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PubMed Conversion Services

Valuing your need for excellence, here at MAP Systems, you are provided with top-notch quality document conversion services.

PubMed is in fact an open database for abstracts and references on biomedical and life sciences topics. This is maintained and managed at National Institute of Health by US National Library of Medicine.

PubMed Conversion Services


For being distributed via PubMed, the whole material must be in compliance to JATS or Journal Article Tag Suite specification. With this you can easily access all vital medical information and enjoy enhanced storage as well as distribution options. Besides, for augmenting the dimensions of your reach via web and to increase the speed of market penetration, you doubtlessly need high quality document conversion services that alleviate the issues of slowness and huge labor investment.

There are certain factors you must know before hiring any of the service providers

  • PubMed centres on clinical and biomedical journals
  • These articles are labelled with significant info regarding their organization

PubMed conversion services at MAP Systems

Resolving client concerns in all aspects of XML, we are one of the most preferred and highly reputed PubMed conversion company strictly adhering to all the JATS specifications and PMC library with acute attention to even the most infinitesimal of details. We work with almost all popular formats which include Bookshelf XML and NLM XMS for books as well as for Journals and Manuscripts respectively. We accept input formats like Word, PDF, TXT, ePub, SGML and convert into PubMed XML format needed for this conversion.

Various other solutions we provide apart from conversion include

  • Tagging content according to Document type definition (DTD)
  • Processing complex data according to PMC submission guidelines
  • Robust quality checks to eliminate any errors

Why MAP Systems India is among the most preferred for PubMed XML conversion?

We completely adhere to the prescribed format by NLM. Starting right from the strategy planning to its design and the transformation process which follows, client objectives are kept in mind and the whole proceedings are tweaked in accordance to that.

A separate team of highly talented and adequately trained NLM XML PubMed transformation professionals are assigned the project and their experience and skill sets in the concerned field guarantees you nothing less than aptness.

Some of the exclusive advantages of PubMed conversion you can enjoy are

  • No matter whatever your conversion requirements are, for every query we have industry’s best solutions
  • Time is precious and really a scarce factor; we assure that all our operational processes are done swiftly
  • We are flexible in every aspect and have ample resources to scale up as per the project requirements
  • Our team using effective technologies drastically reduce the costs

Our PubMed Central XML solutions address to the needs of institutional repositories in addition to commercial and associate publications. We offer solutions that bestow responsive, economical and secure PubMed Journals.

To know more and in detail about our PubMed XML file conversion and other services offered by us, contact us.

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