Top 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Real Estate Photography

The real estate photography niche might be a little daunting to work on, especially for the beginners. Even though it is a bit challenging, it is still a fun and lucrative job and has the potential of bringing a great side income. You might think that you just need to take photographs of the architectural properties, houses, or rooms and get paid for it. However, that is not the only case. There’s a lot more to it, starting from preparing your photoshoot to searching clients and communicating with them while offering them an exceptional output.

real estate photography

Real estate listings are incredibly important for attracting buyers since it is the first impression that the buyers get of the property. Beginners can possibly make plenty of errors that can ruin their chances of standing out in the listings. That is why it is kind of wise to analyze the best real estate photographs to see why they work and also pay attention to the work of those who are already working in this niche. It will help you to learn from their mistakes and avoid making them.

So, to help you get started, we are going to talk about the proven tips for real estate photo editing and how it can assist the first-time photographers in avoiding some of the frequently made mistakes in photography.

  1. Keep more than one flash

    Always try to keep more than one portable light in your photography kit. When it comes to taking photographs of small rooms or closets, it is okay to have one flash. However, while shooting for larger areas like a kitchen and dining room combo, two or more flashes will be the most ideal. You can also make use of natural light for the larger spaces. In addition to this, don’t forget to bring the light stands. For example, if you wish to take photographs of a room that is not having a countertop or furniture, then the light stands will come in handy for positioning your lights.

  2. Invest in a wide-angle lens

    It is essential to use a wide-angle lens since it will allow you to take wider shots of the property so that you can get a better idea of the detail and depth. Apart from that, you can also use HDR photography to get stunning quality images. In this technique, multiple photos of the same scene will be combined and fused into one. It will develop an amalgamation of various lightings and bring out the detail in a picture. There is also an ongoing trend in real estate photography regarding the use of fisheye lenses for shooting. However, it does not look appealing at all and will look deceiving to your potential buyers.

  3. Employ a tripod

    One of the secret tips for real estate photo editing is to take photographs in natural light. It will help you to get sharp and appealing photos. However, natural light can also result in dark and gloomy images if you do not have a very steady hand or are not equipped with professional flash equipment. In that case, you can use a tripod, which will allow you to take slower shutter speeds by taking advantage of natural light and keeping your images sharp.

  4. Try to think like a potential buyer

    While shooting, make sure to put the aesthetics and composition of the picture as your topmost priority. Also, try to think like a buyer and figure out the answer to the questions like what would they like to see in a property or which parts will they be most interested in. Once you know what to include in the photos, arrange your camera so that the composition looks balanced. For example, if you need to pay more attention to the living area, then ensure that the pictures clearly showcases the place and capacity of the living room in the property space.

  5. Keep a signed contract

    Keep a signed contract with you that states all the important details of the job. It will ensure that you are well aware of the type of job you are getting into and will be fairly compensated for your work and time by the clients. It is one of the mistakes that beginners or naïve photographers usually do. For example, let’s say you have talked to the clients regarding the photoshoot but did not confirm the details. In that case, you will be prepared for a one-hour shoot in your mind. However, when you reach the place, you will get to know that it will take more time, including cleaning, staging, and photographing of the estate.

  6. Stay flexible

    Weather conditions like rain, wind, fog, snow, etc. can either beautify or destroy the appeal of your real estate photos. In that case, you need to be flexible. So, be prepared to come back again if the climate or lighting is not in your favor. You might also consider learning the real estate photo retouching techniques to carry out a few tweaks in the architectural image to correct the weather conditions.

  7. Use the latest photo editing techniques

    Incorporating the latest photo editing techniques will help even your average-looking images to stand out in the competition. But, make sure that you don’t go overboard with it. There is a fine line of difference between making the images look natural and making it utterly perfect so that it does not look realistic. For example, the pictures taken during a bright sunny day will have shadows under the roof of a building. In that case, you also need to add it so that it looks just like a human eye would see it in reality. However, if you eliminate it, it will look unrealistic. Apart from that, you can also make use of current technology, like drones, to amplify the appeal of your listings. Just make sure that it is licensed.

  8. Incorporate preset editing options

    By incorporating preset editing options in your photoshoot, editing the pictures will be quick and easy. These options are available in various photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom. It will save a lot of time and help in giving a unique style and appeal to your photos, thereby giving it a professional edge.

  9. Hire a photo editing service provider

    If you have to deliver a large volume order within a short time or do not have to edit every photo, then you can hire someone who is aware of the professional photo editing techniques and is adept at avoiding the mistakes of real estate photography. Hiring a company offering real estate image editing services or a freelance photographer can help in this case. You can get the edited photographs within a day or two, depending on the type or size of the project you have assigned. It will potentially save you a lot of time, money, and the hassle of learning a new skill. However, make sure to choose the one with the right experience and expertise. Also, check their reviews, and communicate the legal contract and payment beforehand.

  10. Showcase listings with a 3D virtual tour

    Along with high-quality pictures, if you add visual options to the real estate listings, then it would create a greater impact. Some clients or customers also demand to get a virtual tour of the architectural properties as part of the real estate services that they choose. In that case, creating a virtual 3D tour of the real estate buildings is a better option if you wish to stay ahead in the competition. A quick tip is to use those listings on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to reach more people who can become your potential clients.

There is so much to learn in the property photo editing niche, and this article should be enough to provide a head start for the beginners. Indeed, it will take time to set out in this photography world; however, you need to have patience so that you can reach your goals. Talk to the people who were there in your place and learn from their mistakes. It will help a lot in avoiding pitfalls and growing at the same time. So, make use of the above-mentioned tips and also research your side to learn about your clients, local markets, and what can work best for you.

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