e-Publishing Services for Life Sciences

MAPSystems as impeccable experience in offering ePublishing solutions for healthcare in its diverse quarters such as veterinary medicine, medical records, biotech, medical equipment and devices, healthcare and pharmaceuticals and hospitals, etc. along with all important facets of life sciences.

We have become adept in associating and working with diverse research manuscripts, Structured Product Labeling (SPL), reference materials, publications and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) to drive maximum value for the business operations of various businesses in the healthcare industry. We have designed spotless digital conversion for health care players to not only improve their operational efficiency but also to help them offer effective diagnosis and treatment assistance to the patients. The experience in the industry has helped us always comply with the industry standards and quality guidelines to make certain that the needs of our clients are always met.

We pay profound care to adhere to the electronic labeling submission standard postulated by FDA with respect to prescription pharmaceuticals and all other allied-medical products and effectively employ SPL DTD in converting both new labeling and existing matter into XML form. As a veteran PubMed Central XML solutions provider, we are fortified to create, publish and distribute the clinical procedures and other media content pieces as needed by the industry.

Our unique service propositions include

  • Regulatory Compliance

    We comply with such regulations as ACA 6004 and SPL (Structured Product Labeling). This is one of the document markup standards promoted by Health Level Seven.

  • Electronic Medical Records or EMR

    We are HL7 compliant for automation of medical records. SPL is one of the major standards of that.

  • Medical Reports

    We are adept in converting paper medical records to electronic forms. It includes documents and research manuscripts online databases and publications, STM publication and medicinal literature documents to be circulated in diverse government corporations, agencies and other departments including National Institutes of Health (NIH).

  • PDF and XML Databases

    Policy manuals, research documents and processing medical records etc.

MAPSystems has mastered and excels in carrying out conversion processes of medical articles and journals into a range of electronic medium as required by our clients. Over the years, we have associated with some of the leading and reputed Fortune 100 companies wanting to convert into eBooks. As such, we have impeccable experience in delivering services complying with several international and medical standards to ensure that the services delivered are top-notch and highly value adding.

We are equipped with the right talent, experience, technological infrastructure to keep expanding our service forte and capabilities. The satisfied clientele and the excellent service proposition that we conceive for our clients are what help us become the best preferred service provider in the industry when it comes to offering digital conversion for health care industry and its players.

If you are looking to hire the service of an established player who can offer end to end ePublishing solutions, you have reached the right place.

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