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eBook Conversion Services

Dominating the marketplace by innovation and quality, MAP Systems has emerged and evolved as one of the most reputed companies in the eBook conversion services domain. Our e-book creation services are fast, efficient, cost-effective, and flexible, and hence provide value to our customers, mainly authors and publishers, and allow them to provide an enriching experience to their readers. We also make sure to operate through a comprehensive distribution network to reach a wide range of clients across the globe. We incorporate different audio and video files in order to enhance the content of your eBooks and guarantee that they match your specific needs and are equal to industry standards. Our service is designed to be one of most cost-effective ways of converting your books into eBooks and making them accessible to a larger audience.

With rich experience in diverse verticals, we continue to provide you with best-in-class digitization solutions that would appropriately address your key requirements. Our e-book designers have the required skills to easily convert the digital versions of different manuscripts that may appear in diverse formats such as PDF, Word, and HTML into eBooks and vice-versa. In fact, over these years, we have been successfully delivering professional eBook conversion and formatting services to various publishers, authors, educational institutions, technology companies, publications, libraries, advertising, and research institutions.

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Categories we support for professional eBook conversion services

We are among the best companies providing eBook conversion assistance through our specialists who are adept at delivering high-quality digital versions of:

  • Manuscripts
  • Journals
  • Fiction and nonfiction books
  • Research documents
  • Cook books
  • News papers
  • Technical guides and manuals
  • Reference books
  • K12/ Educational eBooks
  • Travel Books/ Guides
  • Magazines
  • STM(Scientific/Technical/Medical) Books
  • Read aloud ebooks

Formats we support

Compatible Platforms

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Barnes and Noble's
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Other Mobile Readers

Types of ebook conversion formats we provide

EBooks created by us come equipped with various advanced features such as dynamic table of content and text search functionality. We also provide a digital bookmark for allowing eBook readers to start reading from where they ended last time. Apart from this, we also include internal and external links along with 2D and 3D animation and videos to improve the interactivity of the eBooks.

  • Reflowable eBooks

    We provide reflowable ebook conversion services for converting books with a simple design format. Besides, we enable text or graphics to reflow and fill up the screen regardless of the font size and type. We can view it on all the major eBook reading platforms, devices, and software. The conversion is mainly applicable for novels and short stories.

  • Fixed layout eBooks

    We produce a fixed layout format for different books that have complex design structures accommodating a lot of illustrations and images. This is mainly done to maintain the style of the content. Here, we ensure that the text does not flow so that readers can view the same layout and pages for all types of eBooks, which mainly fall in the category of children’s books, travel books, cookbooks, etc.

  • Interactive/Enhanced eBooks

    In the case of interactive or enhanced eBook conversion, we improve different readability options for the users. We incorporate enhanced features like hidden text searching, internal or external linking, and adding multimedia content such as interactive audios and videos. We use these for converting digitally interactive comic books.

Our eBook conversion process

Once we receive the manuscript from our clients, the manuscript passes through the following eBook conversion process.

  1. Scanning – In case of hard copies and paperbacks, we scan the entire manuscript shared by clients and turn it into a digital version.
  2. Conversion – Our team edits the document and converts it into the desired ebook format and applies the preferred design layout based on the client’s requirements.
  3. Final Output - Once we complete the formatting process, we would deliver the digital version of books that are ready for publication.

Why Choose MAP Systems ?

We have successfully completed thousands of digital conversion projects in different formats. Regardless of the type of converting and formatting outcomes you are looking for, we are committed to providing you with outstanding solutions beyond your expectations. We also provide superior quality ebook cover designs to visually enhance the appeal of your electronic books. We use popular eBook conversion software such as Calibre and KindleGen to make the documents compatible with e-reading devices and smartphones.

  • We evaluate images, graphs, links, footnote, table of contents or charts to ensure functionality and quality.
  • We thoroughly review the PDF formatting, character conversion, and the conversion of ePub files to MOBI, Adobe, etc.
  • Part of our efforts include incorporating identifiers, syntaxes, and vocabularies in order to express the metadata.
  • Our experts are adept at including text search functionality, digital bookmarks, and day and night screen reading modes in the ebook versions so as to enhance user- readability.
  • Safeguarding our customers’ data is our highest priority and we ensure data security through the deployment of proven technology.
  • Our team always stays updated with the latest industry tools and methodologies and promptly responds to it by adapting to the changes and adopting the latest trends and technologies.
  • We assure the delivery of budget-friendly services and customized provisions to address every unique need of our client.
  • We continue to monitor quality at each phase of the process, which works to eliminate the possibilities of errors.
  • We can integrate ISBN (International Standard Book Number) in the eBooks provided by our clients.
  • The formats of our eBooks are compatible with major eBook readers such as iPad, iPod, Sony eReaders, Nook, and Kindle.
  • We deliver error-free ebooks through our dedicated ebook proofreading
  • Through our customized layouts and designs, we can perfectly depict the message and the theme of the eBook.
  • Our multilingual ebook conversion services are compatible with all major retailers

Our client testimonial

We are satisfied and impressed with the results delivered by MAP Systems. The team completed the job with professionalism and within the specified deadline. Thanks to everyone in the company who handled my project. I highly recommend them to others who want to convert manuscript to eBook formats in a shorter timeframe and in the most cost-effective manner.

-Chief Executing Officer, University, USA

With our cost-effective and quality eBook formatting services, authors and publishers can get their works distributed to different parts of the world. We can convert your physical book to eBook within the shortest turnaround time and deliver the outcome in a format demanded by you. If required, we also scan your print copy and convert it into electronic format.

For more clarification of our eBook conversion cost and how we can work together, visit our FAQ section or contact us for free ebook conversion samples.

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