Continuing to offer uninterrupted services during the pandemic. Read more about MAP Systems’ COVID-19 preparedness.

COVID 19 Business Continuity Support – A Vow from MAP Systems

We, at MAP Systems, would like to declare that we are always with our employees, clients, and all other stakeholders during this critical COVID-19 scenario. It’s business as usual at MAP Systems and we are continuing to make our services available, without any interruption, from the safety of our homes.

We understand that it is our supreme responsibility to protect the business interests of our customers and to ensure a steady work flow to our employees to help them fight the global financial crisis created by the pandemic. Since the last year, when the pandemic first hit us, we have been doing our best to ensure job security to our trusted and valuable staff. An integral part of this initiative is to ensure that we continue to deliver high-quality outcomes to our existing clients and reach new prospects so as to be able to increase our customer base, bring new business for the company, and more work for our employees.

We have been taking an aggressive marketing approach all this while so as to be able to maintain a regular workflow for our capable employees who are always ready to take up challenging projects and deliver to the best of their capacities. Since April 2020, when the world became super-alert of the impending pandemic, we immediately made remote working arrangements for our employees so that they could remain safe from the pandemic’s wrath. We even shifted personal systems and equipment to their homes in order to allow them to provide uninterrupted service to our customers and to excel in their jobs.

We have operations in several countries including US, UK, and The Middle East, and we made sure to set up work-from-home arrangements for all our employees located in all these countries. This in turn has allowed us to remain proactive in addressing our clients’ requirements in the best possible way and to deliver timely updates. Our client-centric approach has benefitted us in terms of better and greater business opportunities, which in turn have allowed our employees to continue to serve our clients. This has allowed them to fulfill their obligations and to stay protected during a time of crisis when people are losing their jobs.

We have also supported various charities that have organized outreach programs for people and communities that have been hard-hit by the pandemic. We, as an organization, care about the wellbeing of all our stakeholders including our customers, employees, and the world at large.

Our prayers are with you, your loved ones, and your country and we know that the future is brighter. We also recognize the efforts of the Corona warriors and we know that “We shall overcome one day”. We wish you good health and success.

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