List of best eBook Conversion Companies 2024


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eBooks are growing fast. There’s no doubt that more and more businesses are adopting electronic books as their marketing medium. Moreover, eBooks have brought a paradigm shift in the EdTech landscape, offering better user experience and convenience. Lastly, eBooks play a major role in inspiring new-gen readers to buy fiction and non-fiction publications. People these days are more comfortable with scrolling than turning pages.

However, there’s one fundamental aspect to remember. In order to get the best eBook formatting solution, one needs the best eBook publishing agency. These professional agencies are highly proficient in eBook formatting and digital conversion. So, whether you are a publisher, an author, a digital marketer, or an educational professional, this article is for you.

How does eBook conversion benefit physical print books?

eBook conversion process is basically conversion of a hard copy or printed book into a digitized format for web purposes. Being a digital file, eBooks are low on storage, easy to carry, accessible from anywhere, anytime, and offer a greater user experience. That explains the drastic revolution these digital textbooks have brought to modern society.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, electronic textbooks have several other benefits over traditional physical books. Some of them are:

  • Fast and easy modification options
  • Multiple formats (ePUB, MOBI, HTML, PDF, AZW)
  • Immersive interactive functionalities
  • Compatibility with leading eReaders (Amazon, Nook, Kindle)
  • Easy search option for quotes, excerpts, passages
  • Highlighting and annotation options
  • SEO-optimized
  • Cost-effective

Whether you have a brochure, catalog, magazine, document, manuscript, or any other printed reading material, you can easily convert it into an engaging eBook. Several document conversion and PDF to ePUB conversion software are available online for this purpose.

In short, converting physical books into digital facsimiles has a greater positive impact on the target audience. Also, it broadens the reach. Modern eBooks have screen readers or software applications that convert text to speech. Thus, aiding visually impaired or partially sighted users significantly.

That is why it is imperative for an author or an online marketer to collaborate with professional eBook development companies for the best-formatted eBooks.

Most Popular eBook Conversion Companies 2024

With the growing popularity of digital books, the Internet is flooded with thousands of digital conversion service providers. There is no dearth of such companies, and the competition is fierce. Naming just a few of them is a daunting task.

  1. MAPSystems


    One of the most proficient digital conversion service providers, MAPSystems is backed by trained eBook conversion specialists. The Bangalore (India) based company has proved its mettle in offering best-in-class digital formatting and development services at a very nominal rate.

    The creative organization has a strong legacy of 30+ years serving global clientele. They have in-depth expertise in PDF to ePUB conversion, conversion in MOBI, AZW, AZW3, IBA, DJVU, and many more file formats. They also offer typesetting services that take care of the formatting, alignment, paragraphs, and typos corrections.

    Apart from eBook production, MAPSystems offers OCR conversion, document digitization, graphics designs, 3D services, high-end photo and video editing services, etc.

    MAPSystems has a flexible and affordable pricing structure making it the best choice for businesses and authors with limited budgets. For static reflowable and non-reflowable eBooks, the pricing mainly depends on the number of pages. And for interactive eBooks, the pricing depends on the functionalities and interactivities involved.

  2. Eminenture


    Based out of New Delhi (India), this IT MNC offers stellar digital transformation solutions across multiple industries. Amongst its multiple verticals and solutions, eBook development is one. The company converts any printed books into fully-functional eBooks optimized for the leading eReaders like Kindle, Nook, Apple iPad, and the like.

    To engage more digital readers, Eminenture offers its solutions across 18+ countries. It has an average hourly pricing starting at less than $25 and maintains a fast delivery timeframe.

  3. NexGen Data Entry

    NexGen Data Entry

    NexGen Data Entry is a data conversion service provider offering the best quality offshore solutions. NexGen Data Entry has been in the data processing and conversion industry for over 10 years. In all these years, the agency has carved a niche in the eBook production domain.

    It flawlessly converts journals, scholarly papers, research documents, theses, magazines, catalogs, fiction and non-fiction novels, and many more. They offer a scalable solution with affordable cost and fast delivery time.

  4. SunTec India

    SunTec India

    Another India-based digital asset creation company, SunTec India, has been in the service for 20+ years. The IT company offers a vast array of document conversion, eBook publishing, and digital content creation solutions.

