Video Editing Services

Whether you wish to save special memories or increase your business reach, we can turn your raw footage into amazing videos by performing the right edits.

Video Editing Services

MAPSystems is a reputed provider of high-quality video editing services. We have been in the industry for a long time and have solid experience using top post-production techniques. Our creative video editing team caters to the needs of various clients as per their specifications. They provide comprehensive video editing support, from simple editing to advanced post-production processes.

We provide customized video effects support to our clients and take time to understand their videography and editing needs. When you partner with us, we will render expert support while ensuring adherence to international quality standards. We offer competitive and customized pricing plans, allowing you to overcome your budget constraints.

Different types of our professional video editing services include

Our services are comprehensive and designed to suit the needs of various industries and business verticals. Our expert video editors make use of upgraded infrastructure to deliver quality services to short film makers, documentary producers, news agencies, realtors, YouTubers, etc. Some of our key services are

Wedding video post production - MAPSystems We offer advanced and world class professional video editing services including video transition efforts, adding special effects, removing unwanted video clipping and more for wedding videos. Contact us to know more in detail.
Real estate video services- MAPSystems We offer world-class high-quality video editing services including video transition efforts, adding special effects to videos, removal of camera shake, audio editing and more for real estate videos. Contact us for more details.

The video enhancement process followed at MAPSystems

You should provide us with digital files in your preferred format while specifying your inputs.

You can opt for customized services depending on your specific requirements.

We would send you enhanced footage that would help you meet your project objectives.

Some of our video post-production techniques include

  • Video Trimming

    Expert video trimming service helps businesses obtain the best and most stunning videos by removing unwanted elements and frames.

  • Video Compositing

    A video composition service helps combine multiple frames of video clips to make one final video. It adds many elements during the process to enhance the look and feel.

  • Video Stabilization

    Using our video stabilization service, we help to remove the shakiness and clarity issues from the videos.

  • Video Clipping

    With our video clipping service, you can get the best and most satisfying video clips that match your brand tone and give eye-catching results.

  • Video Cropping

    When a video is created, its start and end should be to the point and explain the product or service. Accurate video cropping service helps enhance your videos by cropping unwanted footage.

  • Video Color Grading

    Our precise color grading in the videos can bring a vibrant feel to your videos and make them next-level brand footage for you.

Advantages of outsourcing video editing services to us

You can rely on our video enhancement services. We strive to deliver best-in-class services and support. Here are the benefits that you can enjoy when you work with us:


We maintain the highest standards in terms of quality and on-time delivery and never compromise on these aspects.


We provide flexible pricing to our clients. The video editing rates are calculated while considering factors such as rates per hour, rates per project, etc.

Turnaround time

Sometimes, you may need video production on an urgent basis. Our experts are known for their professionalism, and we respect deadlines.

Security of data

Companies and individuals are concerned with the security of their data when they associate with video editing service providers.

Are you a professional videographer struggling with video post-processing? Or an individual who wants to transform your raw footage into professional video effects? Partner with MAPSystems today for all your digital video editing requirements.

We are a leading video editing service provider, specializing in the latest technologies and tools, with two decades of experience. Contact us to get advanced video retouching services and grow your online presence.

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What our customers say

Being into video editing, during the season, we usually get so tied up. Whenever we had to get our design videos skillfully edited, the professionals at MAPSystems were our first and only choice. For the past 2 years, we have enjoyed their seamless support, and we never had to think of any alternative.


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Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of videos that you can fine-tune?

We can refine different videos, including YouTube videos, social media videos, digital course content videos, real estate videos, commercials and more.

What should my expectations be about turnaround time?

We would typically determine the turnaround time based on the length of the video and the type of effects that we may need to incorporate. We can deliver sometimes within 48 hours, but it would vary from one case to the other.

How many videos can you edit for me in a month?

We have several experienced video editors onboard, which means that we can edit several videos for you. They work fast and can handle several video editing tasks at a time.

How should I send you the footage?

We would create a password-protected FTP path for you to exchange files within a secure environment.

What are the steps involved in working with you?

We would first review your requirements in the Request For Information (RFI) sheet that we would send you. We would then determine the project scope based on which we would suggest a quote. Then we will share an FTP path with you to send us all the raw footages that you have. We would refine your videos as per your instructions, and then we would share the edited versions with you via the same FTP path. Once you confirm that you are happy with the deliverables, we consider the project closed.

How can I maintain communication with you throughout the project?

Our team operates on a 24/7 basis, and you can get in touch with them at any time of the day. You can either contact us via email or any messenger, or you may choose to call us directly. Our executives always remain online to help you get important project updates or to resolve your queries.

How much does it cost to hire a video editor?

The video editor rates are computed using variables such as rates per hour, rates per project, and so on. We offer full-time equivalent (FTE) per person or on a month-to-month basis, depending on the requirements of your project.

Contact us anytime to discuss your project's requirements and get a pricing quotation that fits your spending limit.

Do you provide color grading support too?

We provide basic as well as complex color grading support. Apart from performing activities such as footage-toning, correcting exposure issues, and rectifying white balance problems, we would also perform masking and other complex grading tasks.

Can you base the video editing on our existing template?

Why not? Share all your branding guidelines with us; we promise to deliver better versions of your videos.

Would you be able to resize my video to be used across diverse channels?

We would first refine your video in the regular 16:9 format. When you approve the edited version, we will resize your video as per the specifications of diverse social media platforms.

How can you ensure that we would like the videos edited by you?

Our video editors have a keen eye for detail, and they can figure out the clips that convey your brand’s messages. We would also collaborate with you closely to understand your expectations and perform edits based on your inputs. We also offer revisions based on the terms and conditions laid down in the project scope.

Can you share free samples?

Yes, we do share free samples. We have edited hundreds of videos till date, and we have an extensive portfolio of previous work samples. Just ask for it!

How much do video editing services cost?

We provide exceptionally affordable costs for our video editing services. Our video editing services start from Starts from $6 per hour USD. The outsourcing charges are determined by factors such as:

  • Project type
  • Project size
  • Project degree of details
  • Required Technology utilized
  • Timeline for delivery

Contact us at any time for further pricing information.

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As a reliable video editing company, we always aim to provide an outstanding experience for our clients. Your project will be handled by our efficient editing team, which can turn your raw footage into professional-quality videos. If you have a project, we can discuss your requirements with you.