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Magazine Design Services

Magazine designing is one of those creative areas in which our team here at MAP Systems excels. We, among highly rated graphic designing companies in India understand each and every facet of creating documents with multiple pages for a wide array of applications. Our professionals transform your thoughts to creations that you anticipate for web and print alike, be it with layouts, cover or template designs services.

professional magazine design services
Magazine page layout design services



Our team of qualified and proven specialists use most advanced software based on the requirements of project to craft and layout magazines. Our solutions are custom based matching requirements of customer to the exact. Our team is a perfect synergy of innovative designs and technical expertise. Various layout elements we carefully take into consideration when we craft Magazine design in InDesign include

Illustration - We provide apt illustrations that match the color and content of the page

Content - We can provide suitable content based on the concept and provide Ideal text required for the graphic

Grids - We can artistically setup the page layout either symmetrically or asymmetrical that syncs with overall magazine look

White space- We investigate on the white space allocation and create positive white space as well as fill up with necessary material wherever required

Typography - We provide custom fonts or use fonts as per your page layout design need as well as match style and size that don’t deviate too much rest of page layout

Photography - We can provide photos or use your existing ones to add visual appeal to the pages

The demand for creative magazines is on continuous rise because of its applications in different niches. Some of the common types of best layout design are enumerated below. However the one ideal for you depends on your actual need and type of business that you are running.

  • Mondrian
  • Circus
  • Picture Window
  • Multi-panel
  • Copy heavy
  • Frame
  • Big type
  • Alphabet inspired

Why should you select MAP Systems?

Best magazine designing demands a specific skill set as it should keep the reader’s eyes glued. It must be a visual treat and it should be crisp. The process normally has three main elements to be incorporated within the pages- images, content and advertisements. Click here to read tips to enhance the quality of your magazine layout.

Our professional magazine layout design services are aesthetically intellectual which assures that the output resonates gracefulness. Thus the very first discussion itself is enough for us to comprehend your magazine layout requirements. Some of the exclusive upsides of outsourcing to us are

Trained team of designers: We have among the best people with us who are properly and regularly trained in every aspect of magazine page layout design. They are provided high resolution HD monitors and are exceptionally talented to craft unique and impressive layouts. Cover design services for magazines is in fact an area in which we specialize.

Proper and in-depth understanding of client requirements: Our experts can sense your exact needs within the first few conversations itself and we provide exactly what you are looking for. We can provide the creative magazine design layout as per the format of your choice and incorporate entire details as demanded by you in most pleasant and organized manner.

We use most advanced software: When it comes to the design of magazine layouts, compromising on software efficiency would be really unwise. Understanding the same, we make use of feature-rich most advanced graphic design software programs. Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, CorelDraw etc. are just a few among many.

Super secure methodologies: We make use of highly secure FTP services to download and upload files in order to ensure privacy of your data. There are security experts with us who can bail us out of any possible security issues if and when they occur. Backup of all files are maintained as well.

Quality is maintained and guidelines are adhered by: Designers with us stay adhered to guidelines by customers and we are well-focused professionals who maintain top level quality in entire facets of our association with you. We never even blink an eye when it comes to quality assurance.

Faster turnaround time: Our turnaround time is minimal and we are too particular about meeting deadlines. Above all we also offer absolutely free no-obligation trails based on which you can know the level of quality and professionalism we exhibit.

You will get awe-inspiring professional magazine cover and page layout design crafts that will keep your readers immersed and impressed. Various types of magazines we design include Entertainment, Educational, Lifestyle, Promotional and Stock.

We provide complete graphic designing services including page layout and formatting solutions across the globe including UK (London), USA (New York), Australia, Canada, UAE (Dubai). Various industries we support include Fashion, Architecture, Sports, Media, Publishing, Education, advertising, healthcare, automobiles, Finance and more..

Looking forward to outsource your magazine layout design services to a reliable company? Do not hesitate further to reach us.

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