E-Publishing Solutions for Legal Firms

When it comes to legal services domain, content and data are very crucial; it’s in fact the very basic of legal industry. MAPSystems assists law firms as well as publishers in making their document prepared for publishing via multiple channels followed by distribution thus bettering association, efficiency and productivity. Our company offers comprehensive data digitization services.

Since starting, we have been assisting law firms to leverage the scope availed by production of digital matter, format transformation, XML conversion & semantic tagging. The focus has been to come up with smartly formatted and platform-independent data assets and documents that are editable and searchable.

On association with us, you get everything – extensive legal research, accurate word processing, perfect content transformation and a lot more. Thus efficiency levels are elevated and significant improvements are reflected in the bottom line, instantaneously.

Legal documents digitalization is in fact an area in which we excel. We have worked with legal publishers, librarians, law professors, advocates, judges, law firms, government agencies and many other entities associated in one way or the other with legal service industry. You just have to send us the copies of your case files, archives, legislative resources, collections, documents and databases etc. Our experts will digitize and manage all the files while assuring flawlessness and complete security.

Fortified with great level of experience in handling international law documents, experts working for us master processing as well as digitizing of code materials and all sorts of authorized documents to be used for legal actions. We are highly resourceful and strategically structured to scale in line with the fluctuating volumes of requirements in regard of publishing legal documents and all related needs.

Our legal document management solutions include

  • Document imaging services

    For simplifying, distributing, storing and retrieving critical information, we avail customizable document conversion services. Our experts can convert from any format into PDF, HTML, XML or any format you demand.

  • Electronic data storage and archival

    We have worked with countless DTDs and Schemas for learned lawful publications. We also offer record scanning solutions, which our expert team coverts a wide variety of formats including scanned, electronic or printed into fully tagged as well as searchable files in line with the proprietary specifications and established standards.

  • Word processing & cleanup

    At MAPSystems you can also get entire documents such as employment agreements, wills and trusts, leases etc., typed formatted and processes so as to ensure that most apt fonts size, faces, page layout and format are used. We are skilled in applying apposite borders, techniques and templates for designing documents exactly as per your requirements.

  • Coding and indexing of legal records

    We provide subjective as well as objective document coding. Other provisions are legal files cataloguing and indexing so as to facilitate easy retrieval

  • Demonstrations using graphics, animations and presentations

    Besides, digitizing legal records, our team of professionals can help you in presenting all your information and evidences using vivid and outstanding presentations and graphics.

  • Abstraction of legal documents

    For minimising the time taken for inputting complicated contracts, SEC filings and lease agreements etc. we help you in summarising or abstracting their complete content in abstract records. You can provide us the template or we have experts to create great templates to work upon.

  • Deposition summaries

    We have experts with us who create brief clerical abstract of vital points in a deposit transcript. Post that the copies are scrutinised for grammatical and spelling errors; if found they are fixed. Quality control people with is carry out multiple round of reviews to assure absolute flawlessness.

  • DRM (Digital Rights Management) solutions

    We can help law firms by providing them access control protections. Our company can put into operation digital rights management for safeguarding case files as well as other types of confidential data from getting wrongly handled, misfiled, shared, copied, misplaced, lost or stolen.

Our entire physical document to digital conversion process is adhered to standard guidelines. We adhere to strict information security administration and quality. Thus your critical information and confidential data are completely secure and protected.

Our legal data conversion experts can also handle
  • Evidentiary files.
  • Photo evidence, Trial Graphics
  • Transcriptions
  • Client case files
  • Contract documents
  • Booklets
  • Human resources personnel records
  • Corporate agreement records
  • Bylaws and resolutions
  • Takeover documents
  • Trial exhibits and more

Reach us for quality document digitization services

Having years of experience and unmatched expertise in document conversion and formatting, we are a team of erudite and skilled professionals who can assist you for your entire types of legal support needs, with quality and within shortest turnaround time. Our company strives to be the best and most in-demand e-publishing service provider.

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