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Leverage our document conversion services to convert the documents of the client, whether it is hard copy or digital in their desired choice of format.

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Document Conversion Services

MAP Systems, the leading data conversion company, offers a wide range of document conversion services, mainly specializing in carrying out the conversion of PDF to HTML, PSD to HTML, HTML to XHTML, etc. Since digitization has become an important aspect of many businesses, we assist companies to effectively manage a variety of documents, including receipts, fax, bills, invoices, etc. on a daily basis for easy digital storage, transfer, retrieval, and updates. It helps them to reduce their time, money, resources as well as improve the efficiency of their business processes. To ensure that we meet the aforementioned challenges, we employ a team of multilingual document conversion and data management specialists, who have extensive knowledge and experience in the respective domain.

Our team mostly deals with Word, Excel, Text, Access, XML, and RTF file conversions into PDF format and vice versa. Apart from that, we can also handle other types of files such as Tiff, Jpeg, QuarkXPress, InDesign, and more. The PDF output formats we generally offer are PDF Images with searchable text and PDF normal. Each of these formats has dissimilar features, and it’s the client requirement that determines the most appropriate one for them. At MAP Systems, our team considers all factors such as document size, text search-ability, color preference, and bandwidth to provide clients with the most suitable transformation of their documents. Some of the other highlighting features of using our services are mentioned below.

  • Photo editing and color correction
  • Support for various languages
  • Small and large format scanning
  • Graphic art scanning
  • X-ray scanning
  • Meta tagging
  • Content tagging
  • Routing and tracking file revisions

Our conversion specialists can handle a wide spectrum of file formats by leveraging their experience and proven expertise. The different file formats handled and converted by us include:

  • OCR Clean up, ICR, and OMR
  • Quark, Interleaf, and Frame Maker into XML, SGML, and HTML
  • Microfiche
  • Conversion of image files to XHTM and TIFF to PDF
  • Books conversion to PDF, MS Word, HTML, XML, or XHTML
  • Scanned Paper Reports and image sot electronic formats
  • Spreadsheets to XLS and GIF to TGA

Benefits of choosing our data conversion company for your requirements

There are many advantages to choosing MAP Systems for outsourcing your document conversion needs. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Maintaining data confidentiality is of prime importance to us, and we take adequate measures to ensure it.
  • We provide restricted access, password protection, and sign NDA agreement to secure our clients’ documents.
  • Our qualified specialists follow established procedures and routine checks to assure apex quality outputs.
  • We offer cost-effective digitization solutions to suit the budget of every client, depending on project-type.
  • Our team has proven experience, which ensures the highest level of accuracy and error-free conversion processes.
  • Our turnaround times are the fastest; we deliver the outputs to our clients within the committed deadlines.
  • We offer 24/7 support to our clients to address their queries regarding projects.

We have been in the domain for more than twice a decade and have been consistently offering unparalleled and customized digital conversion services to our clients ever since. It helped us to gain a renowned name in the industry all over the globe. The credit mostly goes to our expert team, who had put substantial efforts over the time to reach where we are now. Apart from this, we also leverage the maximum potential of the advanced and secured technologies to provide the outputs with minimum data loss and errors. It is one of the main reasons why we always rely on secure FTP servers for the data transfer of clients. So, if you need a service provider that can assist you with the smooth and efficient conversion of your documents, then choose us as your outsourcing partners. We can also provide free samples if requested, which can help you to test the quality of our service. You may also take a look at our digital conversion testimonials that are provided by our satisfied clientele. It can further help you to decide whether or not to choose our services.

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