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Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services

MAP Systems is a premium India based company that puts customer satisfaction and quality service ahead of everything else. Our company offers multifarious digital conversion services among which Flash to HTML5 conversion services is an area where we have dedicated ourselves.


With new devices and platforms impacting customer behavior immensely, reaching vaster audience demands you to be adaptive. Here in our company, we can convert all types of flash files including FLA, actionscript (.as) and SWF into HTML5. These are focused for apps which run on handheld devices like tablets and mobiles that don’t support Adobe flash for interactive eBooks and games.

Main reasons for using HTML5 conversion over Flash

  • Using this technology for RIA helps you in making search engine robots crawl the entire content
  • With this programming, the cost for rich internet application (RIA) is drastically reduced
  • Advanced animation as well as media traits can be incorporated in a more cost-effective manner
  • No specific browser restriction as HTML5 is supported by almost all browsers
  • Provides for seamless navigation, quick responsiveness and user friendly interface
  • Mobile compatible and allows for rich multimedia support

Why MAP Systems for flash to HTML5 conversion services?

We have talented professionals to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our advanced workflow assures efficient conversions of flash content and SWF files into HTML5 format for being supported by new devices. Staying ahead of the trend by applying latest techniques, our company offers highest industry standards in each and every facet.

Various conversion areas of application from Flash to html5 include

  • Gaming apps and modules like interactive puzzles, quizzes, action games, movies etc
  • Simulations and gaming apps
  • Animations
  • ELearning modules or tutorials and Web Based Training (WBT) courses
  • SWF files
  • Websites including ecommerce portals

From conversion of graphics to SVG as well as transforming flash timeline to CSS animations our experts convert flash based banner ads, content, videos, websites into to HTML5 with interactive features.

Our conversion team will convert flash based files into html5, which is compatible for

  • Android devices
  • Windows
  • IOS/I Pads
  • Blackberrys
  • As well as various web devices and browsers

Other activities we indulge in during HTML5 conversion include

  • Action script files converted to editable HTML5 and JavaScript code
  • Complying to SCORM and AICC for eLearning content development
  • Multimedia content repurposed with localizing of XML export or import
  • We use custom authoring tools like Adobe Captivate, Google Swiffy, Lectora, etc. in the accordance with the needs of conversion

Some of the main upsides of hiring our Flash to HTML5 conversion services are

  • Our wide ranging experience enables us to understand your exact needs quickly
  • Our conversion team performs various tests on the source files and convert the files with effective quality
  • We have skilled professionals of graphic designers, eLearning developers, who have mastered this framework
  • Best personals are backed with adequate resources and highly sophisticated technologies
  • Our layouts and designs are exceptionally appealing and can impress all categories of people
  • Complete data confidentially is guaranteed through standard and proven practices
  • Quickest turnaround time

Our Flash to HTML5 conversion services FAQs

Why should I change flash animation to HTML5?

Google Chrome and Firefox are the most commonly used internet browsers and they have blocked Flash content. So, still staying reluctant means the content you are posting is not going to be seen and the actual purpose itself is not served. The frustration of customers will increase, downloads will be lesser and loading time will be higher, all these paving way for lesser customers. The said browsers have blocked Flash owing to speed issues and security concerns. It ensures you a smoother, swifter and secure browsing experience. Also, tablets, smartphones and all types of mobile devices support HTM5 technology.

How can MAP Systems help me?

We have mastered flash website to html5 conversion as well as providing solutions for eLearning industry. As we are highly experienced, we are capable to make the conversion process completely flawless and absolutely perfect.

Also read our blog about the benefits of using HTML5 over adobe flash in eLearning industry.

Will my website or application maintain its actual functionality?

Sure. The previous functionality of your product will in no way be disturbed. In fact enhanced features of HTML5 will make the product even better.

What is your turnaround time?

The time for completion depends on project needs and complexities involved. Every client is treated as a separate entity and so are the projects. We try our level best to minimize your waiting time by proper planning and swift processes while being adhered to quality.

We have a smart team of professionals who are adept at flash based eLearning content to HTML5 conversion, flash animation to HTML5 animation as well as graphic designing capable enough to meet your expectations. Our conversion team follows rationalized processes to make sure that the content, graphics and all other elements are perfectly compatible on all mobile devices and platforms.

We provide end to end digitization services across the globe including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, UAE and other Middle East countries.

If you want to know further details about our flash to HTML5 conversion, shoot us a mail or make a call to the provided contact number. We are always available to help you to convert adobe flash to HTML5.

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