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eBook Conversion Services

Dominating the marketplace by innovation and quality, MAP Systems has emerged and kept on evolving over time to retain itself as one of the most reputed names in the domain of eBook conversion services.

Furnished with broad experience of working for diverse verticals, we continue to provide the best of class digitization solutions aptly suiting your needs. Our experts don’t just simply have the skills of converting different formats to electronic books but we also convert electronic books to PDF, word, HTML or to any other format with equal ease. In fact, we have successfully provided our all-embracing professional eBook conversion and formatting services for publishers, authors, educational institutions, technology companies, publications, libraries, advertising, research institutions and other entities.

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There are many reasons attributing to the increasing preference of electronic formats besides cost-effectiveness.

  • Effortlessness in storing is one of the main benefits. Lot of documents can be stored even in a single hard disk
  • For file transferring, few clicks are all you have to do and in seconds the data is reached to desired destination
  • Selective encryption can be done which assures that only the needed people get access to shared information

We convert a traditional book to an eBook within shortest turnaround time and provide output format as required. If required we can scan your print copy and convert to electronic books on demand.

Our eBook conversion specialists providing top notch quality and accuracy for various categories like

  • Manuscripts
  • Journals
  • Fiction and nonfiction books
  • Research documents
  • Cook books
  • News papers
  • Technical guides and manuals
  • Reference books etc

Our eBook conversion formats include

  • Reflowable eBooks

    Reflowable or standard conversion is done when the book has simple design mainly text based wherein text or graphics reflow to fill up the screen irrespective of font type and size. This is a flexible format viewed on all epublishing platforms be it with tablets or any ereaders. This type of conversion is mainly used for novels, short stories etc…

  • Fixed layout eBooks

    Fixed layout ebook conversion is provided if the book has complex design full of illustration; graphics in general is having design heavy page layouts. The text does not flow and readers see same layout and pages across major eBook publishing platforms like Kindle Direct publishing (KDP), Smashwords, Lulu, etc. This eBook file format is used for conversion where output is more visually appealing like cookbooks, children books, travel books etc…

  • Interactive or Enhanced eBooks

    Interactive ebook conversion is useful where the customer requires integrating features like searching hidden text, internal and external linking as well as rich multimedia like audio, video and interactivity…. Used for digital interactive comic books etc…

Why prefer eBook conversion services from MAP Systems?

Our expertise as a company includes completion of thousands of digital conversion projects in a wide array of formats. No matter whatever type of converting and formatting you are looking for, you will surely get results over and above your expectations; we are obliged to do that. We also provide superlative ebook cover designs to visually enhance your electronic books.

We use popular ebook conversion software programs like calibre, KindleGen to make the documents compatible for ereading device and smart phones. Some of the most common ebook conversions preferred by us are

Our eBook conversion process

Once we receive the manuscript from the clients, our conversion experts follow the below steps

  • Scanning – For hard copies and paper books, we scan the entire manuscript given by clients and turn into a digital version

  • Conversion – Our teams edit and convert the digital version into desire layout based on the client’s requirements

  • Finalt output - Once we complete the formatting process, we deliver the digital version of books

Capability to digitize all types of documents regardless of complexities is what places our digital conversion company ahead of others are

  • eBook conversion for illustrated books

    If you are planning to create illustrated eBooks, fixed layout format would work fine, especially when the project is complex and you want the entire content to stay confined in a page with set location. Illustrated children's books are not that much costly as well. We ensure seamless reading experience with our precise and most professional picture eBooks for children. You can also confidently rely on our children book illustration services.

  • eBook conversion for poetry books

    In case of reflowable format, text resembles the nature of fluids; it reflows between pages based on the screen size. This is ideal when the layout is simple and the digital book is mainly about text content only. Though reflowable ebook design is not that recommended for poetry, its cost-effectiveness makes it preferred format for many authors. However, the issues posed by reflowable nature for poetry works can be alleviated to a huge extent if right steps are taken. Our experts will work closely with you and discuss in detail regarding how to format a poetry book for eBook. Perfect digital conversion solutions are assured with high quality output.

  • Accessibility facilitation for digital books

    In the digital world, accessibility features are really crucial and in electronic book, there are excellent opportunities for the same. For it, codes have to be incorporated or else the features of automated devices are not fully leveraged. Suppose if there are images in you digital book, we add alterative text on to coded images so as to make it accessible on all market available e-reading devices.

  • Some of our ebook design service features are

    • Text search functionality throughout the document
    • Dynamic table of content
    • Digital bookmark for preventing ebook readers from losing their past
    • Internal and external links
    • Interactive eBooks integrated with 2D, 3D animation and videos

    Other important reasons owing to which our clientele keeps on expanding are

    • Data security of our customers is of high priority for us. We assure the same through proven technology
    • Our conversion team always keep keen eyes on the latest industry tools, methodologies and promptly respond to it
    • We assure budget friendly services and our provisions are customized to meet the actual client requirements
    • Quality is monitored at each phases and there are virtually null possibilities for any errors
    • Output compatible with eBook readers like iPad, iPod, Sony eReaders, Nook, Kindle and more
    • We offer multilingual ebooks conversion compatible with all retailers like Google store, Kobo, Amazon, B&N etc.

    You can get highly benefited from our cost-effective and quality eBook formatting services to deliver or distribute through online mediums within the shortest turnaround time, be it in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, UAE and other Middle East countries as well as India.

    For more clarification of our eBook conversion cost visit our FAQ section or reach us for free ebook conversion samples. Our sales people will be glad to help.

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