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MAP Systems, the leading data conversion company offers you a wide range of document conversion services that include PDF to html, PSD to html, html to XHTML and more.

We convert various file formats such as Word, Excel, Text, Access, XML and RTF into PDF and vice versa. We also convert from Tiff, Jpeg, QuarkXPress, InDesign and more. PDF output formats from us are PDF Image, PDF Image with searchable text and PDF normal. Each of these formats has dissimilar features and it’s the client requirements that determine the most appropriate one for them. Here, our team takes into consideration factors such as document size, text search-ability, color preference and bandwidth to avail you with the most suitable transformation. Some of the highlighting features are mentioned below. These benefits justify the reasonability of being a highly preferred format

Types of digital document conversion services of MAP Systems

  • PDF conversion services

    Our PDF conversion services comply with industry benchmarks and assure of optimum safety of confidential information contained in e-format. Pdf format is in wide use for sharing of electronics files and we facilitate distribution through this e-media in cost competitive manner. We offer conversion of wide array of media into pdf format and vice versa, Common files which are converted to pdf include eBooks, scanned books, reports, documents, microfilm, jpg, gif, tiff, microfiche and others. We also convert pdf to xml, text, jpg, docx, rtf, xlsx, pptx, img and other formats.

  • XML conversion services

    Our experience and expertise in the specialized domain of XML conversion services empower us to offer cutting edge and top notch quality within lowest turnaround time. As the foremost among mainstream digital conversion agency, we leverage contemporary technology to provide you with best in class services at optimum costs. We harness our technical know-how to offer effective data conversion services rendered by seasoned professional who are adept in comprehensive conversion of documents of different types. Prominent among the formats to be converted into XML are portable document format (Pdf), text, doc, and HTML. Since long, we have been working closely with various industry verticals to help them accomplish their specific business objectives with eclectic services. Our flawless and timely services have earned us the admiration and trust of industry leaders. Our outputs are in complete adherence to various acclaimed industry standards such as TEI XML, PubMed, XBRL, DocBook, DITA, JATS, Bookshelf, S1000D, and DTBook.

  • HTML5 conversion services

    Our HTML5 conversion services have been recognized on different platforms for being efficient, laser targeted and timely. Our proficiency lies in converting other media to HTML5 conversion and vice versa by utilizing latest technologies. Our professionals can swiftly cater to projects consisting of hundreds of pages which have to be converted into this website format with due diligence. HTML5 is undoubtedly the most popular industry format for webpages and our experienced team of professionals can carry out conversion of content in suitable format to HTML5 files in strategic manner. This would help in easy distribution of content for reaching out to targeted audiences in swift and seamless manner. You can definitely count on the experience and competence of data conversion experts.

  • OCR conversion services

    We have a glorious track record of offering efficient back office services which can stand the test of time. Our competency lies in offering entire spectrum of OCR services which can fulfil your expectations from accurate document scanning and conversion to data formats of desired standard. Reliability, adherence to scheduled time, optimization, conformance to details, and swift processing are the landmarks of our services. We can convert large number of documents in speedy manner. Services offered by us in the realm of document digitalization come with a price premium which is lowest in the industry and are vouched for by our esteemed clients for accuracy. We have state of the art infrastructure and resourcefulness for converting high volume of documents into digital copies.

  • PSD conversion services

    Our psd conversion services are deployed to offer you cost effective conversion of photoshop files into your desired digital format for accomplishing needful outcome with confidence. We can cater to various conversion needs with efficiency. If you are looking for psd to html conversion services or converting of PSD to responsive html and css, we can help you out with our customized services. Rely on our expertise and industry insights to convert psd to HTML, pdf, jpg, eps, Adobe XD, png, AI or other specified formats. Our services are being available by clients from various countries. Photoshops images or custom designs are transformed by us into complete hand coded format having the integrity of pixels preserved and carrying W3C validation. We are setting new benchmarks in the industry in this conversion domain by leveraging the limitless potential of modern software. The converted formats are compatible with multiple browsers and having markups in HTML, XHTML, CSS with CSS2.1 and CSS3. Each design format is accorded equal treatment and accepted coding standards are followed for accomplishing uniform name convention for multiple use. Our clients can also avail of editorial services to enhance the accuracy of converted data. We offer manual entry of data, proofreading services, and editing for assuring that there would be no flaws in the entered data. We pride ourselves for 99.9% accuracy level which is the best in the contemporary industry.

We handle different and wide spectrum of file formats which we convert by leveraging our long experience and proven expertise. Formats handled and converted by us include:

  • OCR Clean up, ICR and OMR
  • Quark, Interleaf, and Frame Maker into XML, SGML and HTML
  • Microfiche
  • Conversion of Image files to XHTM and .TIFF to PDF
  • Vectorization of Data

The benefits of choosing our data conversion company for your requirements

  • Maintaining data confidentiality is of grave importance and hence we take adequate measures to give surety
  • We provide restricted access, password protection and sign strict confidentiality agreement with all our clients
  • Our team of qualified specialists follows established procedures to assure apex quality
  • We offer cost-effective digitization solutions that suits to the budget of all category of clients
  • Highest level of accuracy and error-free conversion process
  • High end technical team to maintain a zero risk of data loss

We provide a free sample by which you can gauge our quality. You may also check by simply going through the digital conversion testimonials provided by our satisfied clients. Working with us will surely be a pleasurable experience. Our professional conversion experts will assist you for all your data conversion services needs like PSD to XHTML, PDF to HTML, HTML to XML etc.

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