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Essential tips for designing ebook template

Putting together your publication requires some amount of planning and construction. Please find below few tips which could be of great help in designing eBook templates.


Simple language usage

Using simple and clear language helps to clear issues in writing an ebook most of the time. It is the most effective way to convey an idea to the masses. Marketing efforts such as mail marketing and landing page production also require simple and legible language. Usage of keywords will emphasize what the points are. Consistent formats are also important to create an understanding of the material.

Design of ebook

Numerous templates are available online which supports PowerPoint and InDesign. It is just a matter of selecting an appropriate slide and using it as a template. Chapter pages can be added by right clicking a slide and selecting Duplicate Slide. Duplicating slides is a method which will allow you to drag a copy of the original page to its proper place. Content structuring is the basis of ebook creation.

Selection of colors

Just like any other print media, eBooks also depend on proper color selection to persuade readers to continue with the material. Publishing an electronic book requires that magic touch which incorporates proper colors, especially if you have a brand. Customizing the color schemes to match that of the brand colors will surely add fuel to the reading experience.

Visuals and graphics

It is hard to find required visuals and appropriate artwork supporting your content. But enough research will surely help you to add some interested readers. Not only do they make reading easy but also convey some point to the reader. Topic that you have covered has to be substantiated using proper images which work as a proof of identity. EBook conversion services provided by certain online companies usually provide advice for editors on how to proceed with this step.

Highlight quotes

Just within your design you can add that extra bit of spice by adding highlight to quotes or stats. If they are available within a design, it is sure that the quote when highlighted adds to the genuinity of your material. Emphasizing a quote requires it to keep the same margin with rest of the topic. Keeping design elements aligned using the previously used spacing adds to uniqueness and regularity thereby making it quite an experience to go through your print material.

As an amateur it is very important to follow these tips to have an idea of building a quality ebook. Free resources available in the internet will help you to create stunning books within no time.You can also read tips to design your eBook from scratch.

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