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Fixed-layout conversion- Some guidelines, facts, issues and solutions

In most of the cases, companies offering fixed layout conversion demand the inputs in InDesign or PDF formats. If you can provide print ready files, it would also be fine with a typical eBook conversion company. Well! There are some guidelines for conversion of fixed layout eBooks that most of the professional service providers unhesitatingly consider.


Before preparing the input files, you must keep these facts in mind:

  • Companies offering eBook conversion services prefer RGB over CMYK
  • The professionals always try to use pictures of 300dpi
  • Legal fonts are to be used
  • Cropping of pages must be shrewdly done
  • Assure same size for all the pages

Likely conversion dilemmas

Even professionals from the best eBook conversion companies may encounter certain dilemmas before actually processing the content for conversion. Few among them are under mentioned. Few among them are undermentioned.

Page sizes - The best size for pages is in fact something relative. It depends on a lot of factors including the specific devices on which you are focusing. The main criteria to consider however are the page aspect ratio and page dimensions.

DPI/PPI - Since the page is going to be set-up for certain explicit pixel dimensions, DPI/PPI is not that relevant. However, assure that the graphic elements used are sharp and clear when they are viewed in full size.

KF8 files text size - With files having pop-up text, it is vital that considerable margin is maintained between page’s edge and text. By this, you can avoid intuitive screen controls hindering reader’s comfort for activating the text pop-ups.

When the input files are not in InDesign or PDF formats

Although the eBook conversion companies prefer input files in InDesign or PDF, word or other formats also can be converted with equal effectiveness.

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If the book layout is in MS Word or PowerPoint format, you should convert it into PDF format. Nowadays the latest version of MS Office allows you to save the files directly into PDF version. Also if you have the book only in printed version, scanning is the first thing to be done. Then if required OCR is done for accuracy and finally the content is converted as per requirement of the customer.

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