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MAPSystems is a world-class company providing affordable eCommerce product photo editing services for global product photographers. We help various eCommerce businesses and online retailers enhance their product images. These creatively enhanced images instill a stronger brand recall and increase sales. As high-quality product images are essential for listings, we ensure you get professional product images from us.

We have a team of in-house product photo editors who carry out the post-processing of eCommerce product pictures. They elevate the quality of product photos while retaining their natural charm.

As an industry-leader in eCommerce photo editing, we ensure you get exceptional outcomes for all your eCommerce product photo editing and retouching needs.

Types of eCommerce photo editing services provided by us

It’s been over a decade since MAPSystems has offered assistance in this domain. Our photo editing services for eCommerce are perfectly designed to meet the needs of online businesses specializing in the promotion and marketing of different products.

We edit product photos to perfection and add the needed appeal, thereby elevating the possibility for your e-store to register more sales. Our eCommerce image enhancement experts do everything on their part to bring the best out of your pictures. As a professional image editing company, our focus remains on highlighting the positive and unique features of your products in a coherent manner.

Jewelry photo editing

To generate detailed jewelry images, we apply strategic jewelry image enhancement procedures. We perform meticulous edits such as:

  • Detail enhancement
  • Color correction
  • Reflection adjustment
  • Retouching the stones/gems
  • Dust/spot removal
  • Shine enhancement
  • Clipping path

- and so on.

jewelry photo retouching
automobiles image retouching

Automobile image editing

Our photo enhancement experts can deliver best-in-class automobile photo editing. This includes:

  • Adding surface glaze
  • Scratch/spot/dent removal
  • Illumination adjustment
  • Brightness/contrast regulation
  • Background change/removal
  • Unwanted object/people elimination
  • Camera angle correction

- etc.

Apparel photo editing

We transform the look and appeal of your clothing products by incorporating the appropriate apparel photo enhancement processes. Such as:

  • Color correction
  • Crease/wrinkle fixing
  • Shadow removal/addition
  • Reflection removal/addition
  • Image straightening
  • Stain removal
  • Unwanted elements removal

- and so on.

clothing photo retouching
furniture image editing

Furniture photo editing

We are experts in furniture photo editing and can deliver world-class photo retouching assistance for couches, beds, racks, chairs, shelves, bookcases, tables, etc. Following are the edits we do:

  • Background removal/addition
  • Image cut out
  • Image tracing
  • Clipping path
  • Brightness/contrast adjustment
  • Adding vintage/classic/neomodern effects
  • Resizing

- etc.

Cosmetic product image editing

We offer exceptional image editing services for beauty and cosmetics products, enhancing their appeal to the target audience. Our skilled editors do the following edits:

  • Background removal/replacement
  • Shadow addition/removal
  • Reflection addition/removal
  • Unwanted objects removal
  • Clipping path
  • Camera angle fix
  • Lens distortion correction

- and the like.

cosmetic photo editing
electronics product retouching

Electronics photo editing

Looking for an online photo editing service provider that can elevate the quality of your electronic product images? We are the ones. We edit pictures of any electronic item by doing the following:

  • Color correction/alteration
  • Shine/matte glow addition
  • Clipping path
  • Image tracing
  • Reflection removal/addition
  • Scratches/dust/spot removal

- etc.

Industrial equipment image editing

Avail our services to get appealing photographs for your industrial equipment. We can eliminate any type of imperfection by utilizing cutting-edge software and tools. Like:

  • Dust/fingerprint/spot removal
  • Camera angle fixing
  • Image blending
  • Adding/removing shadow
  • Lighting adjustment
  • Color correction

- and more.

Industrial equipment image retouching
baggage image editing

Luggage photo editing

We offer precise editing on diverse luggage photos, that create a great online and offline marketing portfolio. Our team makes the following edits:

  • Ink spot/dust/speck removal
  • Collage creation
  • Camera angle fixing
  • Color correction
  • Resizing
  • Adding shine
  • Removing unwanted objects
  • Backdrop replace/removal

- and so on.

Our comprehensive eCommerce image editing techniques include

Our e-commerce photo editors mostly use advanced image enhancement and retouching techniques to perform professional photo editing for eCommerce. Let’s get a brief idea about the different techniques incorporated in our eCommerce product retouching services for online stores.

Ghost Mannequin Effects

Our top-grade ghost mannequin services can add depth to your product photographs. In case you need images of the entire mannequin or you just want the neck or the joint, we can carry it out by incorporating the best ghost mannequin effects.

Batch Processing

We carry out batch processing on bulk product images. The use of the appropriate software allows us to apply the same effect to all images. We can handle activities such as cropping, color grading, culling, applying shadows, resizing, etc.

Image Clipping Path

Our e-commerce image editing team can neatly clip or cut out product image backgrounds or any other parts while retaining the overall appeal. Our editors use both hard and soft edge clipping path techniques to highlight the subject most appropriately.

