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Create a statement with our beautifully crafted cover designs for your books, eBooks, magazines, and marketing collaterals.

With our professional cover designs, you can

  • Boost your marketing and promotional activities
  • Impress your target audience
  • Generate more sales and revenues

Here, at MAPSystems, we make use of high-quality and lively images to design custom covers that definitely complement the content of your documents. We have a team of experienced book cover designers who are well-aware of employing specialized tools to create hand-drawn superior quality illustrations for all types of cover designs. Finally, you get the best quality graphics capable of bringing your ideas to life in such a way that the overall appearance is aesthetically pleasing as well as expressively engaging.

We outsource cover design services for both digital and print media. As our creative design experts have been in the industry for a long time, we know the nuances and finest of details that could be appropriate for each project.

Various types of cover page design services we offer

book cover designing

Book cover design

We design illustrated front pages of books, using thematic imagery & typography. We create custom book cover dimensions design for fiction and non-fiction genres.

ebook cover design

eBook cover design

We have creative graphic designers in our team and they can design a compelling eBook front page for you, which would be relevant to your book's theme.

magazine cover design

Magazine cover design

Creative artists employed by us incorporate design elements such as graphics, subheadings, subtext and headlines to make visually-pleasing covers.

Our cover designing techniques include

Digital presentation

We focus on the color sampling, composition, and the specification of raster and vector graphics while designing deliverables in digital format. It provides a classy finish to the design.

Series integrity

Our expert prioritizes brand continuity as one of the factors during the designing process. A consistency between branding considerations and covers enhances the quality of the overall presentation of the book-cover.


Typography plays a key role in determining the looks of the front page. We incorporate the right font on the page to enhance its aesthetic appeal and make it eye-catching. Our designers come up with a powerful and creative book cover design format with the right design elements in the right place.

Colour management

Seamless color management in an eBook’s front page optimizes presentation-appeal and diplomatic color management in the front page ensures strategic goal accomplishment. Our graphic design professionals create cover designs efficiently. Reach us for front page design services.

The techniques mentioned above are used appropriately according to the project requirements of the client. Besides, we are also efficient in providing other creative crafting solutions, including book illustrations, and various other types of graphic design services.

Why MAPSystems is considered among the best cover design service provider?

We create awe-inspiring designs that will surely impress your audience and can help you to easily connect with them. This ensures great reviews and consequently results in huge sales for your company.

  • We offer multiple variations of graphics, thereby offering you a wider range of options to select from.
  • Our cover design rates are optimized according to the platforms of your preference and type of project.
  • Our all-inclusive services also include page layout formatting, punctuation correction, color consistency, etc
  • Our experts ensure that the whole project is completed within the shortest turnaround time.

MAPSystems is a professional, full-time agency operating in India with a global clientele. We have successfully worked with several global brands on their digital and print media requirements.

Backed by a trained team of professionals, we can create attractive cover designs that capture the attention of buyers and positively influence their purchasing decision. Contact us to entice prospects and increase sales.

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