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Professional Copy Editing Services

Copy editing services by MAP Systems caters to the needs of numerous customers from diverse business verticals. If you are an author or a publisher, our editorial provisions of getting over manuscript typo inconsistencies or errors in grammar and punctuations will surely be of great assistance to you.

Writing words that may fascinate, communicate and convince is an innate skill. But just an absence or misplacement of an alignment, a letter, word or punctuation may ruin the whole effort. Readability, ease of access and perception are the virtues that turns on your perspective audience.

Here, an outright committed team of accomplished professionals with broad editorial services explicit experience ardently enters into reader's shoes and look into the content from their viewpoint.

Our detailed copy editing solutions provide for

  • Language checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, abbreviations
  • Layout checking for tables, lists, captions, style
  • Reference check for TOC, lists, quotes, glossary
  • Index and order check for alphabetical order, capitalization, page numbers, sequences

To assure that the finished material is faultless, a final check or proofreading has to be done. We understand that proofreading is a preventive measure that has utmost importance as any pitfall occurred may lead to the stipulation for more expensive curative measures in future.

Our professional proofreading services that can help you to assure flawless publications. You can hire us during the publication process’s final stage. Our services can be benefitted immensely by native speakers.

Submit the final draft with you to us and our expert proofreaders will carefully and meticulously scrutinize the draft to check and fix all sorts of errors – grammatical, typos and punctuation related. We can spot and eliminate minor errors. MAP Systems has designed academic proofreading services in such a manner that all errors are dealt with thoroughly. Our proof readers therefore meticulously and circumspectly check for the amendments made by copyeditors and verify whether it is reflected in the material. So, final draft submitted to us should not have any serious errors. After proofreading is done and the draft is delivered to you, you may proceed with printing. Click here to read valuable proofreading tips.

Our proofreading checklist include checking of errors for

  • TOC or table of content
  • Sections and chapter order
  • Headers as well as footers
  • Headings and footnotes
  • Labels and captions
  • Line and page breaks
  • Page numbers and references
  • Index and lists

Benefits of outsourcing manuscript copy editing and proofreading services to us

  • We have in-house language experts having wide-range of experience
  • Our team has dealt with multifarious niches and dissimilar manuscripts
  • Advanced tools are available for supporting the resources
  • We provide an exclusive team for academic copy editing services

Document Indexing Services

No matter how interesting or useful your content is, unless it is easily accessible you may not succeed in impressing the typical impatient audience. Our services are focused to avail readers with the luxury of effortless access to each nook and corner of your material. Types of these solutions provided by us include keyword, image, semantic, bibliographic or Meta data and faceted indexing.

List of indexing solutions we provide:

  • Barcode indexing
  • Optical character recognition indexing
  • Double key indexing
  • Variable lookup indexing

By hiring our expert team, you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Get access to qualified specialists who are frequently trained
  • Benefit from our state-of-the-art infrastructure and sophisticated technology
  • Customized solutions that best suits your requirements are provided
  • Communication channels are open all time round the clock
  • Most affordable rates and quickest turnaround time is guaranteed

We assure the safety and privacy of your documents through inveterate procedures such as signing of agreements, restricted access and password protection.

We offer professional proofreading and editing services as well as indexing for files, documents, academic books, Journals, manuscripts, research papers, course materials, training manuals and more. We support businesses like advertising, education, finance, publishing, health and more across the globe in countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, UAE and other Middle East countries.

For further discussion on outsourcing your editorial, proofreading and indexing service requirements, get in touch with us.

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