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Reasons for the inevitability of document scanners for accountants

Scanning is very important for smooth functioning of the accounts section because even today a king part of invoices are in the paper format. These days accounting transactions are accompanied with soft copies of receipts and invoices. This has become a standard now. Earlier these were affordable only by huge companies but now even small businesses can get them at reasonable rates.


The main reason why accountants and companies prefer scanning is that the process facilitates access to documents faster. You don’t have to go through piles of files. With the introduction of tools like Receipt Bank, Entryless and Datamolino etc., you can evenprocess data automatically without manually entering the data. Thus things are more comfortable and swift.

However, the main concern is carrying out this process perfectly and speedily. If you proceed with imaging of documents one by one, the time consumed is really longer and it may even take more time than data entry. Batch scanning is the best practice to follow as it is very quick.

Choosing a good scanner for accountants

There are certain factors you must consider before buying an office scanner if you are an accountant or need to perform book and document scanning.

Speed : For time saving, professional service providers and accounting professionals always consider the speed factor

Duplex Scanning : It should be possible to simultaneously both the sides in a single shot

Resolution : The quality of soft copies provided must be high and no software should have to be used, as accounting professionals have no time or may lack the expertise for such things.

Automated Document Feeder : If you have a lot of invoices to process, ADF would suit your need perfectly as there is a paper tray that can hold around 50 pages.

Jam-Resistance : Accounting involves a lot of responsibilities to manage. A poorly designed one can pave way to many issues like missing out pages and wear & tear etc. This can complicate things and hence you must assure that you use adequate technologies to avoid such mishaps.

If you are a gigantic corporate with tons of invoices to process, hiring professional document scanning services of an expert company can help. You must inquire with them regarding the document scanning tools they are using and the OCR technologies they are adept in. You must be confident about their team strength and if possible try to get feedback from their previous and existing customers.

Invoices are meant to be dealt with care and therefore do proper enquires to select the right document scanning service providers.

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