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Interactive eBooks are a craze with authors who want to maximize their outreach to potential readers. You can get them created or edited with tools offered by numerous sites.

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If you browse through interactive eBook examples, you would find they are digitally enhanced. This means that CSS3 and HTML5 standards are used for creating customizable features like responsive to touch, enlargeable images, embedded multimedia, and tailored content. Many online services offer inclusion of interactive features for your eBooks, but some tools definitely give an edge over others.

Interactive eBook creation tools

For Mac users, Apple presents iBooks Author for creating interactive epub books. The layout would be fixed and can be read on iPad and Mac interfaces only.

Same functionalities are offered for Android platform by Inkling with its cloud driven web application Inkling Habitat. EBooks can be imported in different formats and then can be published in Epub format compatible with various devices.

Kotobee Author is a free tool which allows creation of interactive eBooks from start or through import of ebook from other sources. During publishing, this tool would convert ebook into epub or web/ desktop app which can be tailored. If you want SCORM integration or mobile app form, a small fee has to be paid.

Aquafadas offers complimentary plugin that can be integrated with Adobe InDesign for adding interactive elements and then exporting in desired outputs. Payment has to be done during ebook publishing.

EBooks can be published as native mobile apps using Interact Builder. Best interactive eBook can be created which would respond to touch and light flicks.

Fixed layout eBooks, especially storybooks for children, can be created for iPad using Demibook Storytime.

If you intend to deploy your interactive ebook on websites, you can use the Atavist tool. It allows export of Epub to other formats and also supports reflowable layout content. For exporting eBooks, you have to subscribe to Pro plans.

Another excellent web tool for developing creative e-storybooks for children to be deployed on iOS App store is Talespring. EPub format and Android platform are not supported.

If you want to build fixed layout storybooks with interactive elements straight from Photoshop, you can use Kwik plugin. Animations can be added, and complete physics can be simulated. Ebook can be deployed on native app stores of Apple and Android.

Authors desirous of creating agile, children oriented story eBooks with layers and animations controlled by timeframes must use Tigercreate. EBooks can be deployed as mobile apps for all prominent platforms.

Pubcoder is a popular name among fixed layout interactive eBook developers. Its proprietary software supports interactive content creation for Mac and Windows which you can export for Android or iOS platforms in Kindle or Epub format.

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