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MAPSystems is noted for its world-class ePublishing services that are delivered by professionals having in-depth knowledge in the digital publishing domain. With years of experience and dedication, we have supported many businesses and individuals by catering to their e-publishing needs. Besides, we also ensure that the conversion outcomes that we produce not just meet our clients’ requirements, but they also comply with the industry standards.

Over the years, MAPSystems has turned out to be the most sought-after destination for digital publishing services. However, our growth as a prominent eBook development company is not just attributed to only one factor but many. One of the prominent factors that helped us become the best providers of digital publishing solutions is our talented and experienced team.

List of epublishing services provided by us

digital publishing

eBook conversion

We convert your files or documents into high-quality and customized eBooks while maintaining quality and accuracy.

convert flash to html5

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

We convert Flash-based content into their respective HTML5 versions to improve their overall functionality.

xml data conversion

XML conversion

We offer specialized services for converting data in XML format to make it accessible across multiple platforms.

digital preservation

Digital archiving

We use state-of-the-art procedures for archiving documents and ensuring easy data retrieval for future use.

fixed layout ebook conversion

Fixed-Layout ePub Conversion

We keep the text, graphics, animation, or other content of your documents fixed after the conversion process.

read aloud ebook conversion

Read Aloud ePub Conversion

We can convert the print documents into read- aloud or audio eBooks to improve the users’ reading or learning experience.

epub conversion

ePub Conversion

We can convert the desired books or eBooks into ePub formats that support audio, video, vector graphics, and more features.

enhanced ebook conversion

Enhanced ePub Conversion

We implement interactive ePub conversions by embedding features that are compatible with any device or application.

ePub3 conversion

ePub3 Conversion

We have a skilled team to convert any source file into the desired ePub3 format while adhering to the IDPF standard.

kindel ebook conversion

MobiPocket (Kindle) Conversion

We can convert any source document into MobiPocket format while retaining every important element or feature.

pubmed central

PubMed Conversion

We can transform our clients’ files into XML formats that are accepted and approved by the PubMed Central Library.

xbrl conversion

XBRL Conversion

Our XBRL conversion services facilitate the smooth exchange of business information through databases or websites.

Digital talking book

DTBook Conversion

Our services have helped publishers and publishing houses to convert and create DTBooks from any source file.

PDF Conversion

PDF Conversion

We convert the desired files of clients into the universally-accepted PDF format for easy sharing and storage.

KF8 Conversion

KF8 Conversion

We help various publishers, authors, academic institutions, etc. to publish their content in the desired KF8 format.

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Benefits of our ePublishing services

At MAPSystems, we can convert technical documents, journals, newsletters, magazines, directories, and more to serve the needs of various eBook publishing platforms. Our data conversion services are designed to facilitate conversion in different file formats, such as Word, Excel, Text, XML, and RTF into PDF; PDF to HTML, HTML to XML, XHTML to XML, and PSD to HTML.

We provide fixed layout and interactive eBook file formats in multiple languages which are aligned with IDPF standards. Our digital books are compatible with various electronic devices such as Nook, Sony eReader, iPad, Kindle, and iPhone.

Having years of experience as an outstanding ePublishing service provider, we understand both the technical and professional importance of quality digital conversions and offer the same to our clients.

Affordable price

We keep our service costs low to make them accessible and affordable to all. We also offer exciting discounts.

Quick turnaround

Given our expertise, we can deliver every project within the stipulated time while retaining the best quality.

100% data security

We use a fully safe and secure FTP server for all project data and file transfers, ensuring data protection.

Robust infrastructure

We have a solid infrastructure and access to the latest software. This helps us deliver optimum quality.


MAPSystems is an ISO-certified creative organization. We ensure all the projects are 100% ISO-compliant.

Scalable team

Our highly talented ePublishing team can upsize/downsize their resources based on clients' requirements.

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Get reliable ePublishing services

MAPSystems is a leading provider of digitization services. Digitization makes document management easy, thereby helping professionals and executives in saving time and energy, which they would otherwise spend on storing and retrieving critical data. At MAPSystems, we deliver professional digitization services, allowing you to promote easy data transfer among a large number of recipients.

We provide end-to-end digitization services and have created a strong track record in the industry with a portfolio of more than 2000 satisfied customers. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have created a prominent position, helping businesses with the efficient management of data. Our key strengths are our established processes, dedicated workforce, commitment to 24/7 customer support, and advanced technologies. These factors empower us to deliver top quality services to our clients.

epublishing services
epublishing services As paper documents continue to grow in volume and you start running short of space, tracking important documents increasingly become a challenge. Sifting through hordes of files consumes precious time and compromises efficiency. Further, critical documents can easily go untraceable.

Get world-class level ePublishing services, custom-developed by professional experts, at affordable rates!

Case studies

ePUB conversion

ePUB conversion for a US based publishing firm

Client was confronted with the challenge of seamlessly managing exceptionally high volumes of conversions...

DTBook XML conversion

DTBook XML conversion services

The Client was one of the leading businesses in Norway that has created a space for itself in providing all the necessary literature...

Flash to HTML5 migration

Flash to HTML5 migration for USA based client

The client based in USA was providing numerous courses to different categories of learners.

What do our customers say

One of our partners recommended MAPSystems for the editorial process of our eBook. Thanks, team, for the patience, and I appreciate all your efforts in delivering what was actually needed. Quick and easy delivery than expected. The quality of the final output was outstanding. Excellent service from beginning to end. Highly recommended.

Daniel, Editorial Head, Publishing House

London, UK

When compared to traditional publishing, digital publishing needs expertise. With MAPSystems, we now have our digital conversion services partner. Their services have been consistent throughout this business journey.

John, Production Head, Publishing House

Quebec, Canada