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Digital Archiving Services

Here at MAP Systems, realizing how significant data preservation is, we offer a full range of peak quality digital archiving solutions. Data maintenance and protection is vital for diverse verticals; government departments, educational institutions, museums, libraries healthcare industry are just a few to mention.

Regardless of the volume and complexities involved in data and image archiving, we are fortified with skilled resources and extensive proficiency that keeps us confident and always prolific for our clients. The exclusively dedicated team for document archiving uses erudite tools and technologies for all the processes involved such as document scanning, keyboarding, OCR, content migration and others.

In the present scenario, going digital is one of the best things you can do for your business. Some of the most genuine reasons for implementing archival solutions are

  • Enhanced business procedures owing to faster access to information and its retrieval
  • Better quality of service delivery as you can easily locate applicable information
  • You no more have to spend productive working hours searching for information
  • Level of data security is high as the information can be encrypted and safely transmitted
  • Cost savings for creating copies, retrieval, storage etc. is yet another advantage

Digital archival solutions from MAP Systems

  • Digitization or Scanning
  • Meta data tagging
  • Digital asset management
  • Database development
  • Processing and cataloging
  • Creating customized DMS
  • Archival storage
  • Archival maintenance
  • Data migration

Exceptional benefits of choosing MAP Systems

Every project is not the same and especially for document archiving services, there is no one solution filling all option. We realize that and plans tactics according to the uniqueness of project requirements. If you are planning to outsource image archiving services, considering us will ensure plentiful of benefits.

  • The entire documents acquired by us for preservation are safely managed and data are kept utterly secured
  • We have a team of experienced professionals experts in the process of digital protection in diverse industries
  • Each project is assigned an expert supervisor to act as effective communication contact point
  • All stages of the work are ensured to be completely free of errors and abiding by the highest standard of quality

Requirements, expectations and technologies evolve over time and we assist you in analyzing all probable digital preservation and archiving as well as retrieval needs, not only that you have now but also that may emerge in future. Digitalization services from us meet both your print and web requirements.

For outsourcing your document scanning and archiving services needs, you can reach us.

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