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Augmented Reality Services

If you are in quest of a reputed and reliable augmented reality service provider in India, MAP Systems have countless reasons to justify our claim of being one. Before detailing why we are the best, just have a look on what the whole thing is actually about; it will definitely help those who are new to AR.

AR is a computer-generated experience for enhancing the natural surroundings by including various elements such as images, sound, moving objects, etc. to alter the existing perception of the users. With AR, situations or environments can be made highly immersive and interactive by digitally manipulating their details and visual appeal. If done in an perfect manner, people may actually fail to distinguish between real world and the computer generated one. It was emerged along with video games but these days, tablets and smartphones drives its development.

Businesses are incorporating AR at a faster pace than ever before and at MAP Systems, we evaluate client requirements to develop most viable and profitable solutions assuring improved usability for them.

Industries we support for augmented reality services

We offer customized AR solutions to our clients thereby allowing them to leverage the possibilities that may result from innovations in computer technologies. Some of these possibilities are:

  • Brand services in augmented reality

    Research indicates that companies are increasingly adopting AR to capitalize on its potential to boost brand awareness and marketing impacts. This technique is being used by renowned brands to provide customers with a virtual representation of their products and market them more effectively. Augmented reality production in business helps in elevating the effectiveness of branding and marketing activities

  • Media and entertainment in augmented reality

    AR has added an edge to the entertainment media, making them more powerful and influential. The immersive AR experience that enhances television shows, sporting events or music videos create a deep, long-term impact in the minds of the viewers.

  • Education in augmented reality

    There are more than a few advantages of AR in education. Concepts can be made easily understandable for students. Objects such as atoms, volcanoes, heart, planets etc. can be presented and explained in detail. It can come to life on pages, floor, and walls or via interactive white boards. Incorporation of AR in education is thus surely a boon.

  • Industries in augmented reality

    Another important benefit is that decision making for manufacturers becomes hassle free. They can even support events such as project launches by being virtually present in the setting. Dangerous working scenarios, especially in construction field can be avoided as the work progress can be virtually viewed by the site managers in real time.

  • Marketing in augmented reality

    The effective AR app for marketing involves both physical and virtual experience. Augmented reality marketing strategy helps your products gain customers attention. Also, it enhances the marketing efforts to increasing brand awareness. Apart from that AR has been used for marketing campaigns, internal business applications, production, gaming, education, and manufacturing.

Various use of augmented reality apps

Augmented reality is associated with diverse applications, some of which are mentioned below:

Augmented reality on Maps

The AR technology is highly recognized for its use in geo-location and geospatial mapping. A virtual map with location-specific content can be created to simulate the real, physical world. Using AR, a 3D map representing key buildings and locations can be drawn.

Augmented reality facilitates image recognition

Image recognition backed by AR helps internet users to access details quicker and enjoy a more appealing presentation. Say, QR codes simply activate the printed materials such as newspapers, magazines and business cards etc. to furnish valuable data by viewing the image via any supporting device.

Augmented reality based games

Illusions created by AR increase the feel and features of games. Sounds, pictures, 3D additions and a lot more elements are augmented to make the games more realistic. The characters, motions, audio and speeches delivered etc. are enhanced to make the game interesting and addictive.

Our expertise covers both AR app development services and content

Being one of the best augmented reality companies in India, we can assure you highest quality AR content and apps. Experts with us can help you in environment creation, motion capture, product presentation, 3D design and animation. Besides, we can develop AR applications for Windows, Android and IOS; either you can provide the content or we will create by ourselves.

Augmented Reality tools used by MAP Systems

To offer best mixed reality services, it takes technical adeptness and creative intellects. We have both in plenty and with that we are backed by most sophisticated toolkits. FLARToolKit, Vuforia, LinceoVR, Layar, Google plugins, Wikitude, ARToolKit, Junaio, HandyAR and AR-media etc. are just a few to mention of AR software.

MAP Systems is one of the pioneers in offering best virtual reality services and augmented reality solutions. Following the best techniques and equipped with right blend of talents, our augmented reality developers offer unmatched class of exceptional quality services.

If you have any plans to outsource augmented reality services related requirements, reach us anytime. We are available for your assistance 24/7.

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