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Searching tips for better results with PubMed

PubMed is free resource and is maintained by NCBI. It in fact consists of nearly 24 million citations in lieu of literature from different related scenarios including MEDLINE, online books and life science journals. Citations may normally include links towards the full-text material from publisher websites and obviously PubMed Central.

pubmed search tips and tricks
How to search articles in PubMed


There are a lot of companies offering PubMed conversion services and you can obviously get great results if you select the right people. Here we bring to you some great tips for researching the documents.

The publisher

In case if publication is in the PubMed, click on the name of journals. Then it will manage you towards NLM Catalog with wide range of information regarding the journal for including publisher’s name.

Even if currently the concerned publication is not there, you can use the name of journals in NLM catalog for searching purposes. You can also look on the Google Scholar where the name of publisher is normally included. If the effort again goes in vain, try finding the publication by means of normal Google searches.


You can merely search using publications name in PubMed. Else make use of PMCID# for looking up the PMID# with the Converter. Assure to select the box - “Process as PMCIDs” before you attempt the conversion to PMID from PMCID.


Searching simply with publication’s name in PMC is one option you have. Using PMID# for looking up thePMCID# is the next option that you can try.


Searching using PMCID or PMID with the Converter, NIHMS# normally pops up.

Another option is logging into the NIHMS and verifying the manuscript status or the NIHMS# based on PMID.

As an experienced company offering digital conversion services including pubMed conversion, we through our resources section brings to you worthy information. Keep reading and your feedback is always welcome.

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