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OCR Conversion Services

MAP Systems with a realistic approach benefits customers with an expansive range of Optical Character Recognition conversion services in India. The skilled workforce supported by specialized instruments, tools and technologies helps us to capture data from image files and deliver you superior quality solutions within shortest of turnaround time.

The role of Optical Character Recognition is realized in the context where data entry has to be done for heaps of documents; doing it manually is quite unfeasible. In this process, machines read data from the physical papers and soft copies are produced. Although this method of transformation is very effective, it may be subjected to errors. The tool used may sometime misread or miss a part of data. This brings to light the relevance of OCR clean-up services by which such disruptions are alleviated.

Our OCR clean-up process includes

  • OCR clean up
  • OCR proof reading
  • OCR formatting likes layout, tables, graphs, charts, images, fonts, pagination etc

Advantages of OCR scanning services

  • Digital content conversion is always helpful in time saving
  • With OCR costs incurred is reduced
  • Space needed for storing digital data is least when compared to physical documents.
  • You can quickly assess the information with just few clicks and scrolls
  • Editing and replicating of data is quite easy
  • Confidentiality of data can be maintained more effectively
  • Fully text searchable documents
  • Clear recognition of different languages

OCR conversion services at MAP Systems

We handle OCR conversion projects of any level of complexity and provide results in accordance with rate of accuracy you expect.

Simple: We ensure up to 95% accuracy; here data is captured using this tools and output is delivered with minor clean-up in cases of low resolution images and documents with suspicious characters and words.

Medium: Here data is captured with 98-99% accuracy, and it is done with major error cleanup.

Complex: Here we ensure 99.995% accuracy; OCR is done with full proofreading and exact character level comparison to provide error free output.

Our OCR Conversion process

The first step is to check the quality of the originals once checking is done then processing rules are defined and samples are processed for quality approval. Our Optical Character Recognition process consists of three levels based on your needs

Level 1

Suitable for simple documents with minimal formatting and with the provision of output conversion to any format such as Doc, TXT, PDF, HTML, XML, Rich text format…

Level 2

Here conversion is done for moderate complex layouts wherein data consists of tables, charts, diverse fonts and images. This type of conversion helps to retain the original layout, headers, footers, page numbers, fonts and formatting.

Level 3

This conversion level is detailed in which manual proof-reading is done to ensure error correction. Since the specifics are checked twice and corrected output provided would have accuracy of up to 99.99%.

Benefits of hiring our document scanning and OCR services

We have always wanted to stay as the most dependable destination where people can confidently outsource all types of their digital data conversion requirements.

Having made thousands smile with stellar quality outputs, there are certain factors that we consider as attributes to our success.

  • Our system supports multiple languages preserving the layout and formatting of the original document
  • We maintain the confidentiality of your precious and sensitive information through shrewd quality approach
  • For the process, we use erudite image acquisition and enhancement techniques
  • A plethora of OCR resources are used such as cursive, hand print, MICR, music and typewritten
  • Based on your requirements we can deliver documents in diverse formats such as TIFF, PDF, JPG,JPEG and more

We through advanced Optical Character Recognition tools, prudently fabricated and discreetly executed tactics carry out document scanning and OCR conversions with minimal possibility of inaccuracies. This is followed by heedful crackdown services that elevate our provisions to an extended stratum of brilliance.

Our OCR scanning services can be utilized for collecting info from

  • Old manuscripts, books, documents, legal files
  • Images, photos, drawing, graphs
  • Marketing materials, brochures, catalogs
  • Survey forms, bank statements, application forms
  • Magazines, directories, journals and more

Reach us now and make your business uncomplicated and hassle-free through our apex class of services. We would be happy to help.

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