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Benefits of OCR conversion services for businesses

OCR (when expanded- optical character recognition) has ever since it’s unleash in 1990 has gained huge acceptance. It can easy distinguish a wide variety of symbols and languages. Also it can recreate the original layout, type size, fonts and even colours of your document. A lot of digitalization companies in India offering OCR conversion services these days make use of any of the best software programs that blends OCR with additional intelligent features.


Let us see how businesses these days are exploiting the scope availed by OCR technology in different ways.

Cloud storage

Many companies nowadays are mobilising their documents to cloud. And this has made the documents completely accessible from whatever smart device they are using without any restrictions. Now the employee can access, find, read and edit the documents as per the requirement. They can collaborate with their colleagues and execute workflow responsibilities like approval of invoices. Folders can also be synchronized while being offline.

Invoice automation

Businesses, regardless of their size or type scan hard copy invoices and import soft copies to the system. The data extracted is automatically validated for certifying accurateness and facilitating proper categorization. Now, it can be diverted to any financial or accounting system, as per the need. Form automation method is similar to invoice automation

Mailroom automation

It can be used for automating mailrooms; larger organizations have already embraced this. All the inward documents are analysed automatically, sorted categorically and forwarded to different business teams. OCR document scanning is used for extracting data and listing documents in indexes. Thus the company’s system gets populated and this avails faster data access for teams. By this documents and all the data are incorporated directly into the system from where business teams can easily use it.

Information retrieval

Availing PDF format that is easily searchable is yet another advantage of OCR. Different software are used by organizations to convert PDF files with only images as well as paper documents into digital files that are easily searchable. Unlike normal PDF documents, searchable ones have an overlay (invisible) with searchable text. This has immense benefits as the digital file system with you serves as a database that can be easily searchable for finding names, keywords as well as phrases by which the information needed can be located.

Also many companies convert pdf to doc OCR if needed.

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