Document Scanning support to convert print books provided to a US-based repository


A US based company approached us for digital versions of print books.

The company started a decade ago and is one of the favourite hubs among bibliophiles. It runs a website that avail PDF, ePub and e-reader versions of the out of print and rare literature at reasonable prices. The website has garnered a vast pool of students, scholars and general public and served as a valuable online repository. Besides, literature, physical science, mathematics and history books are also provided. One of the main factors for its popularity is that the website keeps on adding new titles frequently to its vast collection. They often seek assistance of experts to convert hard copy book to PDF.

digitization of print books


We were demanded by them to convert a heap of print books into PDF format, i.e. PDF conversion.


The project was a bit challenging. First of all the books were very old; scanning had to be done for materials in delicate state. Most of the pages had stains and were yellow coloured. Some of the pages were severely damaged and others were dog eared. As the books were rare, it had to be ensured that no more damage occurs to them while scanning.

The turnaround time to convert printed book to pdf format had to be minimal as these books were rare and hence constantly in demand by their academic community. The text had to be made readable and hence the scanned images were to be cleansed properly.


We quickly initiated an internal meeting and sorted out the best people to handle the job. We entrusted the task on right resources with relevant experience as the books were really rare and had to be dealt with care. A swift session of instructions was communicated by senior professionals in the niche of data scanning services before starting the work.

We then scanned the materials on our best quality flatbed scanners to assure highest possible resolution. After that we handled over the scanned images to our expert editors who used a set of picture editing tools for cleaning and perfecting the images. Special care was taken to ensure that no books were in anyway damaged during the document scanning process. A team of 10 professionals handled the project so as accomplish the task within shortest possible time.


Work was completed on time and the client was very happy with the way we executed things. The company has become our loyal customer and they keep on reaching us for different types of professional document scanning services. Every time we are striving to perform better.

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