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9 Free OCR readers that you should be acquainted with

Optical Character Recognition is a creative technology which helps to convert the text in images into editable text. Images scanned from text books, brochures magazines etc. can be the source here. An Optical Character Recognition reader will be able to extract text from these images by simply scanning them. Here are 9 top among them.

Free OCR readers
Top 9 open source OCR readers


  1. FreeOCR

  2. It is an excellent free to use reader as the name suggests. It supports almost any format that is thrown at it. It also supports more than 30 languages but there is a caveat, an image less than 2 mb in size is only accepted.

  3. i2OCR

  4. Almost all file formats such as TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and PBM AND PPM are accepted by this little tool. It doesn’t require any form of registration. Multi column documents are also converted with ease.

  5. Cvisiontech

  6. If you find it easy to find a software that support batch processing then Cvisiontech is for you. Any files less than 100MB are easily recognized by this tool. You can also find file sizes suitable for uploading also.

  7. OCRonline

  8. If you can pass the registration process without any hiccups, then this is a friendly tool for converting images into text. It supports complicated layouts and digital photographs.This tool also performs OCR clean up services.

  9. onOCR

  10. One of the greatest advantages of this software is that it will be able to scan any file regardless of its size. Images are easily converted into editable text using this nifty tool. This is one of the best free readers in the market.

  11. Free-Online-OCR

  12. One of the best software’s available in the internet. It is used for converting scanned documents, fax and photos. It supports a number of file formats and variety of outputs.

  13. OCRgeek

  14. If you want to finish the conversion process online and with great accuracy then this software comes to help. Their copyrighted software allows multiple uploads and a hassle free conversion process. All you need to do is wait patiently.

  15. Investintech

  16. Able2Extract is a proud horse from the renowned stable of Investintech. It is a cool tool to convert OCR PDF to more than 10 file formats. The tool also helps to edit PDF files and extract text from a scanned file. You can also preview conversion results.

  17. SuperGeek Free Document OCR

  18. There are more complex tools out there but non geeks can certainly depend on the simplicity offered by this software. It is free for private use and designed for home users. It can convert a number of file formats into MSWord and text documents.

A few more tools can be found if you go through the internet elaborately. But the ones discussed above have almost all the features used regularly by companies that provide OCR scanning and conversion services.

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