Reflection or Shadow Addition

We give unique touches to images by adding realistic shadows or reflections. We apply shadow creation techniques to create effects like drop shadow, original shadow, reflection shadow, and soft shadow to add a magical touch to the images.

Raw Image Conversion and Culling

We can convert RAW images to various formats such as JPG, TIFF, PSD, BMP, GIF, etc. We are experts at delivering image culling assistance using Lightroom. We would select the best photos for you, thereby saving you time and energy.

Color Correction and Editing

We assure natural effects by using professional tools such as Photoshop while performing image recoloring or adjustments. We work on shadows, lighting, white balance, and exposure to instill the best effects and tones in pictures.

Photo Masking

Our photo editors use image masking techniques, such as alpha channel and layer masking processes, to hide transparent objects. We deliver professional photo masking services that can help with the correction of distorted photos.

360° Image Retouching

Our team helps you leverage rich multimedia for promotions by delivering state-of-the-art 360-degree image retouching services. Send us your product photos shot from different angles, and we will perform packshot retouching to boost their appeal.

Product Photo Cleaning

We can remove the old background and add a custom backdrop to your product pictures. You can either choose a white background or any other color, as per your liking. So, regardless of your choice, we ensure it stands out from the crowd.

Background Removal

We can remove the old background and add a custom backdrop to your product pictures. You can either choose a white background or any other color, as per your liking. So, no matter what your choice is, we’ll make sure it stands out from the crowd.

Set 2

Photo Cropping

We can carry out custom cropping and resizing to make your images symmetrical and add them to your eCommerce sites. If needed, you can also request that we add blank spaces or margins around the pictures to make them look professional.

Dust or Stain Removal

Products are often exposed to dust, stains, creases, or scratches, which are also visible in the product photos. However, with our high-end photo retouching services, we can retouch any type of flaw that may negatively affect your buyers.

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Advantages of our product photo editing services company

MAPSystems is leading the way in providing complete customer satisfaction with our high-end photo editing and retouching services to various industry verticals. We have been reached by many photographers and studios for their post-processing requirements

As the most reliable photo retouching company, we have a strong base of numerous clients who put their trust in us and reach out to us whenever they require our photo retouching services.

Reasonable pricing

Our high-end eCommerce product photo editing services are highly reasonable, making us ideal for clients with varied budgets.

100% data security

Your data is always safe with us. We ensure highest data privacy by implementing a secure FTP for all file and data transfers.

Multiple formats

Once the final version gets approved, we share the deliverables in multiple universally compatible formats as the client prefers.

Superior quality

Our professional eCommerce product image retouchers utilize all the latest software and tools to ensure best-in-class outcomes.

Fast TAT

We immensely value our customers' time and urgency. Thus, our seasoned eCommerce image editors maintain a very short, agile TAT.


We maintain international quality standards in all our eCommerce product photo retouching projects since we are ISO-certified.

Our quality eCommerce retouching work samples

eCommerce Product photo editing – FAQs

Yes, we do. Before signing any contract agreement, try our services on a trial basis. Let our skilled team enhance a few eCommerce product photos. That will give you a clear idea of our expertise and quality of work.

No, we don't. Regardless of the volume one has, they can freely reach out to us and avail themselves of our high-end photo editing services.

The project value mainly depends on the project scope, the efforts required, and the kind of quality expected. As a ballpark, our base pricing starts from $0.35 per photo.

We will deliver the optimum file size and resolution ideal for web-purpose and optimized for the leading eCommerce platforms (640 x 640 or 800 x 800).

We give multiple rounds of revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. However, with the kind of expertise our eCommerce photo editors have, our clients usually do not need beyond one or two rounds of revisions.

You can either send them via email as attachments. Or you can share the set of images through a secured FTP server.

We transfer the files through a safe and secured server to ensure maximum data security.

We prefer high-resolution JPG (JPEG) or PNG.

Yes, you may share any sample reference you have. That will give our team a clear idea of your exact requirement. You may also share any other creative thoughts you have through email. We will keep these suggestions in mind during the editing process.

If the changes are minor and do not involve major conceptual changes, the rounds of revisions are free of cost. If the iterations involve edits that will take substantial time, or were not mentioned in the original project scope document, you will be charged a nominal extra fee.

Want to enhance your eCommerce product photos' appeal and engage more prospects? Let our editors edit them!

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In our e-store, the apparel section was the least performing, and it took a few internal meetings for us to understand that the lack of image quality was the primary reason. Things changed significantly after we became associated with MAPSystems. They are masters at perfecting images. We really appreciate the support of these people. They have always done a good job for us.

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London, UK

Ever since I launched my eCommerce business, I realized the power of professionally edited product photos. Coincidentally, I found MAPSystems on the first page of Google and hired them, I am highly satisfied with their eCommerce product image editing skills. Wholeheartedly recommend!"