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eCommerce Product Photo Retouching Services

Product photo retouching services are of much importance to online retailers as it determines the way in which a customer recognizes your product or brand. Therefore, to make it visually appealing for the potential buyers, businesses seek the assistance from expert image editing companies. This helps them to increase their online purchases which in turn help in maximizing revenue and profits.

ecommerce product photography retouching services
Product photo post processing services



Understanding the importance of aesthetic appeal of products in e-commerce websites, our product image enhancement team edits product photographs by adjusting color, contrast, and brightness as well as by using advanced masking techniques. Besides cropping and working on backgrounds, we clone missing parts if needed.

MAP Systems is a professional company, having exceptionally talented professionals who are skillful in product photo retouching to elevate the picture quality while retaining the natural charm. Our editors will use advanced editing techniques and can perfectly carry out all types of digital photo retouching including clipping, cropping, background removal, ghost mannequin editing as well as we create drop shadow, or reflection creation and a lot more.

Our range of high quality E-commerce Image Editing Services include

We make the product images for your e-store perfect so as to get your maximum sales. Our e-commerce image enhancement of experts in the image editing company does everything possible to bring the best out of your pictures. The focus remains on highlighting the positive and unique features of products in a coherent manner. Product photo retouching services from MAP Systems include

  • Jewelry photo editing

    To ensure that the snaps of jewelry look great, we carry out the needed editing to increase the salability. Our experts remove dust, scratch and add shine. We also remove or modify the background as needed for strategic jewelry image enhancement.

  • Automobiles and accessories image editing

    Images of automobiles need to be enhanced to make the respective product appealing to the prospects. Our image enhancement experts take all the key factors like glazing surface, brightness, proper illumination, etc. into consideration while editing for automobile photo manipulation.

  • Industrial Machinery image editing

    Buying industrial machinery is a costly investment and hence, no one would suddenly add all of the products to the cart. People buy only after a lot of scrutinizing. Therefore, we precisely plan and perform the editing techniques to create the excellent first impression and detail the features in the best possible light.

  • Cosmetic products photo editing

    Our cosmetic products invoke confidence in the potential buyers which is made possible only by presenting crystal clear photos. We work on enhancing the different features of the images to maximize their appeal.

  • Apparel photo editing

    We are highly skilled to beautify clothing products; apparel photo enhancement is one of our main fortes. We have an exclusive team of highly-qualified professionals who are capable of carrying out the necessary modifications for apparel and accessories product image refining and enhancement.

  • Furniture photo editing

    When it comes to furniture photo retouching images should highlight important features of the product as well. Our Photoshop editing staffs have exceptional abilities to improve the quality of product images such as couches, beds, racks, chairs, shelves, bookcase, table stands, etc.

Our E-commerce Image Retouching Services also include

Ghost Mannequin Effects: Our ghost mannequin services will provide depth to the product photographs through natural looking photos that attract potential customers. In case you need images with the entire mannequin or just the neck or the joint, our services can provide the necessary help regarding while also focusing on the generation of more sales.

Batch Image Editing: With the help of batch files, we can effectively work on the bulk quantity of images by applying the same effect on all at a time. Our professional photo editors provide the desired product images in the specified format as requested by the clients offering different services like cropping, color grading, culling, applying shadow, resizing, etc.

Image Clipping: Our e-commerce image editing team remove the background as required by the clients in the most captivating way to appeal to its customers. We make use of both the hard and the soft edge clipping path techniques to turn the main object into the center of focus by separating it from the background.

Reflection/ Shadow Effects: We provide a realistic and unique touch to the product images by creating a realistic shadows or reflections which makes the image more genuine and gorgeous. Our designers work on the image by putting the best efforts with the utilization of different shadow creation techniques like drop shadow, original shadow, reflection shadow, soft shadow, etc.

Photo Masking: We use varieties of image masking techniques such as alpha channel, layer, clipping, transparent objects, etc. for producing high-quality product photos depending upon the requirement. With the help of updated tools, we offer the best photo masking services in the industry which mainly involves removing the background of the image and correcting the distorted photos.

Our Product background enhancement can be utilized for

  • Fashion and clothing apparels
  • Home & kitchen appliances
  • Beauty & cosmetic products
  • Decorative products
  • Medical equipment & other electronic products, etc

Advantages of using product photography retouching services from MAP Systems

We have been offering digital photo editing services to a wide array of advertisement agencies, web portals, fashion industry publishers and photographers etc. Over years, we have emerged as unstoppable in the domain.

You can definitely get the needed competitive edge when you associate with us through our unmatched quality of e-commerce photo editing services. Here are some advantages of working with us.

  • We provide custom photo editing pricing packages based on the client requirements
  • We use advanced photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, LightRoom etc.
  • Experienced working professionals for product photo editing and retouching
  • 24*7*365 round the clock operations for quick & consistent delivery
  • We have the ability to deliver huge volume of quality images within 24 hours

We offer a huge range of e-commerce image editing services to a variety of verticals such as jewelry, apparel, furniture, automobiles, real estate, sports, garments, manufacturing, and more. Our e-commerce product retouching and enhancement team will make sure the images you receive are in best quality.

MAP Systems provides you with free samples. This will get you an idea regarding the level of quality we provide when it comes to professional photo retouching services. For any queries, you may send us a mail or call us to the number provided.

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