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3D Furniture Modeling Services

MAP Systems enjoys the reputation of being the leading mainstream company offering custom 3D furniture modeling services. Setting new benchmarks with our service excellence, we have won the trust of our onshore and offshore clients equally. We draw on the experience and expertise of an elite team of 3D drafters, artists, service engineers and professionals for offering customized solutions. Our team leverages the potential of high end design software for developing top notch and photorealistic 3D furniture models. 3D furniture design offered by us simulates real furniture in appearance and feel.

MAP Systems has successfully delivered on a number of prestigious projects for global and onshore clients. Our versatility ensures that commercial, residential or industrial, all projects are executed with equal deftness. For us projects of all scales are equally important. We cater to individual as well bulk projects of organizations with equal priority. Simple or complex, our team can help you out with all project types.

MAP Systems is reckoned as the hallmark in the domain of superlative quality, photorealistic, cost competitive, and project aligned 3D furniture rendering. We orient our services as per the expectations and aspirations of our clients. Precise attention to details, lighting, and textural effects allow us to deliver impeccable results successfully and consistently.

MAP Systems use latest, feature rich and popular 3D furniture design software for developing furniture models.

MAP Systems furniture 3D modeling services include

Our team at MAP Systems excel in developing custom 3D models for following furniture types.

  • Office Furniture

    Furniture for office use needs to be robust with ergonomic design. To ensure proper postural adjustments, we take into perspective the comfort quotient of employees and spatial constraints of office. Elegant designs for office furniture in 3D would be created and delivered by us after taking into consideration all needful aspects.

  • Furniture for Home

    Custom 3D model design for furniture used in homes can be developed by us for indoors, garden, kitchen poolside and other areas in-house. Spatial and ergonomic considerations are factored in while designing 3D models for home furniture.

  • Furniture for Storage Purpose

    If you are looking to manufacture or order for furniture that can store things, you can facilitate the process by visualizing through miniature 3D models of storage furniture. Furniture models allow for optimum space and maximum convenience.

  • Relaxational Furniture

    3D models for furniture used for relaxing or being part of entertainment or recreational activities can be designed by our expert team. Models are developed by combining innovation with creative ideas. During the process of designing furniture’s model, it is ensured that they are functional, practical, and usable so that clients’ needs are fulfilled optimally.

  • Accent Furniture

    To enhance the visual appeal of home décor or commercial space, accent furniture has a major role to play. Our creative experts can develop compelling 3D models of furniture that can make your clients’ space more aesthetically charming.

  • Furniture for Healthcare

    Furniture for healthcare segment needs to be commodious, practical, usable, comfortable, adjustable, convenient to use and move, strong and functional. We can develop 3D models that can address all furniture related needs of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare units. The models would be styled in a manner that strength and comfort go hand in hand. Spatial and ergonomic considerations would also be taken care of.

  • Industrial Furniture

    Furniture for industry often is fixed permanently in a particular position on the shop floor. Furniture design needs to complement the floor usage pattern of the given industry. We offer models that make maximum usage of available space, are usable, practical, rugged and convenient to use. The strategic design of furniture model would ensure that the same can be manufactured for use in easy manner.

Our 3D furniture modeling design workflow

At MAP Systems, we follow a logical process flow for optimum convenience of our clients.

  1. Scope of work is first determined. Comprehensive details, furniture images, and other specifications according to which 3D model has to be developed are collected. Aspirations and expectations of clients are also factored in and aligned with our designing process.
  2. Next, cost estimate, expected schedule for completion, resources needed and other incidental aspects are discussed and finalized with client.
  3. A dedicated Project Manager is assigned and under him, a team of expert and experienced 3D artists are allocated along with needful resources.
  4. Drawing, sketches and images are received from the client and concept of furniture modeling is established.
  5. Furniture model is designed in pilot phase as 2D drawing and sent to client for approval and ensuring compatibility with interior 3D rendering needs.
  6. Once 2D model is approved of by client, details are added and 3D furniture model is developed.
  7. Light properties are defined and model is textured as well as colored as per theme and concept.
  8. The prototype is again shared with client for last minute feedbacks. Based on new inputs, if any, changes are made and then furniture model is cleaned up. The model is subjected to thorough quality check for identifying flaws and eliminating them.
  9. The final 3D furniture model is rendered and generated. The edited model is then shared with client in preferred output mode using client specified method.

Advantages of choosing MAP Systems for 3D furniture modeling

MAP Systems always try to live up to your expectations by offering best in class 3D modeling and rendering services at unbelievably low prices. We adopt a policy of complete transparency and integrity and ethically interact and transact with our clients. Our seasoned team of ace 3D professionals leverage their potential collectively to offer our clients a competitive edge to survive in a volatile market.

When you strategically ally with MAP Systems, you can avail of various advantages like:

  • Assurance of quality: We adhere to international quality parameters as specified by ISO standards; stringent quality check is undertaken at each stage of project for ensuring that the final output is glitch free and photorealistic
  • Lower turnaround time: Our resource sufficiency, robustness of digital infrastructure, and team of experienced professionals ensure that project deliverables are perfectly aligned with your expectations and delivered within committed deadlines
  • Customer service is available round the clock
  • Flexible contract terms: Outsourcing to us becomes easier as different agile hiring modules are available like monthly or hourly
  • Customized solutions 3D modeling is tailored as per the expectations and business objectives of our clients to ensure optimum return on investment
  • Experienced Professionals We have certified 3D artists and designers on our roll who hold designing degrees and are extensively trained on contemporary software
  • We cater to all genres and segments like architecture, healthcare, graphical designing, 2D and 3D modeling etc.

MAP Systems is a mainstream 3d modeling company which is considered as the hallmark of excellence in the domain of 3d product rendering. If you want 3D models of furniture to be developed in cost-effective and reliable manner, connect with us now to put your business on the path of phenomenal growth.

For high quality customized and affordable 3D design services, get in touch with us today.

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