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Photo Editing Pricing

We have always considered customers as our most precious assets. Owing to same, our company has been really concerned about the pricing we set for different types of services. The same is applicable in case of image editing pricing as well. Our charges are cost-effective and properly strategized to fit your budget perfectly.

For every client, requirement is different and we very well understand this fact. Thus our charges for professional photo editing service vary significantly. Volume, complexity involved, deadline stiffness etc. are the basic factors determining the pricing.

Photo editing levels

The photo editing services we avail are categorized into 5 based on the level of corrections and modifications to be done. As you have already made up your mind to hire our expert assistance, it is important for you to know the differences between different levels of editing we offer so as to zero in at the right one perfectly apt for your needs. Let us see:

Basic retouching

This is something that serves as an ideal option for amateurs and wedding photographers. Most of the times, they don’t actually need intensive post processing or any serious artistic interventions and hence are cheap photo editing services. This level includes adjustments of basic colors as well as fixing of shadows, expositions and contrasts. Our Photoshop experts will also fix other defects including extra hair removal. Further the inclusions of this package cover removal of red eyes and whitening of teeth etc. This comes at lowest price.


This is the best option for cameramen in need of systematic post processing for their works; they also demand personalized approach. We pay attention to minutest details and executive everything vital including enhancement of background, tones and colors adjustments of light, smoothening of skin, removal of eye-glass glares and a lot more. High end photo retouching rates are a bit higher when compared to basic retouching.

High end retouching

When the image shot is meant for fashion industry or magazines that rely hugely on quality of snaps, high end retouching is inescapable. When retouching of entire angles associated with a photo is needed, this is the right choice to make. Our experts put in more effort and work on photograph’s angles, color and balance, skin and body, background etc. When it comes to interior and landscape photography, we add high dynamic range effects as well.

Extra retouching

In this, we change pictures to the maximum possible extent to enhance its quality. Complete photo manipulation is done. This includes complete removal or replacement of backgrounds, change of heads or any other body parts etc. Sometimes, the demand would be to add something to skin, figure or face etc. We can add shadows, change tones, add or remove elements from background, merge snaps and many things similar.

Image manipulation and restoration

It is quite expensive but worth the investment made. We can make any imaginable changes to your photos. Some of the provisions under this head include manipulations, photomontage, enhancement repairing of damaged photos and a lot more. In this level, we transform a shoddy ordinarily clicked snap into a masterpiece. You can expect really dramatic and drastic changes.

How we are capable of offering image editing services at lower rates?

Services from us are cheaper but this never means we compromise on quality in any manner. Just send us a sample work and we will get the work done for you so that you can understand the way we do things. It has to be noted that we are not offering dirt-cheap rates but our company is committed towards assuring really affordable photo retouching services.

We are able to offer services at cheap rates as we have a well-trained team of experts who are very swift. Also the processes we follow are strategic and we have best methods in place to assure that the internal costing is properly managed.

Order in bulk -Great discounts awaits you!

We value each and every customer approaching us. However those who place orders in bulk or have regular requirements in queue, we offer services at special rates. Even freebies or gifts are offered to regular customers. MAP Systems is a company that always appreciates and entertains establishment of long term business relationships; for the same, we do every possible favor to our esteemed customers. See our customer testimonials to know more.

We may decide the fee model based on hour, image or the total number of resources assigned for a particular work. You can know in detail by contacting us any time. Make a call, drop us a mail or fill the form provided in our website.

If you are planning to associate with us for the first time, send us one or two photos and we will work on it, as no-obligation free samples. This will help us to know your level of expectations in regard of image enhancement and at the same time, you can get acquainted with our quality. You can use credit cards, PayPal or Wire Transfer to pay us.

Reach our photo editing company today itself.

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