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Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services

MAP Systems is a premium digital conversion company that operates through a client-centric approach and ensures service excellence in all its projects. We offer multifarious assistance with regard to digital conversions in which flash to HTML5 conversion services have evolved as one of our key areas of expertise. We incorporate the best procedures and techniques to effectively migrate our clients’ content based on their requirements. However complex the process of migration from flash to html5 services may be, we would exceed your expectations because we have mastered the technique and have successfully completed a lot of flash to HTML5 conversion projects by seamlessly including various interactive features such as animations, videos, audios, images, storyboards to improve the functionality of the document.

At MAP Systems, we convert all types of flash-based files including FLA, ActionScript (.as), and SWF into feature-rich HTML5 content. We also ensure that the legacy content runs on all major handheld devices such as tablets, mobiles, and eReaders, and are compatible with the latest operating systems in the industry.

Why convert flash files to HTML5?

  • Using this Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology, you can make search engine robots to crawl the entire content.
  • With this programming, the cost for RIA gets drastically reduced.
  • Advanced animation as well as media traits can be incorporated in a more cost-effective manner.
  • There’s no specific browser restriction as HTML5 is supported by almost all browsers.
  • The conversion would allow for seamless navigation, quick responsiveness, and user -friendly interface.
  • HTML5 files are mobile-compatible and they allow for rich multimedia support.

We have talented professionals onboard to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our advanced workflow assures efficient conversions of flash content as well as the conversion of interactive SWF files into HTML5 formats that are compatible with new devices. Staying ahead of the trend through the deployment of the latest flash to html5 conversion software, our company adheres to the highest standards of service delivery in all aspects of a project.

Our areas of applications for flash to html5 conversion

  • Gaming apps and modules featuring interactive puzzles, quizzes, action games, movies etc.
  • Simulations and gaming apps
  • Animations
  • Tutorials or ELearning modules and Web Based Training (WBT) courses
  • SWF files
  • Websites including ecommerce portals
  • Conversion of action script files into editable HTML5 and JavaScript code
  • Ensuring compliance with AICC and SCORM during the development of ELearning content
  • Re-orientation of multimedia content with the localization of XML export or import

Benefits of choosing MAP Systems for flash to HTML5 conversion services

  • Our wide-ranging experience enables us to understand your exact needs in a detailed way.
  • Our conversion team performs various tests on the source files and focuses on quality throughout the conversion process.
  • We have skilled professionals including graphic designers and eLearning solution developers, who have mastered this area of specialization.
  • We combine the best resources and technologies to deliver the high quality HTML5 solutions.
  • Our layouts and designs are exceptionally appealing and can impress all categories of people.
  • We guarantee complete data confidentially through our standard and proven data security practices.
  • The HTML5 files that we generate are compatible with android devices, windows, IOS/I Pads, Blackberry, and various web devices.
  • We complete the project in the shortest turnaround time.

Industries we support

flash to html5 in advertising Advertising
flash to html5 conversion in education industry Education
migration to html5 from flash in elearning Elearning
flash to html5 conversion in gaming industry Gaming

Our flash to HTML5 conversion services FAQs

Why convert flash animation to HTML5?

Google Chrome and Firefox, which are the most commonly used internet browsers, have blocked Flash content. This means that the content that you have posted is not going to be seen and the actual purpose of your content campaign would be lost. Downloads will be lesser and the loading time will be higher and this would translate to fewer customers and lower sales revenues. With HTML5 files, users get a smoother, swifter, and secure browsing experience. Additionally, tablets, smartphones, and all types of mobile devices support the HTML5 technology.

How can MAP Systems help me?

We have mastered the flash to html5 conversion technique and we have been providing solutions to the eLearning industry over these years. Because we are highly experienced, we can ensure smooth and flawless conversion with the highest level of perfection. Also read our blog about thebenefits of using HTML5 over adobe flash in eLearning industry.

Will my website or application maintain its actual functionality?

Of course. The original functionality of your product will in no way be changed. In fact, the enhanced features of HTML5 will make the product even better.

What is the turnaround time?

The time for project completion depends on the project needs and the complexities involved. Every client is treated as a separate entity and so are the projects. We do our best to minimize your waiting time through proper planning and efficient processes while we still take adequate measures to maintain quality.

When you outsource flash to html5 conversion to us, you can be assured that we would always be ready to provide you with a high level of support irrespective of the level of complexities that your project may entail. We have a smart team of professionals who are adept at flash-based eLearning content to HTML5 conversion, conversion of flash animation to HTML5 animation, and conversion of flash website to html5 version. Our conversion team follows rationalized processes to make sure that the content, graphics, and all other elements are perfectly compatible with all mobile devices and platforms. We provide end- to-end document digitization across the globe.

If you want to get further details about our flash to HTML5 conversion services, call us or fill out our Contact form to discuss how we can work together.

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