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XML Conversion Services

At MAP Systems, we have professionals who deliver high-standard XML conversion services by aptly transforming cluttered format into properly-structured and functional formats that can be utilized repeatedly. XML file conversion services are getting popular with time because of several reasons. Getting existing web publishing versions converted into Extensive Mark-up Language is one of the most profitable and sensible tasks that organizations are performing these days. If you have XML conversion outsourcing in your mind, do connect with us to know how we can assist you.


Why prefer XML format?

  • XML is one of the most operative and inexpensive means for publishing data on web.
  • It is different from HTML or other formats because of the ease with which it can be adapted and authenticated.
  • It is a media-independent standard that enables you to store and display information in web with ease.
  • Standards for information representation in extensible markup language help in effective data access.
  • Besides it offers advantages including scalability, versatility, flexibility, and capability to be authenticated.

Apart from the above advantages, it also provides product-specific import and export tools, extensible style sheet language manipulations and facilitates powerful APIs.

Types of XML conversion services we provide

  • Word to XML conversion

    If you want to store and transmit data by converting Word files to xml format, count on our xml formatting services. These documents are compatible with all major software. Therefore, you need to convert them to increase their readability. In case you want to convert your documents in Word files to formats such as SOAP, XHTML or Atom, you can approach us for the services. Companies that generate large volumes of invoices require these services. It promotes sorting, easy reporting, and scrutinizing of the records.

  • HTML to XML conversion

    HTML being a popular language for internet and website, professionals often need documents in this format. You can bank on MAP Systems for html to xml conversion services. The information presented in invoices may not be easily readable in other formats in certain cases. Evidently, you need to convert them from HTML. You will be able to break in presentations that are structured, convert them to universal data and capitalize on the benefits of xml conversion with our assistance. When you hire us, our professionals will convert html to xml format as well as help transform existing web publishing formats to XML.

  • PDF to XML conversion

    Conversion of files from PDF format to XML format makes it easily readable. You can enjoy consistent usage of data, which is free from structured errors, when you use these documents. It makes documents a lot more flexible.

  • Text to XML conversion

    As XML format is universally accepted, you need to convert text format into XML format. The conversion specialist at MAP Systems provides you with the necessary support to convert your documents in the desired format. Companies have tons of data in text format, which need to be converted. It makes the information more readable, accessible, and sortable. We provide expert data conversion services to transform text to XML.

  • Excel to XML conversion

    The Excel format is not compatible with websites. Evidently, you need to convert them to XML format. XML conversion will make Excel data available across different other platforms. You may segregate the information into different groups and it will assist you to display the available information on the internet. You can also opt for other features for separate appearances of this information in extensible markup language format.

  • RTF to XML conversion

    General records, pay stubs, and invoices are best presented in the extensible markup language format. We convert RTF files to XML at competitive rates. The conversion is performed using GUI and you can use features such as the command option, present on the command line, apart from other benefits. The importance of xml conversion lies in the fact that it makes the data more customizable, exchangeable, readable, and easy to store. Apart from these, we provide other conversion services as well.

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XML conversion process at MAP Systems

At MAP Systems, we execute high-end XML conversion projects and provide high quality extensible markup language conversion services. With the best blend of technology and manpower, we cater to the requirements of our clients. Engage us to ensure that your documents remain compatible with a wide range of systems. These include:

  1. Application programming interfaces: We have developed an advanced version of APIs and this allows us to efficiently convert your documents to XML format. Irrespective of the format of your original data, we can convert them to this format using these APIs.

  2. Markup: The syntax of this format makes it distinguished. We ensure that the characters at the beginning and the end are perfectly coded and classified.

  3. Tagging: Next, the xml tagging has to be implemented. The correct tags are constructed by the XML conversion software for transferring data between the original documents and files. The start tag, empty-element tag and end tags are needed in the data.

  4. Correct attributes: The attributes have to be in single value in the construction to make the conversion successful. We define all single values correctly and ensure that the right elements are incorporated in multiple values to ensure a seamless conversion.

  5. XML formatting in a customized manner: Professionals at MAP Systems can appropriately format the converted documents into syntaxes. These include Atom, RSS, XHTML, and SOAP. This is done according to the specific needs of our clients to facilitate data accessibility.

Benefits of XML conversion services at MAP Systems

  • We are adept at using sophisticated XML conversion tools and we guarantee preeminent quality in all our processes and this contributes to the generation of premium quality output.
  • Our shrewd team management hierarchy facilitates professional and perfect execution of projects.
  • We have proficiency in multiple standards such as DAISY, PRISM, PubMed Central, DocBook, and NIMAS.
  • Personalized service is assured for all conversion projects since each and every client requirements are unique.
  • We guarantee security of confidential data.
  • Quick turnaround time is guaranteed.
  • Final output is checked by the professional team of experts for ensuring quality.

The vast experience and huge level of expertise that we have gained in diverse conversion processes make us the most trusted service provider, if you are looking for xml projects outsourcing companies for getting the best XML tagging services. We provide a complete range of digitization services across the globe which includes best-in-class XML Pubmed conversion, DTBook conversion and various document conversion services. We mainly aim to provide customer-centric services to our clients, which can serve all of their needs with complete accuracy and versatility.

Contact us to know more about our XML file conversion services and support with regard to digital conversions in detail to understand how we can help you in easy storage and security of vital data.

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