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Virtual Reality Services

A premium virtual reality service provider MAP Systems houses an exceptionally talented artist and technicians who can accomplish any challenging and complex project with immense professionalism and complete brilliance. With VR being embraced by almost all industries worldwide, our ambit of services encompasses every relevant, thinkable solution.

VR in simplest of words is a computer generated three dimensional environment which you can explore and interact with. You in fact transform to be a part of virtual world where you can control objects and perform certain actions.

Benefits of virtual reality

There are seamless benefits availed by this amazing technology. Businesses are bestowed with a great opportunity to inform, instruct, involve, impassion and induce customers by impacting them mesmerizingly. Key advantages are total immersion, provision of sense of scale as well as longer and better memorizing, innovative story telling capabilities and rapid prototyping. It is also an excellent motivation tool.

Virtual Reality Solutions by MAP Systems

MAP Systems provides complete spectrum of immersive, semi – immersive and non-immersive VR solutions which include

  • VR Experience
  • Interactive Virtual Tours
  • Augmented reality
  • Mixed reality
  • Telepresence
  • Window on world
  • Video Mapping
  • 3D VR Showroom
  • Training Utilities

Industries in which we serve

Our client base exceeds to different geographical locations and we take pride in being a part of many prestigious works. With regards to VR we have worked with various virtual reality applications within multifarious niches among which few prominent ones are underlying

Virtual reality for Architecture

Architectures and some businesses may need business environment virtual tours. Also training for newly joined employees as well as to get 360° view for the product etc. needs VR. It also serves as a cost-cutting tool as multiple prototypes can be tested without actual development. This can be a great advantage for commercial real estate developers who can show to their prospects the whole property even before a stone is laid. Our team is equipped with all the vital skill sets to provide interactive architectural visualization of commercial and residential properties.

Virtual reality for Military

VR can be of varied applications in military and defense, especially in case of training. Several situations can be virtually created and soldiers can be trained to counteract that without risking their lives or suffering any serious injuries. We have a separate team dedicated in providing Interactive VR experience, creation of training and maintenance animations. Our expertise includes visualizing and interacting with aircraft, providing a VR environment identical to that inside of the full-scale physical mockups. Leveraging it, physical interaction experience is easily possible. Moving parts into and out of their installed positions, reaching around obstacles, and so on can be done.

Several beneficial applications of this capability include flight deck design, maintainability/accessibility verification, assembly planning, maintenance training, and creation of maintenance training animations.

Virtual reality for Education and Training

Teaching and associated learning scenarios get a new life with VR. Bigger groups of students can mutually interact within a 3D environment. In engineering and other technical subjects, ideas can be more precisely transported. Our company provides Interactive VR experience, 360° panoramic videos, training videos and everything related to VR that the education domain may ever need.

Virtual reality for Healthcare

Healthcare industry has massively benefitted. Phobia treatment, mental illness alleviation, surgery simulation, skills enhancement programs, training and many other tasks are now easier and less time consuming. Safety levels are further increased and more provisions for practice are provided. We specialize in healthcare simulation models.

Virtual reality for Entertainment and Films

In this competitive market, making people to prefer your product or brand is becoming a herculean task. It’s all about enticing and magnetizing the prospects. If used optimally can help in that. Other entertainment areas in which VR finds applications are gaming, theme parks, art galleries and theatres etc. We provide complete 360 immersive gaming experiences and a lot more.

VR has ignited for innovative thoughts in movie industry and at the same time made many creative ideas real. It has elevated the scope of recreational pleasure that can be offered. Past and future can be easily duped with it, without any limitations. Our forte lies in providing animation Videos and Immersive VR experience.

Virtual reality for Engineering and Scientific Visualization

In engineering, VR finds applications in designing processes using 3D modeling tools and the associated visualization techniques. With it, engineers can view the project in 3D to understand in detail about the operating methods. Also any sorts of risks or flaws can be detected and rectified before its implementation. We offer complete 3d simulation and training animation videos for engineering, manufacturing, automotive industries and many more.

With scientific Visualization, abstract concepts can be communicated to audience with more clarity; they can even interact with images. Demonstration of complex ideas or methods is no more a big deal. Our team provides interactive visualization for complex science related projects.

VR for Fashion

Fashion world can be showcased with same level of attractiveness with virtual fashion stores and you will feel as if you are seeing the real ones. Similarly with virtual 3D models, designing can be a relaxed task. It also helps with fashion shows and 3D portfolios. Our team can serve you with everything needed with VR in fashion domain.

Benefits of outsourcing to us

  • We guarantee impressive VR experience to serve your exact purpose
  • Products generated are genuine, realistic and communicating
  • Quickest turnaround time is assured as we are well planned and highly resourceful
  • Our virtual reality company is fortified with sophisticated technologies and sound infrastructure

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