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Proven ways to create custom logo design (beginner’s guide)

Custom logo design tips for begineers


Logo visually represents the vision and aspirations of your brand. It engages viewers with a personal touch unique to your brand. Logo needs to be interestingly striking so that it remains in the memory of onlookers for long. You can feel inspired by the distinctive logos of top brands like Reliance, Microsoft etc.

Suppose, you have decided to start your own enterprise. But, your shoestring budget restricts you from hiring a reputed logo designer. This post would help you develop a compelling logo for your brand even if you have no prior experience in designing.

In easy steps, you would learn how to convert your visualizations into a unique logo that is flawless, representative of your brand and high on quality. The experience would be thrilling and creative. Let’s start now.

Concept of logo

Logo is a visual thematic representation of your brand. It has a unique design which stands for the brand’s personality. The captivating design with standing out creative elements make the logo linger in the memory of prospects.

The logo would immediately evoke memories of your brand. In the beautiful design, the essence of your brand and its values is carried. Just a glance would make a particular emotion spring up in viewer. Like, the brand Reliance is associated with top-notch quality and competitive price. Its logo symbolizes its commitment to offer best value to customers.

Importance of Logo

Logo is the identity of your brand. Without logo, your brand would have no unique image of its own. You risk getting lost in the deluge of similar brands within your niche. The logo brings instant recognition for your brand. If you have a site where you regularly publish blogs, the site’s logo alongside any blog over the internet would cause readers to immediately remember about you.

Logo tries to build upon the rewarding experience of prospects with your brand by offering something to emotionally connect with. Your brand’s values get highlighted by logo. Consumers like to associate with brands they can brag about in front of their acquaintances. Hence, having a logo to symbolize your brand would offer such happy customers to recommend you to others.

Hence, your modern logo should be strikingly different and easily recognizable among hordes of other logos of your adversary brands. The characteristics of quality, cost efficiency, and consumer consciousness should be mirrored from the logo.

Characteristics of a memorable logo

Your logo can be successful only if you adhere to some proven design principles. Before embarking on logo designing, you need to seek inspiration from best logos in the industry that have made a mark for themselves. Going through the design intricacies regularly would help your creative mind mature.

Before materializing your idea on canvas, you must understand the characteristics of the persuasive logo.

  • Simplicity

    Keep the design simple. Never go overboard with creativity. Your emphasis must be on making the motto of your brand visible to audiences. Designing in a manner that makes you digress from the central theme is not acceptable. This doesn’t mean that you would simply have a logo design that is not refreshingly unique. Gaze at logos of top brands and try to correlate their business offerings with corresponding logos.

  • Uniqueness

    Generic logo would make your brand bite the dust. The design must be unique and simple. It should not resemble other logos in your niche. Viewers must be able to specifically relate the logo with your brand.

  • Easy to recognize

    To make your logo memorable, you need to relate it with targeted customers’ sentiments and temperaments. For this, undertake intensive research into things that makes prospects fall for a brand and things that drive them away. Once you incorporate the favorable vibes in your logo, it can be recognized easily by targeted prospects even from a mountainous heap of similar designs.

  • Agility

    The logo must be universally recognizable irrespective of the medium and backdrop of representation. This implies that even if the logo is presented in monochrome or vivid colors, discerning eyes should pick it up. The scale of medium must become irrelevant. On large billboards or on smaller business cards, the logo must be splendid. If you go for overly complex logos, representing the same on smaller scale or in black and white would become a challenge.

  • Complement business theme

    Another attribute of a stellar logo is that it must mirror the nature of business in right spirit. If you are designing the logo for your law agency, you cannot use playful colors and funny doodles. You must have a clear vision of your business goals else you can easily make other mistakes that would render your efforts futile.

Logo Varieties

Logo designs would vary based on your brand’s primary pursuit and unique market personality. Understanding of logo varieties would help you develop a superlative logo that radiates the warmth of your brand.

  • Textual Logo

    Another attribute of a stellar logo is that it must mirror the nature of business in right spirit. If you are designing the logo for your law agency, you cannot use playful colors and funny doodles. You must have a clear vision of your business goals else you can easily make other mistakes that would render your efforts futile.

