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3D Medical illustration case study for Healthcare industry

The client

Based in Perth, Australia, the client was one of the leading healthcare services providers in Australia and toils hard to change the way healthcare services is looked at and provided to people. They are on a roll to revolutionize the entire healthcare industry by extending their service supports to people through various points of healthcare delivery. They are reaching out to people through several health centers and clinics, practicing therapists and personal health trainers to deliver a wide range of alternative medicines such as physical, muscle and laser therapy by taking advantage of illustrated videos and manuals made utilizing the capabilities of 3D models, illustrations and simulations from expert 3D designing companies.

The expectations and requirements of the client

The client detailed us their expectations so that we could analyze the same before accepting the project. The requirements were:

The major requirement of the client was to get a series of 3D illustrations of various human anatomical parts. The illustrations were required so that they can be integrated to various training programs explicating the process of muscle generation and how they power the internal human organs. The training programs were envisaged as online training programs to provide valuable details about human energy, power and health levels. Another challenge faced by our company was that the muscles of the human body were required to be rendered in 3D without incorporating any sort of movement.

There were numerous types of 3D illustrations needed by the client and the client needed the project delivered in five business days. Studying the requirements of the clients thoroughly, we weighed the odds of carrying the project out in the time specified by the client against the expertise and capacities of famous 3D artists with us. After having a discussion with the illustrators, we went ahead and accepted the project from the client.

The challenges

Though accepting the project was a challenge, the execution and provision of creative design services was even more so. We were faced with the following challenges as we began to figure out a viable strategy to carry out the project. We had to adhere to the turnaround time of five days as the client has already planned for a few presentations with certain business associates, and the table could not be moved under any circumstances.

In order to give the impression of a real human body, the color combinations to be used had to be natural and the colors were to match various skin tones such as Asian, Caucasian and African. Multiple layering was a must to display the extensive layered formats and structure of human body and its various parts. Hence attention to detail was a must.

How the challenges were addressed

As a company with extensive experience in providing 3D medical illustration design services, we were able to sort out things quickly. A team with several experienced and talented 3D illustrators was constituted under the supervision of the most senior graphic designer of the company to carry out the project in time. After the briefing, 3D illustrations were created by the 3D artists using the program Illustrator. The illustrations were given to the client for final approval.

Once the approval was received from the client, 3D software like 3DX Max and Maya were used and the effects were applied to the sketches through ‘rendering’. The illustrations were then exported in JPEG file formats and delivered to the client.

The result of our service deliverance

Our timely deliverance of the medical illustrations with impeccable quality made the client really happy. Every aspect of the illustrations such as color scheming, attention to details and layering effects stayed extremely close to the natural human body and hence we were able to exceed the expectations of the client in every way.

The satisfied client continued to work with us ever since, delivering more than six projects to us, all of which were delivered with excellent quality. It has always been our obligation to assure perfection in whatever we do. Just go through the graphic design testimonial section to know in detail.

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