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Scanning Services

We have the resources and the technical capabilities to efficiently handle all your document scanning and digitization requirements.

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Scanning Services

Rely on us for outsourcing all your book, document and photo scanning services requirements. We, at MAP Systems, assure to meet every expectation regarding your project with the help of our best scanning services. It will help you to concentrate on your core business with a stress-free mind. Our team is proficient in dealing with even the most complex requirements to provide you with satisfactory outcomes.

Every organization contains loads of data or information that are stored in the form of tangible documents. It needs to be perfectly organized so that the data do not increase abruptly and complicate the business processes. Therefore, many individual photographers, publishers, or authors seek professional scanning services from us to deal with their data. We offer optimal solutions to deal with the issue by digitizing the books and documents.

Digitization has a massive significance in various business processes regardless of their work type. Hence, the precise understanding of data digitization is crucial to take the right outsourcing decision. Underlying are some of the benefits of availing our document scanning services.

  • User data that would have required shelves of physical documents would only need a CD-ROM or hard drive for storage.
  • The data access efficiency is drastically increased as you can simply search using text titles or keywords.
  • With a few clicks, you can send us the soft-copies of data without having to experience shipping delays.
  • Besides, you can edit the files whenever required using our advanced software for word processing and image editing.
  • You do not need to worry about data loss any more. With a much lesser outlay, you can capitalize on scanning and archiving services to create data backups.

MAP Systems document scanning process

At MAP Systems, we decide our methodology based on your exact requirements to scan the bulk documents. However, there is a general 3-step process that we typically follow.

Document organization

After receiving the client’s request to convert paperwork to electronic files, our professionals use advanced document scanning techniques that strategically organizes the document in a well-defined order to ensure accuracy and pace in the scanning process.

Document scanning solution

We use scanners with immense pace for the scanning of paper documents. Post that, we scrutinize all documents and adjust accordingly to capture the best images. Depending upon the client’s need, we can also convert these scanned records to PDF formats.

Document reorganization

We have adopted a no-compromise policy when it comes to quality. We carry out multiple rounds of quality checks through detailed analysis to assure the accuracy and clarity of all scanned files. In case any errors are detected, they are rectified and rescanning is carried out.

Advantages of our document digitization and book scanning services

We have always tried to offer the services with utmost perfection. As a highly experienced digitization company, we never fail to provide top-quality outputs for our clients. Whether it is color or Black and White scanning services, we can cover fany project need regardless of the material size. Our virtues boost our confidence to deliver impeccable results for our esteemed clients.

  • We have knowledgeable resources and use proven techniques to deliver professional scanning solutions and OCR conversion
  • We make sure that our honed and benchmarked processes are in sync with the industry standards to produce apex quality output.
  • We can scan bulk documents and customize the processes according to the varied customer requirements.
  • We take all possible steps to ensure that the deliverables reach clients with the highest accuracy levels.
  • MAP Systems has always met the client’s deadline by working professionally and efficiently.
  • We set cost effective document scanning prices to provide imaging solutions on a per-page basis.

MAP Systems is best in the industry possessing the desired expertise and excellence in the respective domain. We follow a simple process to complete the client’s project while ensuring that the output complies with industry standards. Apart from this, our secure scanning services that protect the files and documents of the client and therefore, by hiring us, businesses can receive personalized attention to securely access their data, clear up excessive space, and improve their performance.

Industries we serve

We have rich experience of serving diverse clientele including


Healthcare and Insurance companies

Publishing Houses


real esate

Real estate

Human resource





Manufacturing and construction firms



Legal Firm

Legal Firms

Government agencies


Banking sectors


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We are among the reputed and reliable document scanning companies in India. Therefore, hire us to get high-quality and large-volume document scanning services with the best prices.