Privacy Policy at MAPSystems

MAPSystems is a responsible service provider. We are committed to comply with the statutory norms related to safeguarding the privacy of our users and customers. We respect your right to privacy. To protect personally identifiable information share by you with us, we have comprehensive and fail-safe ‘Privacy Policy’ in place. This policy states the practices adopted by us for collecting and using personal information that you choose to share with us on our site.

MAPSystems always strive to offer optimum business value to all its users. We constantly endeavor to raise the bar of our services to ensure that you can trust us with your outsourcing needs and the same are adequately rewarded. Our resource pool and infrastructural set-up are dedicated to offer best experience to users and customers

As soon as you land on our website and subsequently browse the various webpages therein, you can rest assured that your privacy is completely protected through all contemporary means possible.

MAPSystems request you to go through the following information prior to sharing or submitting your personally identifiable information on our website. The policy stated below describes our intent and methods employed to keep data pertaining to you safe.

Collection/ Gathering of User Information

  • Contact Us Forms

    MAPSystems never solicit direct information from you unless you seek to associate with us or avail our services. Through the ‘Contact Us’ forms, you voluntarily furnish information relevant to you and your needs. It is at your sole discretion to disclose or share your personal information on our website. You may not submit information that you deem sensitive

  • Cookies

    Cookies are small files of negligible size that are used for monitoring your browsing behavior and other characteristics to help us make our services more convenient to use and appealing to you. Cookies provide us with information about the IP address of your computing/ browsing device, type of browser used, the webpages visited by you, time spent on each page, pattern of searches made, your mode of entering our website, and the way you navigated through the website. This is machine generated information for analytics purpose. The information is not reviewed or scrutinized by any individual. The cookies are stored on your device. You are independent to disable the cookies and choose to decline the use of cookies when the alert dialog appears.

  • Internet Access Logs

    MAPSystems also engages in indirect collection of information from our website’s internet access logs. As soon as you land on our page and start browsing, the internet address and related information about your device are automatically culled and inserted in our internet access logs.

  • Usage of User Specific Information

    MAPSystems analyzes the information collected from users to get insights into ways to make the site related features more effective and convenient to use. This understanding helps us to make provision for new features which make time spent by users on our site more productive. The information (name, email address, physical address, phone number, fax number etc.) may also be intermittently used for sending direct mails or newsletters to you (users/ customers/ visitors) for notifying you about service upgrades, new launches, events, conferences etc. You can unsubscribe from our mailer service any time you want by clicking on the link for unsubscribing provided at the bottom of every email.

  • User Information Is Not Disclosed to Third/ Outside/ External Parties/ Vendors

    MAPSystems allow access to your information to authorized employees only whose credentials are authenticated through failsafe method. You can rest assured that the data you confide in us would never be shared with or sold to third party vendors who can compromise the confidentiality of your information or send you unsolicited communication. Our website does contain links to external sites to help improve your experience. MAPSystems cannot be held liable for any loss/ theft of information or breach of security arising from visiting such sites. It is the responsible of users to acquaint themselves with the privacy policies and user information management practices of such sites before navigating.

  • We Keep Your Information Safe

    MAPSystems has put in place elaborate, highly sophisticated and contemporary security methods in place for preserving and managing all personally identifiable information furnished by users on our website. We take all possible measures to prevent the misuse, deliberate alteration, loss, theft, or distortion of information shared by users. User information is stored in devices placed behind firewall and access is only granted to authorized personnel of MAPSystems.

    MAPSystems cherish the trust posed by you on our services. To prevent any authorized access, use and dissemination of information related to its users and to maintain high degree of accuracy in preserving data, we deploy state of the art technical, physical and administrative infrastructure.

    MAPSystems collects all information from users only with their explicit consent. Data gathered is processed as per statutory norms only. Personally identifiable information or pertinent data would be collected only if MAPSystems feel it necessary to support any activity related to users.

    MAPSystems will always strive to keep user data secure and safe from deliberate distortion, damage, loss, digital or physical reproduction. Only basic information related to users like name, name of company, country of origin, email, mobile number, fax etc. would be asked for. Indirect data about users is collected from web in the form of cookies and would contain IP address, system locationetc. The data is solely used for business purposes and for connecting with users in future so as to make them aware of new service or upgrades and draw their attention to project related requirements.

  • User Rights

    Users enjoy the right to contact us with requests for discontinuing the processing of information gathered from them or to delete the data summarily from our systems. All information, you seek to get deleted, would be summarily and permanently erased from our system. Users can exercise the right to reach out to us for getting information related to them corrected if they spot inaccuracies in the data related to them.

    For seeking any clarification on privacy statement of MAPSystems, please contact us.