eBook Conversion Services

With 30+ years of experience, MAPSystems has emerged as a leading provider of e-publishing services. For over three decades, the organization has dominated the e-publishing domain with expertise.

With our eBook conversion services, we provide value to authors and publishers empowering them to give a great UX. Through our stellar services, authors and publishers can expand their reach with various eBook file formats.

We can convert multilingual books to full-fledged eBooks. This allows self-publishers and authors to reach global readers. Our eBooks allow users to integrate multimedia-rich elements to enhance the content of their digital books. We ensure that we match your specific needs while meeting industry-specific standards.

Which are the different eBook conversion layouts we offer?

Our eBook designers allow clients to select layouts according to their preferences. However, if they're unsure, we can make a choice instead depending on the type of content their books contain.

Moreover, our digital books come equipped with various advanced tech features. Like the dynamic table of contents, font size adjustment, text search functionality, etc.

If requested, we can even provide a digital bookmark to our customers. This enables eBook readers to mark their place in the text and return to it easily.

Now, let's have a look at the different types of conversions we offer.


We perform reflowable ebook conversion for text-heavy books. The layout created by us is simple and consists of a single column containing text. If you want us to include images, we can incorporate them between the paragraphs.

Readers of short stories and novels can have control over the text and how the content is displayed. The content works on all major e-book reading platforms and devices.

Fixed layout

We produce fixed layout ebook formats for graphics-heavy content. These have a complex design structure, multi-column texts, and a lot of illustrations and images. Usually technical publications, children’s books, travel books, and cookbooks have this format.

With our fixed-layout eBook services, you can:

  • Regulate the content display by embedding fonts
  • Selecting the text size
  • Include images on the page


In case of interactive eBook conversion, we focus on creating an engaging experience for the users. We achieve this by incorporating hidden text searching, internal/external linking, etc. We also add multimedia content like:

  • Audios & videos
  • Animations
  • Games
  • Annotations
  • Footnotes
  • Cross-references
  • Images
  • Graphs
  • Charts

Categories we support for eBook file conversion solutions

We are among the best eBook conversion company, with the best customer service and infrastructure. Our stellar team provides different conversion categories using the latest technologies and software. They are adept at offering high-quality digital conversions for:

  • Manuscripts
  • Journals
  • Cookbooks
  • Newspapers
  • Reference books
  • Magazines
  • Travel Books
  • Scanned files
  • STM (Scientific/Technical/Medical) Books
  • Technical guides and manuals
  • Research documents
  • Fiction and nonfiction books

Popular eBook formats we support

Collaborate with us to get fully functional eBooks with dynamic features. Our expert eBook conversion artists are well-versed in all the most used eBook file formats. The formats we support are compatible with all leading eReaders and browsers. Below are some of them:

  • HTML
  • XML

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Why choose us for digital eBook conversion services?

So, whether you want to convert a physical print book to an eBook or change the existing format, we can be your most reliable partner. We are backed by experienced eBook developers with profound domain knowledge. Besides, if you want to evaluate the standard of our eBook formatting services, we can also send you free eBook conversion samples.

If you need more details on our eBook conversion cost, visit our FAQ's section or contact us directly to learn how we can work together. Let us know if you want a professional eBook developed for all leading eReaders like Amazon Kindle!

Affordable price

The cost of our high-end and multilingual eBook development services is highly reasonable and ideal for all kinds of budgets.

Quick turnaround

Regardless of the project scope, volume, and complexity, our eBook conversion and development experts deliver super-quickly.

100% data security

We ensure absolute client data protection by implementing a safe and secure FTP server for file and project data transfers.

Robust infrastructure

Our enriched resources and unlimited access to all the latest eBook conversion software and tools help us deliver the best.


MAPSystems is an ISO-certified and compliant organization. Our eBook development projects abide by international standards.

Scalable team

Our talented eBook development specialists are immensely flexible and can upsize/downsize based on project requirements.

eBook conversion services
eBook conversion services MAPSystems eBook Conversion Services-Transforming your files into compelling eBooks MAPSystems is a global provider of superior-quality eBook conversion services to cover the specific needs of authors and publishers who wish to serve in the e-publishing domain. Established in 1993, we have successfully completed thousands of eBook conversion projects for a wide range of clients. We are well aware of the technicalities of conversion and produce the outputs as per the quality standards fixed by the industry. Our services are fast, reliable, professional, and friendly, which has helped us a lot in building a comprehensive distribution network all over the globe.

Transform printed manuscripts into more immersive, interactive, and engaging digital books. Try our eBook conversion service today!

eBook creation services- FAQ’s

Check the grammar and syntax; make sure there are no typos. Ensure a consistent paragraph and line formatting throughout the document, and avoid using the space bar to create paragraphs and individual lines. If publisher's name and contact details, publication date, ISBN number, copyright info, or any other credits need to be included, make sure those are in the first two pages of the file.

Yes, we offer flawless typesetting services to prepare a manuscript for final publication. Our eBook development experts arrange texts and images and select the best margin, size, style, etc.

They also adjust the section breaks and subheadings and place the illustrations in relevant places.

Mainly publishing houses, authors, digital magazines, other IT sectors who publish regular eBooks, etc.

eBook conversion services involve the digital process of converting a print manuscript into an eBook. The formats in which the file is converted are ePUB, HTML, MOBI, PDF, etc.

Converting books to eBooks is a precise process that requires technical knowledge and experience. So, the efforts required are also more. The cost depends upon the efforts required, the project scope, and the delivery quality.

We offer a full spectrum of digital publishing solutions ranging from eBook conversions, fixed layout eBook conversion, multilingual eBook creation, proofreading, illustrations and much more.

Yes, we can convert books other foreign languages. You would need to provide us with the draft to be converted in a Word Document.

We have our primary headquarter in India, with other branches in USA, UK, and the Middle East (UAE, Jordan).

This depends on the length of the manuscript and the level of optimization and formatting required.

Case studies

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What do our customers say

We are satisfied and impressed with the results delivered by MAPSystems. The team completed the job with professionalism and within the specified deadline. Thanks to everyone in the company who handled my eBook conversion project. I highly recommend them to others who want to convert the manuscript to eBook formats in a shorter timeframe and in a cost-effective manner.

Chief Editor

Publishing House, USA

I was searching for a reliable and skilled agency to convert my physical manuscripts into full-fledged eBooks. I am highly impressed with the eBook conversion service MAPSystems delivered!

Non-fiction author

Auckland, New Zealand