Pricing for ePublishing solutions

Epub format comprises of container files, packaging files or/and XTML files. These separately or together are made use of for electronic books creation which can be easily accessed and read on all types of e-readers, tablets and smart phones etc. In regard of ePublishing services, the difficulty involved in the process is directly proportional to the complexity of concerned book which you want to convert. This obviously makes it reasonable to have different pricing structures and MAPSystems have always been reasonable company to associate with.

We categorize conversion and eBook designing complexity into three different levels and charge based on the intricacies involved, work volume, formatting irregularities, number of resources allotted and the timeframe provided.

  • Complexity level 1 – Simple

    This is the easiest types of books to convert and hence the digital conversion pricing is least.

  • Complexity level 2- Medium

    This is applicable in cases of books with multiple paragraphs, columns, lists and sub-lists etc.

  • Complexity level 3 – Complex

    This category comprises books with charts, images, tables and lists etc. It is charged the highest.

Why is MAPSystems the best choice for epublishing services?

We have extensive experience in the digital publishing domain and are equipped with highly skilled and vastly trained professionals in creating eBooks. Quality is our middle name and we exhibit absolute commitment and complete passion towards the job we do. We have proper management in place and a well organized hierarchy for every project execution. This helps us to offer best works within deadlines at most cost-effective rates.

Whatever professional eBook conversion requirements you have, we are here to avail impeccable outcomes. Underlying benefits can be enjoyed when you associate with us.

  • We are capable to handle diversified and huge volume of works at really competitive ebook conversion prices.
  • We are comfortable with all source formats- Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign, HTML or just hard copies.
  • There are trained coders and designers to deal with complicated formatting requirements like graphs, images, illustrations, tables and special fonts etc.
  • CSS experts are also housed who are adept in offering conversions into different formats such as .mobi or .prc for Kindle and ePub for iPhone, iPad, iPod and all other e-readers.
  • We have QC team to guarantee perfection before delivery.
  • Reasonable prices are availed which are in line with the standards specified by IDPF.

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