  • Symbolic logo

    You can use a design which symbolizes your brand optimally. Various geometrical shapes can be used wherein the shape would be inspired by the values your brand espouses. You can create a symbol from scratch or take inspiration from other symbols that are globally recognized.

  • Combined logo

    You would never run out of creative options if you decide to blend text with symbol. Emphatic logos in business domain have been created by combining words with creative designs.

However, since the options at your disposal would be limitless, you would easily feel swayed by the desire to overdo the logo. To render your logo timeless, you need to keep it simple.

Designing the logo

By now, you have become conversant with the design principles that guide the creation of a compelling logo. But the debatable question of how to design a logo is still unanswered. For designing the logo, you can draw inspiration from almost anything. But the process of materializing the idea into actual design must be coherent and should follow logical steps.

Some of the points that you must remember before taking up the creative brush are:

  • The vision that you would like to convey
  • The audience or prospects you want to target
  • The problem that you would solve with the logo
  • The way your brand stands apart from the competition
  • Your brand’s distinctive value proposition and philosophy
  • The objectives you want to fulfil with the logo
  • The exalted values that your brand represents

To make the logo design effective, it must represent the expectations of your audiences from your brand. For this, you must engage with your employees, near and dear ones, as well as potential customers to understand their views. Short surveys can be used for collecting the opinions of stakeholders and prospects.

Market Research

For effective research, you need to look at

  • Dominant trends in the market
  • Niche competitors approach
  • Opinions of niche customers as expressed in social media and authority forums

This would help you in aligning your logo’s design to market trends and prospect’s preferences. Such a logo would resonate with targeted audiences and would be consistent with values your brand represents.

Once you have done sufficient research and gotten a feel of aspects that trigger favorable customer response, you need to start with logo designing. Shortlist the most promising ideas and the way you want your logo to be finalized.

You need to visualize the fonts; color combinations and symbolic designs that would help you communicate the intended emotion. It is better to highlight the most important characteristics that your brand stands for like modernity and youthfulness.

Drawing Inspiration

After the initial phase, you need to brainstorm over the ideas narrowed down to. Involve your strategic partners and other stakeholders in the process. Try to seek inspiration from anything relevant. You can go through popular culture, artistic representations, historical drawings and everything that can offer food for your imagination. Things with emotional strings or inspirational overtones, movie or literature characters, pun and paronomasia; literally everything can be viewed as potential sources of motivation. You can also think of ways to present your brand’s name in innovative manner. Take short breaks and never let your focus to stray away.

Working with Drafts

After you have shortlisted an idea which you feel compatible with your purpose, you can start sketching the same on the paper. Try to incorporate the visual elements that would excite the imagination of prospects.

If you are not good at drawing, never bother. Just give shapes to your ideas on paper in sketchy manner. Once the freehand drawings have been able to justify your visualizations, hand over the same to professional designer to give a coherent artistic shape to the logo. You can also use the tools offered by logo design software to shape your vision. Else, you can outsource the entire project.

Design evaluation and tweaking

Your initial conceptualization of logo design is just the tip of iceberg. You need to work intensively on the same to understand the viability of the project. After the first draft, share it with stakeholders, friends and on online platforms to get the reviews and vital feedbacks. Based on the insights drawn, give maturity to your design and tweak it to be more market and user oriented.

Design Selection

Once you have many design variations in front of you, you need to opt for the one that is most apt for your brand. Finalize the design that has been liked by most number of stakeholders and online audiences. Carry out minor variations related to color, fonts, alignment, position and design elements.

The logo design’s appeal should be tested in color and monochromatic forms. You can use online tools to visualize if the logo’s integrity is preserved if it is represented on a very large or miniscule scale. Try to gather as many feedbacks as possible for each design tweak and implement the stellar ones. Once, a design that goes down well with all concerned is finalized, move ahead.

How to create the logo?

  • Self-Drawing

    You can take the help of simple, user oriented online tools or cost-efficient software packages for creating the logo. Many tools are available to complement your budget, requirements and basic drawing skills. Even if you want to hire a professional designer, you can sketch the rough ideas on the paper to help designer understand your outlook.

