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Augmented Reality Services

If you are looking for a reputed and reliable augmented reality service provider in India, MAP Systems have countless reasons to justify our claim of being the one. Before detailing why we are the best, have a look on what the whole thing is about; it will help those who are new to the concept of AR.

In simple terms, AR refers to the enhancements that are added to the sound, GPS data, picture, motion, and other elements of a piece of animated content in order to upgrade the appeal, details, and appearance of a particular virtual environment to make it more interactive and engaging. Thus, with our augmented reality services, we make sure to implement the technology in such a way that users would fail to differentiate between the virtual and real world. At first, we used the concept of AR in our projects associated with video games. However, recently, its growth and development also led to its application in tablets and smartphones.

Nowadays, businesses are incorporating AR at a faster pace than ever before. It allows them to improve their services and train their employees to deliver the best. Therefore, at MAP Systems, we pay attention to evaluate all the client requirements for developing the most viable and profitable solutions assuring improved usability for their business.

Industries we support for augmented reality services

We offer customized AR solutions to our clients, thereby allowing them to leverage the possibilities that may result from innovations in computer technology. Some of these possibilities are:

  • Brand services in augmented reality

    Research indicates that companies are actively using AR to boost brand awareness and marketing impacts. This technique is being used by renowned brands to provide customers with a virtual representation of their products and enhance their purchase process. Overall, the augmented reality production in business provides clients with exceptional marketing experience.

  • Media and entertainment in augmented reality

    AR has added an edge to the entertainment and media industry by making them powerful and influential. The immersive AR experience enhances the television shows, sporting events, or music videos by creating a long-term impact in the viewer’s mind.

  • Education in augmented reality

    AR has a promising future when it comes to delivering amazing experiences in the education domain. By incorporating AR in education, institutions would have a better opportunity to make concepts appear simpler to students. It would be easier for teachers to explain facts and concepts about volcanoes, planets, atom, or heart in a more detailed and easier way. Deployment of AR can bring concepts to life on the floor, pages, walls, or through interactive whiteboards.

  • Manufacturing in augmented reality

    For manufacturers, decision making becomes easier. They can remain present virtually in any event such as a project launch. Hazardous scenarios, which are commonly observed in construction sites, can be prevented since site managers can monitor work progress virtually in real time.

  • Marketing in augmented reality

    With AR, marketing strategies can be applied to deliver physical as well as virtual experience. Marketing strategies based on augmented reality are able to drive customer-attention. Additionally, such strategies can boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness. Incorporation of AR in your marketing strategy can significantly boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Apart from its extensive application in modern-day marketing campaigns, AR has found its widespread use in gaming, manufacturing, education, and internal business applications.

Various use of augmented reality apps

Take a look below to see the diverse applications of our augmented reality apps for different purposes.

Augmented reality on Maps

We use the AR technology to use it in geo-location and geospatial mapping. We can also create a virtual map with location-specific content to simulate the real or physical world. We can also draw a 3D map representing key buildings and locations.

Augmented reality facilitates image recognition

We allow netizens to gain faster access to product details and engaging online presentations through AR-backed image recognition. We can also provide print media to give an interactive makeover to the images viewed via supporting devices. With image recognition, we can identify and retrieve the images stored in the cloud. We can also help the content owner to update their content at any time.

Augmented reality-backed games

A game’s appeal and features get enhanced by the illusions that AR creates. Therefore, we provide a more realistic appearance to the games by incorporating the augmented versions of 3D animations, pictures, and sounds. The game is enhanced in terms of audio, motions, speeches, and characters and this is what makes the game more interesting.

Our expertise covers both AR app development services and content

Being one of the best augmented reality companies in India, we can assure the delivery of high-standard apps and AR content to you. Professionals working with us can provide exceptional assistance with regard to 3D design and animation motion capture, environment creation, and product demonstration. Additionally, we are proficient in creating AR applications for Android, IOS, and Windows. You may either choose to provide the content to us or you may allow us to create it for you

Augmented Reality tools used by MAP Systems

A perfect combination of technical competence and creative ability promotes the delivery of high-standard mixed reality services. Our staff are both creative and expert at handling diverse technologies. A few AR software that we use is FLARToolKit, Vuforia, LinceoVR, Layar, Google plugins, Wikitude, ARToolKit, Junaio, HandyAR, AR-media, etc.

MAP Systems is one of the pioneers in offering outstanding augmented reality and virtual reality services in the industry. Here, our augmented reality developers follow the best techniques and are equipped with right blend of talents to offer an unmatched class of exceptional quality services. Until now, we have efficiently assisted organizations for maintenance, production, core training, marketing, and more. With our augmented reality services, we can help various business domains to experience reality before its existence.

In need of augmented reality services for serving your requirements related to the specific domain? Then, reach us to us for receiving our best-in-class solutions.

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