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We provide the best-in-class augmented reality services to create amazing life-like experiences to boost customer engagement and unleash future growth potentials.

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MAP Systems is a reputed and reliable augmented reality service provider that has been helping its clients in marketing their products and services with engaging and interactive augmented reality solutions. We focus on quality in all our projects; we can create a awe inspiring second world, allowing users to have life-like experiences with our augmented reality development services.

Nowadays many businesses are incorporating AR at a faster pace. Thus, to help them with their projects and improve the demonstration of their products and services, MAP Systems offers top-notch AR services. We train our employees to evaluate the clients’ requirements and develop the most viable and profitable solutions for their business.

Augmented reality for architecture MAP Systems provides augmented reality solutions for architecture including interior and exterior views for architects, realtors, property developers, interior designers and more
Augmented reality for education MAP Systems provides high quality augmented reality services for various industries like architecture, real estate, education, healthcare, fashion, defence and more

Industries supported by our AR services

We offer customized AR solutions to clients from diverse industries, thereby allowing them to leverage the possibilities that may result from innovations in computer technology. Some of these possibilities are:

Brand services in augmented reality

You can actively use our AR services to boost brand awareness and marketing impacts. We have helped several brands to provide their customers with a virtual representation of their products and enhance their purchase process.

Media and entertainment in augmented reality

We offer an edge to the entertainment and media industry by making them powerful and influential. We provide immersive AR experiences for television shows, sporting events, or music videos to create a long-term impact on viewers.

Education in
augmented reality

By incorporating AR in education, we make it easier for teachers to explain facts and concepts in a more detailed way. Through AR, we bring concepts to life on the pages, walls, floors, or interactive whiteboards.

Manufacturing in augmented reality

We make decision-making easier for manufacturers with our services. Hazardous scenarios, which are observed in construction sites, can be prevented since site managers can monitor progress virtually in real time.

Gaming in
augmented reality

We create an immersive gaming experience by bringing 3D characters to life through our AR & VR gaming services. We can help to maximize ROI, gain a competitive edge, and market cost-efficiently.

Retailing in
Augmented Reality

We can create immersive augmented reality experiences, allowing retail customers to perform product trials from the comfort of their homes. We have created apps for various clothing outlets.

Various use of our augmented reality apps

  • Augmented reality on Maps

    We use AR technology to use it in geo-location and geospatial mapping. We can create a virtual map with location-specific content to simulate the real or physical world. We can also draw a 3D map representing key buildings and locations

  • Augmented reality-backed games

    A game’s appeal and features get enhanced by the illusions that AR creates. Therefore, we provide a more realistic appearance to the games by incorporating the augmented versions of 3D animations, pictures, and sounds. We enhance games in terms of audio, motions, speeches, and characters to make the game more interesting.

  • Augmented reality facilitates image recognition

    We allow netizens to gain faster access to product details and engaging online presentations through AR-backed image recognition. With image recognition, we can identify and retrieve the images stored in the cloud. We can also help the content owner to update their content at any time.

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Augmented reality tools used by MAP Systems

A perfect combination of technical competence and creative ability promotes the delivery of high-standard mixed reality services at MAP Systems. Our team is both creative and expert at handling various AR software and tools.

Our expertise covers both AR app development services and content

As one of the best augmented reality companies, we can assure the delivery of high-standard apps and AR content to you. Professionals working with us can provide exceptional assistance concerning 3D design and animation motion capture, environment creation, and product demonstration. Additionally, we are proficient in creating AR applications for Android, IOS, and Windows. You may either choose to provide the content to us or allow us to create it for you.

MAP Systems is one of the pioneers in offering outstanding augmented reality and virtual reality services in the industry. Our augmented reality developers follow the best techniques and are equipped with the right talent to offer an unmatched class of exceptional quality services to our clients.

We have efficiently assisted organizations with maintenance, production, core training etc. Our augmented reality services will deliver extraordinary experience to your end-users.