    Backed by a dedicated team of experts, SunTec India offers the best eBook creation and conversion solutions at a nominal price. They also have a relatively fast TAT, based on the project scope, helping authors and publishers meet their deadlines.

    For pricing and custom quotation, interested parties must inquire with SunTec India.

  5. Alpha eBook

    Alpha eBook

    Another end-to-end eBook development service provider, Alpha eBook, is the go-to choice for many authors and publishers. Alpha eBook is one of the best partners for hire for any document formatting, composing, typesetting, and conversion requirements.

    The company was founded in 2006 and has been serving a large spectrum of clientele across multiple industries. It specializes in converting eBooks into the two most common formats - reflowable and fixed. All the final files are flawlessly compatible with iPad, Nook, Kindle, Kobo, and other major eReaders.

    Alpha eBook’s design process is pretty straightforward. It also has a budget-friendly pricing solution starting from $50 for every 200 pages.

  6. AtoZeBookConversion


    Their services are duly categorized ad Kindle conversion, ePUB conversion, paperback conversion, fixed-layout format, etc.

    With over 12 years of experience, AtoZeBookConversion is a leading provider of top-notch eBook solutions. Most of their premium services start from $30, and the company has an approximate TAT of 24 to 72 hours.

    Apart from the listed price, customers can also place an inquiry with AtoZeBookConversion for a custom quotation.

  7. BookBaby


    BookBaby is one of the top eBook conversion firms offering end-to-end services. Besides flawless eBook production, BookBaby offers a self-publishing platform for self-publishers and indie authors. The company has converted over 30,000 eBooks to date, and the figure is still growing.

    Each file is tested on actual eReaders, and given a preview to the author for final decision. BookBaby accepts all known document files such as Word docs, InDesign, PDFs, and so on. However, the best vertical of BookBaby is its comprehensive self-publishing platform.

    The platform is not just easy to use but also offers design and layout creation and distribution options. Along with developing eBooks, authors can also create audiobooks for their content using BookBaby.

  8. Ebookifi


    Ebookifi is a professional agency offering eBook publishing services to publishers and authors. The company has access to the latest software and tools, along with a team of experts. Each file is hand-coded manually and converted into any of the leading formats.

    Ebookifi also offers typesetting and proofreading services before the final conversion process. Their finest range of solutions is affordable and delivered within 72 hours from order placement.

    The best thing about Ebookifi is this digital eBook conversion agency supports multiple languages, including English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and more.

Advantages of outsourcing eBook conversion to agencies

eBook conversion is a highly technical process that requires significant time and precision. Organizing all the relevant information correctly, reduce the file size while retaining the quality, and more. Also, if an interactive eBook is to be created, that requires all the more precision and technical prowess. Thus, only an expert with sharp attention to detail can execute such an advanced process. Several online eBook conversion and development software are free to use and can be utilized by any. However, with no prior experience, scanning the hard copy and converting it into the required file format is daunting. These software leaves no room for customization or branding. And most of these tools include their company watermark or add their URLs as branding. Besides, maintaining a full-time in-house team for eBook formatting and development is expensive. Much of the OpEx gets drained in maintaining a dedicated department.

Therefore, it is best to outsource the job to an external agency having professional experts. These eBook specialists are well-versed in the latest trends and technologies.

Checklist for outsourcing to companies

  • Review their past projects
  • Ask for portfolios
  • Check what software and technologies they leverage
  • See whether they offer a free trial or not
  • What kind of data security measures do they have?
  • What formats do they offer the final deliverables in?
  • Which format do they accept?
  • The pricing and payment terms they have
  • Whether the team is scalable or not

Try to get a clear picture of these aspects. Each of them is crucial in selecting the best part for eBook development and conversion. Finding a reliable partner to outsource is tricky. Hope the checklist above will be useful next time you need an extended partner for eBook-related services.


To sum up everything, there are a lot of benefits in converting your physical manuscripts into an easy-to-access digital file. Not just eBooks create more digitally active readers, but also they cater to this highly tech-savvy generation.

Although printed books are still there and not likely to vanish in a year or two, slowly and steadily, digital books are outsmarting them.

All said and done, top-grade professional eBook conversion services can only be obtained from the best in the business. At the same time, finding the right one is crucial.