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3D Sculpting Services

At MAP Systems, we are a crew of effervescent professionals committed to deliver high quality 3D services and sculpting is one of the key areas of our expertise.

3d sculpting services
3d digital sculpting services


What actually is three dimensional sculpting? Well! You surely know what traditional sculpting is. Here a lump of clay is taken and a tangible model is created. However in the case of 3D digital sculpting, the professional artist with the help of software generates a virtual model of the subject. The model created behaves perfectly as a real-life subject and the digital object can be manipulated in a plethora of ways with different software tools available.

We use these advanced 3d sculpting software to provide photo realistic digital sculpts for various verticals.

  • ZBursh
  • Mudbox
  • 3D Coat
  • Blender

Now have you ever imagined the wide pool of advantages 3D sculpting offers? Please cast an eye over some great plusses you can enjoy.

  • It helps in creating complicated 3D models even with irregular surfaces
  • You can generate source meshes for the models in video games.
  • It finds innumerable applications in movies.
  • Extensively used for photorealistic illustrations
  • Art and industrial design also exploit the scope offered.

Advantages of our 3D sculpting services

The clientele we have grossed has always been kept satisfied by our practiced engineers, developers and 3d modeling artists. This is the factor inspiring us to carry on with impeccable quality service provisions more fervently. Our employee selection process is fine-tuned in such a manner that the resource we get in for our projects are highly talented with an ability to think out of the box. Also all the selected employees are trained for polishing their skills and elevating them to a professional level. Some of the other important benefits you get are:

  • We guarantee absolute privacy of your data
  • Our resourcefulness helps us to meet even the stiffest of deadlines
  • Expertise to manage any strenuous situations
  • Economical pricing and apex quality
  • Customized solutions

Our services give you precise and perfect 3D production-ready digital artwork. We can generate the model right from scratch or from drawings or 2D sketches. Our team has served to several hundreds of customers who hail from almost every nook and corner of the world.

Read our 3d sculpting case study on how we helped a prestigious 3d scanning company to deliver high quality 3d printable models within a short period of time.

We provide complete 3D services across the globe including UK (London),USA (New York), Australia, Canada, UAE (Dubai)

If you are looking for the best 3D sculpting Indian company where you can outsource everything related to this particular service, just reach us.

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