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Photo clipping path services

MAP Systems provides best class of photo clipping services. By outsourcing all your photo manipulation requirements to us, you can concentrate on other vital areas of your business.

Having all-embracing experience in making available top-notch image clipping path services, our vibrant squad is always ready to accept any type of projects. We are confident as there is a track record of great success backing us.

image clipping services
Image clipping path services



The need for these services is continually increasing. Let us see what the main uses are

  • Unwanted parts in a picture can distract your target audience. With image clipping, these parts can be removed.
  • Many times you may come across the need to make a new image by detaching a part of already existing one.
  • You can combine the image trimmed with any new one which can be beneficial in many contexts.

Our key provisions under image clipping encompass

  • Photoshop Image Masking services
  • Removal of image background
  • E-Commerce photo refining
  • Creation of drop shadow

Image masking

image masking

MAP Systems houses professionals skilled and trained in carrying out image masking processes flawlessly and in a swift manner. At times, there are complex pictures having outlines with curvatures and bends. In such cases when uneven outlines hinder smooth process facilitation, we make use of advanced Photoshop tools and techniques to carry out the task impeccably.

Background removal

Background removal

Clipping path techniques are necessary to implement for neck joint or ghost mannequin, which is widely used for displaying products in online stores. Our team make use of appropriate manual clipping processes for assuring spotless image background removal services. Our procedures are highly professional and the photos on which we work look 100% authentic without even a slightest mark of editing left behind. As a part of our services, we remove unwanted people, vehicles and objects as well as dark spots and other types of intrusions.

Preparation of eCommerce photographs

ecommerce product photography

Ecommerce businesses depend hugely on picture quality. If you fail to impress the visitors with photographs on your store, chances are least that would even stay, forget about conversions. With our apex quality ecommerce photo editing services, you can keep the eyes of visitors glued on your product photos and it is very important and it’s mainly used in ecommerce products like garments, apparel, furniture, etc. We carry out appropriate product image clipping with color correction and editing to assure that customers get maximum details about the product through images displayed.

Creation of drop shadows

Creation of drop shadows

After background removal, we do shadow creation in Photoshop to make its look more lively and real. With our drop shadow service, your photograph appears three dimensional and attractive. Whatever type of effect you need, we can generate perfectly. Let it be for people, objects, vehicles, buildings on anything, we make use of latest Photoshop tools to create the desired and impactful effects.

Natural shadow

Natural shadow

It is almost similar to the drop shadow with a difference that the technique creates original shadow of image. A professional clipping path service provider would swap it with a pleasant white background which make elevates the pettiness of shadow to the viewers. Shadow editing techniques are immensely helpful when it comes designing of magazine advertisements, product photography and the like.

Reflection shadow

Reflection shadow

It is in fact a graphic output bringing an illusion of fake shadow or in other words shadows from the lighting to a photograph. Additionally, a three dimensional effect is provided to object in digital image so as to attract more customers towards the product. With this smoothie look availed by such background removal techniques, several businesses strategically lure customers.

Photoshop clipping path services – Client’s talk

We had installed the best shopping cart and were offering products at a cheaper rate than all our competitors. Still the business was not doing that great. Understanding the criticality of situation, an internal meeting and discussion process was conducted. Finally we reached at a conclusion- poor quality images were the troublemakers. After that the next thing was to identify reliable people to carry out photo clipping, enhancement and all needed photo editing for our ecommerce firm. Getting in touch with MAP Systems and hiring them was perhaps the best decision. Our results say so

- Sales head of leading eCommerce firm, Ottawa

Outsource clipping path and image masking services to MAP Systems

We can offer you any type of image manipulation services and photo clipping is one of our main fortes. Just send us the photographs and we will work on it to fix all the concerned issues.

We use Photoshop pen tool to clip images and get authentic attractive and accurate outcome. We provide single layer clipping, multi clipping with desired number of layers, background removal using our Photoshop clipping path experts. Multiple clipping paths allow not only background removal but also helps in customizing color or designs.

Wherever clipping path is not an option we use detailed masking, alpha channel masking to get you top class results. Our hair or fur masking works even with micro strands of hair of fur in your images refine them and give you exceptional viewing experience.

Our clients who outsource to image clipping services us use such outputs for magazines, websites, advertisement materials and newspapers. Having our expertise by your side, you can enjoy access to any object within the snap that you want. Unmatched benefits you enjoy by outsourcing to our company includes the following.

  • We guarantee highest quality and most cost-effective solutions
  • Have highly skilled and expert professionals working for you.
  • We stay with eyes wide open towards latest technologies and leverage the same for your favour.
  • Get the work done in quickest turnaround time.
  • We are equipped with high-end infrastructure

Industries we support

Our Photoshop retouching services have a wide range of benefits for photographers and online business store owners. Apart from professional photographers, photography laps we also support various verticals like

health care industries


publishing houses

Publishing houses

entertainments and media


sports institutes



Real estate






Photo studio

fashion and lifestyle




manufacturing industries


textile industries


Avail your business a competitive upper hand by outsourcing your photo editing requirements to MAP Systems, a reputed service provider with an ever-enlarging clientele. Just send us the images to work on along with your instructions if you have any specific ones. We will get back to you after checking the requirements and work out a plan that is feasible and comfortable to you.

We provide complete photo editing services across the globe including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, UAE and other Middle East countries.

You can contact us anytime for manual clipping path services at most affordable pricing.

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