conversion companies can assess these tools. You can install eBook editors like Jutoh and Sigil on personal computers.

The features in these tools include workflow organization and rich authoring settings, which enables them to provide multiple contributors and editors. You can also use online automated conversion services, like BookBaby and Smashwords for various most popular ebook formats. These do not give the user access to the editing tools but converts documents that are prepared elsewhere. The market is under continuous change, with new entrants coming up on the scene and several existing players are changing the business models.

  • PressBooks


    PressBooks has been developed on WordPress, the popular blogging platform and website. Users operating a blog powered by WordPress get a similar interface for PressBooks. However, for WordPress users, this is more than a tool. It can serve as one of the foremost general-purpose tools in the production of online eBooks and printed books. In this tool, WordPress editor is used to managing images and text. Besides, certain new features are present in it, including Add New Division, Add Part, Book Info and Export to .mobi and EPUB. Also, print-ready files can be produced in PDF format using this tool.

  • Inkling Habitat

    Inkling Habitat

    Inkling has experimented to open a platform for publishing for the wider publishing groups. Its business model has undergone a shift to the professional market. Presently, it aims at specialist markets and large publishers, like eLearning and inhouse corporate documentation. Inkling aims the textbook market, for publishers and various trade sectors like recipe books and travel guides. Several of its similar characters are shared in these areas. The publishers can produce and distribute textbooks with rich interactive features and illustrated books, using tools from its online publishing platform.

  • Bookalope


    When a manuscript is uploaded on Bookalope, it turns it into a document that is ready to be converted into an eBook or printed book. The text is turned into a well-structured XML behind the scenes. Then, it comes up with several options to convert it. The users can choose both finished formats, like PDF interior files or EPUB eBooks for printing, and ‘intermediate’ formats like Word or else InDesign for further styling and editing.

    The Bookalope API is an interesting feature in this tool for developers. This allows them to incorporate the document processing services of Bookalope into their applications.

  • Booktype


    This is a free, professional grade and open source platform for the production of both digital and print editions. Users can incorporate the Optimal Pro version to take care of the hosting and technical issues while eBook production process.

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