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We guarantee premium quality XML conversion services to our clients by using the best blend of sophisticated technology, tools, and human resources.

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XML Conversion Services

MAP Systems is one of the best companies in the market when it comes to delivering high-standard XML conversion services. Our professionals help businesses by transforming their varied documents into a properly-structured and functional extensible markup language format. Using the best blend of technology and resources, we can address the large volume requirements of our clients with efficiency and perfection.

Besides, that’s not the only reason why our XML file conversion services have gained immense popularity. Apart from converting your files into the XML format, we also make sure that there is zero error during migration and that we deliver outcomes to you within the shortest possible time. So, if you have any plan for XML conversion outsourcing, do connect with us to know how we can assist you.

XML conversion process at MAP Systems

The conversion process that we follow at MAP Systems includes the following steps:

Application programming interfaces

We develop an advanced version of APIs to efficiently convert your documents to XML format. Irrespective of the format of your original data, we can convert them to the desired format using the APIs.


We put a lot of emphasis on quality and accuracy. The syntax of the markup language format makes it distinguished. We ensure that the characters at the beginning and the end are perfectly coded and classified. We have helped several businesses with the same and we can help you too.


Next, we render XML tagging services to implement the tag. We use XML conversion software to construct the correct tags and transfer data between the original documents and files. The start tag, empty-element tag, and end tags are needed in the data.

Correct attributes

The attributes have to be in single value in the construction to make the transformation successful. We define all single values correctly and ensure that the right elements are incorporated in multiple values to ensure a seamless conversion.

Ccustomized XML formatting

Professionals at MAP Systems can appropriately format converted documents into syntaxes. We do it as per the specific needs of our clients to facilitate data accessibility.

Final validation of results

We perform a validation check on your XML files while eliminating errors and ensuring that the files conform to the Document Type Definition (DTD) rules. We follow strict quality control policy and ensure that our outcomes adhere to the international standards.

Benefits of hiring MAP Systems for XML conversion services

We are adept at using sophisticated XML conversion tools and this contributes to the generation of premium quality output.

  • We have in-depth knowledge of multiple standards such as DAISY, PRISM, PubMed Central, DocBook, and NIMAS.
  • We assure personalized service for all the transformation projects since every client's requirement is unique.
  • We guarantee the security of confidential data and the final output is always checked by our QC team before delivery.
  • We complete projects faster, ensuring shorter turnarounds.
  • The final output is checked by a professional team of experts for ensuring quality.

The vast experience and huge level of expertise that we have gained in diverse conversion projects make us the most trusted XML conversion service provider in the industry. So, if you looking for XML projects outsourcing companies, reach us.

Apart from this, we also provide a complete range of digitization services, which include XML Pubmed conversion, DTBook conversion and various other document conversion services. We always aim to provide customer-centric services to clients, which can serve their needs with complete accuracy and professionalism.

Ensure easy storage and security of vital data with our XML file conversion services. If you wish to learn about our services regarding digital conversions, get in touch with us now!.