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3 Main reasons catalysing the drift of eLearning to HTML5 from flash

As flash has almost waned away because of many pitfalls, HTML5 is speedily emerging as the best alternative. It’s capability to play animation, 2D & 3D graphics, videos and audio etc. without any plugins as well as the provisions of offline storage and hardware access that have contributed to its increasing preference.

Now flash to html5 conversion is even recommended in case of eLearning and professionals companies are receiving a lot of inquiries for the conversion of HTML from flash. There are three main reasons for this.

3 Main reasons catalysing the drift of eLearning to HTML5 from flash


BYOD trend is mounting

We are in fact using 3-4 devices daily and we switch between these devices while doing a task thus completing it through multiple devices. Therefore it is important that the content is available on all the devices. This is the same in case with eLearning. A technology is needed that once built can be delivered everywhere; HTML5 fits the slot.

Investment getting locked

Businesses are increasingly seeking services of flash to html5 animation conversion companies. The eLearning courses that were first built on Flash are now expected to work smoothly on different devices as per your staff preferences. But the course may work effectively on desktops only and in such a scenario, conversion of flash to hyper text mark-up language unchains certain part of your investment. Else starting from the scratch would be a huger investment.

Assuring long-term cost-effectiveness

As HTML5 is an open standard, it is now being integrated in all popular browsers thus providing you a long-term safe zone. L&D staff are now very keen about resources being delivered on wide variety of devices and soon you may get the courses on Google Glass and Android wear devices.

In view of the above, shifting to hyper text mark-up language is a sensible choice for you. To get more relevant and updated information about transforming your flash based eLearning content into HTML5, keep following us.

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