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3 Important Resources for Fixed Layout eBook Formats

The capability of books to reflow on different devices is many times a boon but there are exceptions to this. In case of complex publications like that of children’s books where there are a lot of texts, images, tables and sidebars etc., precise placement is needed and reflowing can ruin the entire purpose. This is where these formats are ideal.

fixed layout epub resources


Numerous ways are there for fixed layout eBooks conversion among which the traditional one is creation of PDF files. Preservation of exact appearance, fonts and geometry are the upsides but the main pitfall is that you can’t sell them on eBook stores. Also viewing them on smartphones and tablets doesn’t offer great experience. Another way is to preserve the pages is by capturing the content as an image comprising the publishing systems that produce tablet applications.

Yet another way is fixed layout ePub conversion. Here content is placed using the background images and perfectly placed text box over it. However, the issue here is that ePub versions can be produced in competing ways as the requirements of various ePub readers are somewhat different.

These digital formats keep continuously changing, which creates confusion. Hence, it is critical to stay updated with the same. There are numerous resources on which you can rely on for the same.

  1. Field Guide to Fixed Layout for E-Books

  2. This is one of the best options for you. It is free to download from Book Industry Study Group. Downloading can be done either in ePub format or PDF. You get a detailed overview in regard of all your concerns. It helps you in deciding when to go for this option and when not to. Technical fundamentals for this conversion are explained and the resource has almost everything that you might need to know.

  3. Anne-Marie's video

  4. “Creating a Fixed-Layout EPUB” from Anne-Marie's is doubtlessly an explanatory step-by-step video tutorial that puts light on the different steps involved in creating for the iBooks. Also it has many demos illustrating techniques for speeding up the process by leveraging the features of InDesign and scripts.

  5. ePubCrawler

  6. This converter is donation-ware of which the development is still in progress. As it offers flexibility, configuration can be done for generating a range of numerous feasible variants.

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