    You need not be in a haste. Don’t worry unnecessarily. You can create decent designs with the help of many online platforms offering free tools. You can get the basic design completed with free tools and then hire a designer to work on the intricacies.

    You can also benefit from the bespoke designs offered by online portals. Just tailor them according to your needs by mixing color, fonts and size. If you are on shoestring budget, you can go for free designs that offer high degree of customization which can be pulled off even by a novice.

  • Complimentary Tools

    You can invest your time productively to create attractive logo as an amateur by harnessing the potential of online tools. These free tools help you optimize on your time, efficiency and basic skill levels.

    The ‘Online Logo Maker’ tool commands the respect of more than a million users. It offers excellent platform for giving shape to your logo related ideas realistically. The tool showcases a large collection of relevant images in all popular categories. You can use them to create sterling logo within a matter of time. The user interface of the tool may take some time to gain familiarity. However, the online tool facilitates creation of awesome logos that immediately become show-stoppers.

    ‘Logaster’ is another tool in which you can surf through numerous logos to arrive at the one that perfectly matches your needs. To embark on the journey of logo creation, you need to supply your brand’s name and specify the niche segment in which you operate. After the logo has been selected, you can customize its features like text and colors to give a personalized touch. You can download the final logo image in vector or raster forms.

    ‘Tailor Brands Logo Maker’ is also available freely online. It is hugely popular among designers as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts are used for creating unique and personalized logos to highlight your brand priorities. The tool allows spontaneous integration of logo in social media posts, templates, business IDs and other relevant communication materials.

  • Paid Designer services

    If you are not comfortable in giving the final shape to the logo yourself and want a professional outlook, you can get the same done for a small price. After researching, you need to hand over the logo sketch to graphic design company to finalize the logo. Many graphic designing companies has the designers of different skill levels. You can browse through samples and previous works of designers, choose the one you like, hand over the design and take the delivery after paying the fee.

  • Professional Tools

    You can also invest in a professional designing software if you or any of the stakeholder has an artistic flair for drawing. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are great tools for creating stunning logos from scratch. These software platforms come in handy for beginners as well as pros. Just a little tinkering with the basic tools would also help in accomplishing your purpose. You can literally create anything you have imagined with these pro tools. Enjoy the freedom from having to communicate your ideas to designers and spending lots of money to have the perfect design in place. Only your skills would matter.

    Adobe Illustrator is a tool that allows you to create vector and raster graphics with equal ease. You will have to invest some time to understand the options available. You can use the software on both Mac and Windows platforms. A number of unique filters add to your repertoire of conventional tools. Smart drawing options, distortion features and other new tools add depth to your design. You just need to have some time to invest.

    Corel Draw is another global software standard for creating amazing vector shapes. It is one of the first drawing packages and is yet available with many new tools and filters. Logo designing becomes an amazing experience with Corel Draw. The user interface is intuitive, easy to learn, completely bespoke, and equipped with numerous options. The price of the software is high but you can accomplish your purpose even on the trial version.

  • Way Forward

    In this post, you have secured all relevant insights needed to complete an attractive custom logo design without going overboard with budget. Even if you are new to logo designing, the information carried herein would benefit you. Your ambitions of giving your new entrepreneurial venture, brand or start-up the needful exposure and credibility would be fulfilled with logos that reflect your mission and vision.

    Through this guide, the importance of having a coherent and creative thought process has been highlighted. You can easily build upon your rough ideas to create timeless logos that engage audiences and find resonance among them. Your brand would be represented in the best possible visual manner if you undertake just a little research to remain abreast with the trends.

    If you are still not confident about your designing skills, you need not have nightmares. You can avail the services of any reputed logo design company like MAP Systems whose professionals would help you craft a dynamic logo in cost competitive manner. You can deploy the logo for multiple purposes and for brand building and communicating with clients and prospects. Give a seamless look to your logo by choosing the right color, strategic design, soothing font, and contemporary appearance. You are now all set to deploy your logo on all communicational media to give your brand the desired popularity.

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