Photo Clipping: 3 Alternative Photoshop Techniques

When it comes to image enhancement, photo clipping is unavoidable in most of the cases. This image optimization technique helps in removal of existing background and applying of any other background according to the preference.

In fact the process consumes a lot of time and is tiring. Also the expenses of relying on a professional service provider for the job is too high. However being acquainted with certain alternatives for this can be helpful to stay spared from the pitfalls of normal photo clipping process, by minimising the efforts and costs involved. These alternatives can be used quite easily and you don’t need to be an expert for the same. Have a scan on few of them.

alertnative methods for photo clipping
Photo clipping path techniques
  1. Photoshop quick selection tools

    With this tool, a single click creates the object selection. There are two separate features that are to be noted for this tool- Magic Wand and Quick Selection. Based on the discourse, both versions work well. By using this tool, tremendous time saving is assured.

  2. Lasso tool

    This tool has three different versions- Magnetic Lasso, Lasso Tool and Polygon Lasso Tool. These three versions are excellent for selecting different image types. It is also very quicker when compared to normal image clipping.

  3. Colour separation

    In this technique, modification of colours is done so as to make the product colour different from the actual background. After that quick selection tool is used for selecting the foreground. It has to be assured that accuracy is peek high in colour adjustment for making the process highly effective. The whole steps are carried out with least effort and within minimum time.

Though the above mentioned alternatives and tips for image clipping can be of great help, they can be regarded as just limited substitutes because of the restrictions these have. Handmade clipping path only guarantees you the best quality and this has to be understood. These substitutes can be effective in case of certain images only.

If your image background removal requirements demand remarkability, handmade clipping is the only choice you have. Relying on the shortcut methods may do harm. You can use these background correction techniques in case if the images are of lesser importance and they are not vital for your profession or business.

Else, the best thing to do is to select a professional photo editing services provider for getting your entire photo clipping requirements addressed. But be careful that you unfailingly select the best company offering supreme quality services.