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MAP Systems is among the most reputed e publishing companies in India, fortified with expertise and specialize in the entire concerned processes including the creation, management and delivery of content in accordance with the customer demands.

The boom in digitization attributes to many factors other than the inordinate benefits offered by it. Rapid increase in use of handheld devices is one of the prominent factors among them. This service is feature-rich and our objective as a smart epublishing company is to exploit the scope tactfully and provide you maximum achievable benefits.


Numerous benefits of investing in digital publishing services are

  • Security assurance. Encrypted documents can be easily and selectively shared to assure authorized access
  • Provision to provide internal links within the documents can satisfy the readers in need of relevant information
  • Ease of transfer helps instantaneous access of the electronic documents by all those who are in need
  • Since the documents might be revised periodically and epublishing ensures the copy remains up-to-date
  • Above all this provides for most convenient, genuine and cost-effective option

What makes us the customer’s favourite destination for digital conversion services?

  • We ever since our instituting have stayed attuned to the demands of the industry
  • Unflawed capability to handle content in different languages and formats on various devices
  • We accept diverse input source format, be it any digital format, XML, HTML, PDF, microfiche, microfilm
  • We complete the projects in amazing turnaround time and that too while maintaining peak level of quality
  • We assure stringent adherence to IDPF standards and convert your documents into diverse formats
  • Outputs provided like ePub, interactive ebook, fixed layout are approved by all eBook distribution platforms
  • We also provide digitization services for bound materials, graphic arts scanning, photographs, office documents etc.

Also read our case study on digital conversion services to explore our resources and capabilities on handling different projects offered by our clients.

With our data conversion services we can convert various file formats such as word, excel, text, XML and RTF into PDF, PDF to HTML, HTML to XML, XHTML to XML, PSD to HTML, etc. Having extensive years of experience as an outstanding ePublishing services provider, we understand both the technical as well as professional importance of quality digital conversions and offer the same to our clients. We support various service categories in this domain which includes Newsletters, Directories, Journals, Magazines, Technical documents and more. The output conversions made by us can be read on a wide range of electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone, Sony eReader, Kindle, and Nook.

Reach us and see how we can make a difference to your business by helping it in its growth with the help of our top-notch ePublishing services.

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