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Wedding photo editing services

Images of weddings have a nostalgic value attached to them and their perfection means a lot to all of us. At times the color variations, light reflections or any other unforeseen event might ruin the perfect picture moment. It is here that wedding photo editing service by professionals comes to our rescue.

wedding photography editing services
Wedding photo post processing services


At MAP Systems, we are committed and professionally trained to edit the snaps skillfully and impeccably. So now you can be free to click photos in any condition, as we are there to edit it for you and make it perfect.

We provide an array of photography retouching services which range from correction of colour and exposure to artistic alterations to even creation of custom albums. Thus we are a comprehensive and complete wedding photo retouching services provider.

Wedding photography post processing services

Marriages hold memories for life and everyone wants them to be portrayed in the most alluring manner. We provide state of art post processing services for nuptial pictures and this includes a variety of offerings like correction of reflections, body contouring, removal of unwanted frames, conversion to a nostalgic feel of black and white, group photo retouching and much more. We undertake marriage photo correcting services expertly and we have an exclusive team that solely deals with marriage snaps manipulation.

Wedding photo post production services at MAP Systems

The world today is shrinking owing to digitalization and online presence of almost every task and service provider. Keeping in pace with this trend, the wedding image editors at MAP Systems are present to serve you online and provide that magic touch to your imperfectly captured marriage moments. Online presence adds a great deal to your convenience and saves a lot of time as the expert correctors are just a click away. You need to just contact us and send pictures to be worked on and voila! The processing initiates.

Importance of wedding post processing services for photographers

There are several upsides of leveraging photo retouching services for photographers. Working on snaps after being taken is an integral and unavailable aspect for any professional photographer. The very first thing is that a considerable amount of time is saved. You can completely dedicate your time for taking wonderful shots and getting more clients. Exclusive focus on what you are skilled in helps you evolve as a better professional in course of time. You can stay tension-free and remain confident that the images will be worked upon and received by you as per the agreed date with the wedding image editing service provider. Also when things are done by a professional, you will get really appealing photos that are sure to impress your clients. You can’t always take snaps perfectly no matter how much experienced you are or how excellent your camera is; some issues can happen because of known or unknown reasons. But by having a professional services provider like MAP Systems that is well acquainted with all strategic wedding post processing techniques, you need not worry any more.

Our post production services include

  • Image culling services
  • Approximately a wedding might consist of 900 -1000 images. We make sure of it we keep only most artistic, attractive images based on captured moments, number of people in the shot, exposures etc… and remove the unnecessary photos from the catalog. We provide smart light room preview for the catalog.

  • Detailed artistic editing
  • Our marriage photo retouching post processing services will enhance your wedding images and elevate them to a higher quality viewing. As per requirements we do cropping, straightening of horizon, blending of images, color correction, Noise reduction, exposure correction, glamour retouching and more.

  • Raw image conversion
  • Normally conversion of RAW image files is a time taking process. We convert RAW images provided into required output as per need at short TAT using ACR convertors or software like optics pro to match your output expectations.

  • Photo retouching
  • We make sure all your wedding photos are blemish free and look natural. To make sure we achieve optimum quality we use retouching techniques like removal of red Eye and Whitening of teeth, Glass glare removal, Removal of stray hairs, masking, clipping and more.

  • Video editing
  • We offer a complete package of editing services for wedding videos. Our experts use editing techniques like mixing, audio adjustments, color enhancement and adding transition effects to deliver high end wedding videos.

Benefits of outsourcing wedding photo editing services to MAP Systems

The reasons why MAP is considered as the ultimate photo editing company are many and that is the reason for our extensive and growing clientele.

  • Our mastery in the job assures that the final images are unsullied and give you a most natural feel
  • Our team of image editors & artists provide enriching solutions that add a lot of value to the existing image beauty
  • The correction and accuracy is very high and we have strict assessment guidelines
  • The colours are changed in a very consistent manner, so as to preserve the basic nature of the image
  • We work tirelessly to meet the deadlines and deliver efficient work in the shortest possible time
  • The choices of colour schemes and album designs are numerous, so as to bring you a lot of variety to pick from
  • We believe in giving specific attention to every image and hence carve out perfection from every editing task

So avail the efficient and enticing wedding image editing services at MAP systems and develop pleasingly realistic images which will be etched in your heart for a lifetime.

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